Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse 2 Teaser Trailer and Post Credit Scene Easter Eggs

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse 2 Teaser Trailer and Post Credit Scene Easter Eggs

all right let’s do this one last time you’re a bit late can’t all be
everywhere at once little text might have been nice I was gone for less than
two hours what happened okay okay I know what it looks like but here’s the good
news oh here we go the multiverse didn’t pull
out oh cool it’ll work yeah great story hey did you finish the goober it’s not a
goober it’s a gizmo you always have to call me out this is really frustrating
don’t get too excited Miguel it’s just a prototype not excited but you could be
the first person to make an autonomous multiverse jump or the last okay so
we’re just going to roll the dice on this what do you say pal where you want to go
first let’s start at the beginning one last time earth 67. Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie Sony just dropped the spider-man into the spider verse two
teaser and we already know a whole bunch about the movie so we’ll break it down
I do Easter Egg videos every week if you’re brand new to my channel be sure
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to do and all my spider-man videos because there is a lot of spider-man
related movie stuff happening in the next two years but right after the first
movie came out and was a huge critical and financial success we all knew that
they were working on a sequel even the producers were talking about it the
reason why they’re only just releasing this now is because after the first one
came out all the people that worked on the first one which is amazing needed a
short break and they needed to figure out what the story of the sequel would
be and figure out how long it would take to make it so they could pick a release
date which wound up being April 8th 2022 the first one came out December 2018 so
if you’re wondering why it’s taking them almost four years to make the sequel
it’s because that’s about how long it took them to make the first film it took
a long time also some Easter eggs from that teaser
when they’re glitching between the different spider-man versions and the
different logos they flashed the logo from the 1978 Japanese spider-man TV
series implying he’ll plays some role or cameo during the movie at some point and
they flash the logo from the 1990s animated spider-man TV show implying
that they’ll incorporate some elements from that too this could also be
representative of Jessica drew symbol and this one could also be Ben Riley
there’s also some theories that this one represents mr. negative because he’s
character they used in the spider-man ps4 games longtime comic book spider-man
villain would make sense they would try to include him in the spider-verse
movies at some point there are also a lot of people that are wondering if this
might represent carnage or some sort of twist on the Venom symbiote but I don’t
think that they would do carnage before they do venom we already know a little
bit about the basic plot and the characters in the ending scene from the
first movie in that last spider-man 2099 post-credit scene are really big teasers
and Easter eggs for how the sequel will work they kind of already told you how
they’re going to accomplish that because the whole premise of the first movie is
that kingpin uses the machine to crack open the multiverse or the spider verse
as you call it in the spider-man comics there’s even webs connecting the
different dimensions in the background where they’re all falling through two
miles as Earth from the ultimate spider-man comics so they really are
literally doing spider verse they destroy that machine at the end of the
movie kingpin is in jail and most of the sinister six and other major spider-man
villains have been neutralized or aren’t smart enough to reconstruct that
multiverse device so you ask how do they bring back the characters from the first
movie for another team up on miles as Earth and any new characters that they
want to add to the team so here’s the thing they already answered that
question with the ending scene where after the events of the main movie
there’s a short-time jump in spider-gwen opens a portal above miles is said to
just chat him up from her universe and if it wasn’t clear that is supposed to
be happening in a relatively short amount of time after they all go back to
their universes at the end of the movie so she really is skyping him from her
universe then they explained how she did that in the spider-man 2099 post-credits
scene Miguel O’Hara spider-man 2099 played by
Oscar Isaac himself if he didn’t recognize his voice constructs a
futuristic goober based on the web where risk devices from the spider-verse
comics that allows him to travel the multiverse or the spider-verse at free
will and he can do it with precision he can set exactly where in time in space
he wants to go he goes back in time to the very first spider-man 1960s animated
TV show to recreate that pointing gif whoa what I’m spider-man I need you to
come with me I just told you that listen listen I’m
from the future how dare you point at me you were pointing first rude to point
you’re being very rude you’re not even as awesome as that was they were also
using that post-credit scene to sort of set up the logic of how the seat wall
can work those devices are straight out of the spider-verse comics and Jessica
drew Spider Woman uses them to assemble a team of spider-man versions from
alternate universes to go on missions across the spider-verse
so at some point after the events of the main story of the movie they all go home
spider-gwen must have been given one of those devices by spider-man 2099
implying that he would have a bigger role in the sequel and there would be a
bigger time travel element in the story they already used time travel in the
first movie if that wasn’t clear so spider-man noir played by Nicolas Cage
was hilarious but he actually comes from depression 1930s era then penny Parker
with her Evangelion mech come from the distant future even further in the
future from Miguel O’Hara’s spider-man 2099 so they were already time-traveling
in that movie so it’s no big deal to have people from other points and time
and other universes show up in present-day on miles as earth right now
for the sequel the only confirmed characters we know are coming back are
Hailee Steinfeld spider-gwen because of developing a spin-off movie for her and
then miles of course maybe Jake Johnson’s Peter B Parker just
because he was so amazing part of his arc at the end of the film too was them
implying that he finally wanted children and reconciled with his version of Mary
Jane on his earth and they would go on to have a daughter
Mayday Parker from the spider-man comics if you’re not a big reader of the
spider-man comics there is a comic where she grows up to succeed him as
spider-man taking the name spider girl because time-travel is already a really
common thing in these movies they can use time travel to explain how an older
or maybe a young version of Peter’s daughter can join the franchise but
here’s the thing about the story in escalation the whole concept of these
spider-verse movies is that they’re doing a version of the spider-verse
comics eventually once they introduced the concept of the multiverse and the
web of life and destiny they reveal that there’s a bigger multiverse level
villain that’s trying to destroy or consume different spider people called
one that doesn’t mean that more lund is going to be the villain of the sequel
but part of the idea with these animated movies is that you can do any story you
want budget isn’t a factor in terms of scope like it is for live-action movies
they can go as big as they want and what is the natural escalation of the
spider-verse comics it’s a story called spider geddon which is just a even bigger
crossover that’s sort of the spider verse comics version of Avengers
infinity war in Avengers endgame and because the first movie was such a big
hit for them they also confirmed that they’re developing all these spin-off
movies and additional sequels in a bunch of live-action spider-verse TV shows
really cool inside baseball Easter Egg from the first movie – originally they
talked about including live-action elements as part of the many different
versions of Spider Man that appeared during the movie Tom Holland also
revealed recently that they originally plan to have him cameo as his MCU Spider Man in the movie and Lord and Miller the producers also said they discussed about
bringing back Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as their versions of spider-man
so there is no limit to the level of craziness that they will eventually get
to and yes once Tom Holland Tobey and Andrew Garfield cameo as their
spider-man versions that effectively cannon eise’s their movies to this
larger spider-verse that they’re creating with the animated movies that’s
also kind of the idea of how you can explain MCU spider-man hopping between the MCU movies and the venom movies or that toby’s spider-man exists in an
alternate universe even Peter B Parker was created to be an amalgam of all the
previous versions of spider-man in the movies like when he’s telling his
backstory a lot of the scenes that they show are scenes from Tobey Maguire’s
spider-man movies the only totally new concept that I believe that they’ll
introduce in the sequel is the concept of venom because we didn’t really get
into any symbiotes or anything like that during the first spider first movie but
if they talked about including Tom Holland as his version of spider-man in
these movies then I think that they would also try to get Tom Hardy to cameo
as his version of venom in the animated spider-verse movies at some point
everyone post all your theories for spider-verse
to in the comments and I will do more spider-man and venom 2 videos soon but
everybody click here for my venom 2 teaser video and click here for my
Doctor Strange 2 Ghost Rider video thank you so much for watching everybody, stay awesome. I’ll see you guys tonight!

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  6. I think the logo that you think maybe carnage, might be The Doppelgänger. It would make sense to have him as like a antihero character or a side joke as a pet. And if they do consider bring the 1970s Spiderman into it from Japan, it would make sense that doppelgänger would represent the 90s comics and how crazy they could be.

  7. Now if this does happen , It's taken a page from DC-CW-CRISIS in infinity Earth, How many Spider-Men, Spider-Women, Lads & Girls are there, Spider-Man has gone all Cosmic Universal in a SONY verse. If this turn into a success DC-WB is even more Screwed ,cause they can't get a simple universal Cross-over done right ,

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  19. Lame to have a sequel for an animated film especially when they worked on the first one. This is an animated film. Yes the first one was released in 2018 but they should have had all of the kinks worked out to make it a great deal faster especially with more advanced in animation since 2018 coupled with the knowledge of how it was made.

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