Spider-Man Marvel 2021 Announcement Breakdown – Marvel Easter Eggs

Spider-Man Marvel 2021 Announcement Breakdown – Marvel Easter Eggs

All right, let’s do this one last time. Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this is going to be my new spider-man video for
the mystery movie that Sony just announced is coming out October 2021 so
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on the video these will just be my top 10 picks for what I think that movie is
since it seems like Sony is rolling so hard on bringing Tom Holland spider-man
into the venom movies Kevin Feige even confirmed they’re doing that eventually
and because of all the scenes from the Morbius movie in the Morbius trailer
with different versions of spider-man appearing in Easter eggs it seems like
they’re also trying to do some version of a live-action spider-verse so just to
be clear this mystery October Marvel spider-man movie is being released by
Sony it’s not Marvel Studios but spider-man 3 with Tom Holland will be
coming out just a few months before it July 2021 so you’ll have mainstream MCU
spider-man then a couple months later a Sony venom verse spin-off movie they’re
kind of considering all their movies that they make by themselves spin-offs
of the venom movie starting with number 10
live-action spider-gwen Sony is developing spin-offs of the animated
spider-man into the spider burst characters spider-gwen is one of those
with Hailee Steinfeld’s version of the character from that movie it was also
reported that Sony was interested in doing a live action version of
spider-gwen at some point the reason why she’s at the bottom of my list though is
because they’re a bunch of other female spider-man characters who Sony already
announced that they’re starting scripts for meaning that they’ll come way before
we ever see live-action spider-gwen number 9 venom 3 also very low on my
list because it’s way too soon to do it direct venom sequel the year after venom
2 if it wasn’t clear venom 2 is coming out this October
they’ve been stealth making their venom versus carnage movie for the last couple
of months with Andy Serkis they’re almost done shooting completely they’ll
be a venom 2 trailer next month I haven’t done a ton of venom videos
recently but they signed Tom Hardy to a 5 picture deal when he signed on for the
first venom movie so more about that when I do more venom 2
videos but yes of course they’re going to do venom 3 in addition to a couple other
venom crossover movies with other characters including Tom Hollands
spider-man but it’s low on my list just because it’s way too soon to do a sequel
right after you do another sequel number 8 a live-action Miles Morales spider-man
movie this is also a bit of a spider-gwen situation the reason why
it’s so low on my list is because miles was already introduced in spider-man
homecoming is a very young kid he’s the nephew of Donald Glover’s Aaron Davis
Prowler character just like in the animated spider-man into the
spider-verse movie and right now I don’t think that Sony wants to do him as a
character Walt um hones spider-man is still in the middle of building up to a
big venom maximum carnage crossover story and a sinister six team up movie
and since Marvel introduced him in the MCU first miles would probably show up
in the MCU before he showed up in a Sony movie but I think there’s some weird
rules about what Marvel is allowed to do with the character in what Sony is
allowed to do with the character number 7 live-action spider-man into the
spider-verse they definitely seem like they’re
teasing alternate versions of spider-man from the multiverse with all these Tobey
Maguire’s spider-man Easter eggs and the Morbius trailer and on the set of the
Morbius movie where the scene was happening the other day but again it’s
way too soon to do full-blown live-action spider-man into the
spider-verse they’re animated spider-verse movie was one of the best
spider-man movies of all time not just animated movies but one of the best
spider-man movies of any kind including the live-action movies Amy Pascal was
asked about it last year will you ever do live-action spider-verse she said the
studio was considering it but they’re currently releasing spider-verse 2 in
2022 so I don’t think they’re going to attempt live-action spider-verse until
after they do sinister 6 in spider-man vs. venom there’s a lot of big
crossovers that Sony wants to make so spider vs. on the list it’s just lower
on the list than some of the other more obvious choices number 6 there’s that
Madame web movie that Sony announced last year they said that they were
making it so obvious it’s going to happen at some point the way that Kevin Feige
spoke about Tom Hollands MCU spider-man crossing over into Sony’s venoms
Cinematic Universe made it sound like he’d be traversing the spider verse in
the same way that the animated characters did during the spider verse
movie in multiverse travel has to make sense on some level and
that either Doctor Strange opens a portal for MCU spider-man to crossover
or someone creates a live-action version of that multiverse machine the kingpin
made during the animated spider-verse movie or as they did during the
spider-man comics in the 90s animated spider-man cartoon series Madame web has
the ability to travel the multiverse or the spider-verse as you call it and
she’s responsible for Tom Holland MCU spider-man winding up inside the venom
movies that’s really complicated though I have a feeling that when Sony actually
does bring Tom Holland into the venom movies it’s going to be a way simpler
explanation number five there’s the silk movie in
Jessica drew spider woman couple years ago Sony announced that they were
developing a silk movie with Cindy moon and obviously they’ve been talking about
Spider Woman for a while there was a version of Cindy moon that actually
appeared during spider-man homecoming they already did a high school version
of that character in the MCU but she didn’t come back for spider-man far from
home and she wasn’t on the bus in Avengers infinity war for that short
scene or in the Avengers end game ending scene with spider-man after they all got
snapped back so whenever silk eventually shows up she’ll probably be a totally
different actor someone who’s a little bit older and the reason why this is
lower on my list is because there are a couple other way more popular female
Spider Man characters that Sony is making movies for that I think that
they’ll do first Jessica drew Spider Woman is also one of those weird
characters that Marvel has partial rights to they can do Jessica drew as a
secret agent but they can’t do her as Spider Woman and Sony can do her as
Spider Woman so it’s kind of a question as to who’s going to get that character
first number four a sinister six movie Amy Pascal pretty much said flat out
last year that they’re doing a sinister six movie involving some of the MCU
spider-man villains we just saw vulture show up in the Morbius Trailer that all
kind of makes it sound like Marvel and Sony are going to collaborate again for a
Tom Holland sinister six movie the reason why this isn’t number one though
even though they said that they’re making a sinister six maybe is because
the October mystery movie that we’re talking about in this video is just
going to be Sony not MCU and you have to remember that October is typically where
they put their smaller movies that they’re not totally sure going to blow up
even though venom made a ton of money sinister six is such a huge idea that
when they do eventually release that movie it’ll
probably beat in the middle of the summer fourth of July weekend where they
usually put the main spider-man films number three spider-man vs. venom as I
said Kevin Feige even reported this was happening last year but it still seems
like it’s way too early for that to happen right after spider-man 3 there
might be some sort of spider-man 3 post-credit scene
teasing venom or Tom Holland traveling the spider-verse
or something like that but my early guests a long time ago was that venom 3
would be the first big venom spider-man crossover movie and they would just do
it as maximum carnage because that’s what it seems like the venom movies are
building up to and that probably won’t happen till at least 2020 to my top two
picks here are the ones that I think are most likely for this smaller mystery
Sony Marvel October movie so number two black cat Sony announced a while ago
they were doing a black cast silver sable team-up movie then decided they
would just do them separately black cat is probably one of the most popular
female spider-man characters that Marvel has not shown any interest in doing up
to this point inside the MCU spider-man movies and Sony has the rights to the
character so she’s right to show up whenever they want then my number one
pick probably the most likely candidate most of you probably guessed this
already is a Kraven the hunter solo movie last year Sony hired a writer to
work on a Kraven the hunter movie the writers spent a bunch of time in
interviews talking about it hyping it up and with the way the lower budget John
wick movies had become so popular the last couple of years Sony probably wants
to John wick some of their spider-man and venom verse side characters like
wait a minute we can do this movie and we don’t have to spend as much money as
we do on the big spider-man movies Kraven is just one of those characters
that’s perfect for a John wick style hardcore movie and there’s also the
recent rumor that Marvel wants to intro the character inside spider-man 3 but
that’s just a rumor so it’s totally possible that they pull a spider-man
Captain America Civil War situation where he debuts briefly during
spider-man 3 then a couple months after that he goes on to his solo movie and
gets a much bigger story they did the exact same thing with spider-man he
shows up in Civil War then a couple months later they released spider-man
homecoming I don’t have a ton of picks for who I want Kraven the hunter to be
whether he shows up in the MCU or the Sony movies first Joe Manganiello did
say he really wants to be Kraven and it would be
to bring it back around to more tobey maguire spider-man Easter eggs because
Joe Manganiello was Flash Thompson during the Toby’s spider-man movies so everyone, post your
theory for what you think this mystery Sony Marvel movie is
going to be they’ll start shooting spider-man 3 with Tom Holland this
summer around the time Morbius comes out in theatres in the venom 2 trailer will
probably be released in March next month it’ll be really interesting to see if
Sony does the same thing that they did with the Morbius trailer and put a whole
bunch of spider-man Easter eggs and references in venom 2 trailer scenes
congratulations Cameron Morris you’re the giveaway winner from my last big
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Avengers infinity saga deleted scene with Thor and click here for that new
spider-man scene that was happening inside the Morbius movie and venom 2
thank you so much for watching everyone stay awesome this is the way!

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  3. Tbh tom hollad isnt an actor for a serious lead for marvel. The way they so want to depend on the character, other character would be the only option to make phase 5 and 6 more enticing.

  4. Na. Sony should just stick to making animated movies. They've proven time and time again they can't handle live action hero movies. I can't even get hyped because I get flashbacks of the X-men movies.

  5. I think tom holand,toby McGuire spiderman and venom will do a spiderverse movie whats bigger then that against all the sensiter six

  6. Michael Keaton, Tom Hardy. Jake Gyllenhaal, Jared Leto. Sorry Joe but get nominated for an Oscar first, Sony really locked down big name talent and I hope the 2 remaining actors who will be part of the sinister six are as big of names

  7. I Was Thinking It Could Be A Spidey 2099 Centric Film. But Because ITSV2 Comes Out So Close I Don't Think They'll Have Enough Time To Make The Film With Similar Animation. Regardless, I Still Think It Could Be A Prelude To ITSV2. Since It Seems Like They're Going To Invoke Drander Concepts, They Could Release A Film That Sets Up ITSV2 Wether Or Not It's Led By Spidey 2099 Or Miles.

  8. I think ANY live-action versions of the "Into The Spiderverse" characters will FLOP miserably. What MADE that film and it's characters, was the fact that it was animated. And not just any animation either; that was some of THE BEST animation we've all seen in quite some time. The scene when Miles takes his very first leap-of-faith and goes web-slinging through the city was LEGENDARY! And it'll forever hold a place as one of my favorite anime scenes of all time!

  9. Wait a minute…
    Aaron Davis in the MCU…
    Only 3 more movies for Tom Holland in the MCU…
    Live-Action Miles movie…

    Peter has 3 movies left in the MCU. And then its Miles' turn

    At least that's what I can come up with from what we've been given. I might just be wrong altogether xD

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  11. What’s your thoughts on Nick Fury (who I’m assuming is still on the The Sword in space) or one of the avengers on earth help him out AFTER they themselves see the clip at the end of Spider-Man

  12. Hope we don't get Spider-Man fatigue wtf so much Spider-Man stuff going I'm a big spidey but even i think this too much .All MCU spiderman, Venom , Miles and Gwen and Carnage are enough Spider-Man characters.Deadpool is the character that should get more shine 2 $800m R-rated movies is no easy feat.

  13. I really want the Venomverse to just take place in the same universe as the MCU, without Peter having to travel to a new universe through some sort of portal. Of course, Sony’s movies wouldn’t reference MCU characters, so that connection would be little more than head canon, but it would allow future crossovers between Spider-Man and the Avengers whenever both studios agree to continue their deal, rather than separating them for good.

  14. Theory vemon 2 is going to pull an endgame with vemon and morbious looking for someway to defeat carnage and since morbious is smort he'll find some way to contact other dimensions to get help from other spidermen and Spiderman 3 post credit scene will be morbious contacting Tom Holland Spiderman for help

  15. I think the mystery film will be spud verse 2. Just like the first one, people knew it was coming but got completely blindsided when they saw it was out.

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    Like Batman vs Superman

    Or a live action spider verse movie. I have heard rumors about a movie with all 3 spider men, Tobey Andrew and Tom. That's my theory.

  18. I'd love to see Maximum Carnage in the screen at some point, but I think it's still too early for it. Maybe after some of those other characters debut…

  19. 10. Live actions Spiderverse can’t happen because Miles Morales may need to be established already…which is too soon for that

    9. They can’t afford to make two Venom movies in one year

    8. Miles is the future Spider-Man, introducing him now would just discombobulate the character, rather they’re probably going to wait till the end of Tom’s run to introduce him

    7. Could be, but it may be too soon for that, plus it’s looking to be apart of their major plans so it would need months of preparation before hand…etc

    6. Honestly they might scrap that idea, I think they thought it Madame Webb when Marvel was still on the fence with the Sony verse, but now that Marvel is on board they don’t need Madame Webb to cross him over into Venom because it’s in the “MCU”

    5. My bets on Jessica Drew, Spiderwoman is a MAJOR Marvel character that the MCU might even direct this one, they would love to include her in their original plans, plus guys she has one of the sickest backstory’s. I mean I think we should wait a bit for Silk.

    4.It is a tad too soon for Sinister 6, if you ask me they should do it the same year as Spider-Man 4, instead of rushing it like they were honestly trying to do in the previous Spider-Man(thankfully they didn’t hit the big screen), they should take their time building up to it

    3. I doubt because it would ruin the suspense, sometimes too much action(too much Tom Holland Spidey) isn’t good

    2. I honestly wouldn’t mind

    1. Again, wouldn’t mind. Also it would be cool if, he gets introduced in Spider-Man 3, gets a solo movie, becomes a minor antagonist in Black Panther, THEN shows up for Spider-Man 4. They would have built up enormous hype for the character. The perfect Kraven would honestly have been Jason Momoa, but I’ll take Joe👍🏾

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    please, do it!!!

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  25. What’s up with saying “verse” instead of “versus”? It’s either ignorant or lazy and must stop. Otherwise, good video.

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