Spider-Man 3 Marvel Announcement Breakdown – Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs

Spider-Man 3 Marvel Announcement Breakdown – Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs

Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this
is going to be my breakdown of the new Marvel Sony spider-man 3, spider-man 4
announcement that they just made is the best possible news big surprise that we
could have gotten this past week so if you’re new to the channel be sure to
subscribe to get all the videos there’s going to be a lot of spider-man stuff
happening this summer and later this year whatever it takes whatever it takes
if you didn’t see the news recently Disney Marvel and Sony’s top film bosses
were part of a big roundtable discussion about the industry and obviously they
talked a lot about the inside baseball of the Spider Man Marvel Sony sharing
deal so I’ll play this clip of them talking about it where they discuss
what’s going to happen with the future of spider-man beyond their new sharing deal
they get really verbose with it but it’s actually really cool So would you trade
spider-man for every Leo DiCaprio movie for the rest of his life? I’d love to have both. Who is he negotiating with? Alan, you and Tom recently had
a little business dispute over spider-man and I’m curious what was the
one thing that above everything else brought it to… I would say that there
were some reports that Tom Holland got involved like speaking of stars Tom
Holland spoke to Bob Iger at d23 but they liked the fact that the MCU and
Marvel Cinematic Universe and Kevin Feige were involved and we heard
feedback out there that suggested joining forces once again was probably
really a good idea for that part of the world that’s most important which is the
fan base do you think this is something that will continue after this next movie? I hope so
because you’ve shown you can do spider-man without Disney on the animated
film yes we have but I agree with my distinguished colleague, from the other side of the aisle. I think this was
a classic win win win I think it was a win for Sony I think it was a win for
Disney and I think it was a win for the fans and movie movie goers and the only
thing I would say about it is that you know… news cycles and the rhythm of
negotiations do not necessarily overlap. and I think that this is in the
words of Shakespeare a consummation devoutly to be wish’d and I think we
would have gotten there and the news got ahead of some things. I agree with that… I think it’s an example of the kind of terrific collegiality that you sort of
see around this table and that we had we had two films in four years of a
terrific relationship with Disney and a an excellent creative partnership and I could just say that you
know we’re very very excited July of 2021 coming to
a theater near you! so just breaking all that down top five style starting with number five
first big thing that was Tom Rothman head of Sony Pictures the person in
charge of all their movies in alan horne who’s Kevin Feige boss and head of all
of Disney’s films from all their brands they were the ones last year that were
sparring for control of spider-man when you heard the deal fall out and all the
news outlets are reporting the spider-man was out of the MCU it started
with those two guys we all saw what happened they even joke about how the
news got ahead of them finishing their negotiations but then obviously what
happened after that is that they took it up a notch in Bob Iger CEO of Disney
who’s Alan horns boss worked with the CEO of Sony who’s this guy’s boss to
work out a new sharing deal in the new spider-man sharing deal is for two more
movies with Marvel including spider-man 3 which Tom Rothman there at the end of
his little discussion shouts out the end saying coming July 2021 to a theater
near you they’re actually starting to film spider-man 3 later this summer so
of course I’ll be doing videos about that later this year but the second
Marvel movie this part of the New Deal is just a mystery movie that they’ll
cross spider-man over into everyone’s hoping for Fantastic Four but we’ll see
it could wind up being the new sinister six movie that they just started teasing
but it does not include spider-man 4 that’s right sony plans on having a
fourth spider-man solo film with Tom Horn but they haven’t said what that’s
going to be obviously because we don’t even know what the full title of
spider-man 3 is going to be yet but number four in case you missed the
moment where they talked about it during the clip Tom Rothman at Sony says that
they’re basically going to resign another new sharing deal with Marvel
after the current one expires up to the next to
spider-man appearances meeting the spider-man four will be a Marvel movie
inside the MCU with Tom Hahn and potentially Avengers 5 or some other
mega Teemo crossover movie during Marvel phase 5 you just kind of assume that
spider-man is going to show up during Avengers movies but Avengers 5 isn’t
going to be happening for at least four or five more years so there’s other really
big crossover movies that’ll probably happen before that he references
Shakespeare when he’s talking about it he gets very verbose with it but the way
he talks about continuing to renew their sharing deal with Marvel the important
takeaway is that it means spider-man is going to stay at Marvel indefinitely would
you think is good news for everyone that’s hoping for some really big comic
book big crossover stories you want a comic book accurate Avengers Secret Wars
movie with a symbiote saga setup that’s accurate to the spider-man comics they
can do that now if they can plan for that now because Sony is basically
saying yeah we’ll just continue to resize sharing deals with Marvel for
spider-man indefinitely obviously there’s an asterisk there like what is
Sony going to get out of this they’re obviously going to keep asking for more
they’ll keep battling over the terms of the deal so number three
what does Marvel have to give Sony in exchange for keeping spider-man in the
MCU forever there’s two sides to this Marvel gets to keep spider-man pretty
much forever which is great but what does Sony get besides the money from the
box office profits on spider-man movies we actually just saw the best example of
this in the new Morbius trailer Michael Keaton’s vulture character from
spider-man homecoming showing up in a cameo seen during Morbius talking about
things that happened in the MCU a lot of people saw that last month and
prematurely assumed that meant that Morbius and tangentially venom two were
now kind of MCU by association because of this Tom Hollands spider-man
crossover stuff that Sony is teasing but that’s not totally accurate Morbius in
venom two aren’t totally in the MCU they’re part of what Sony is considering
their own cinematic universe you think of it as the spider verse is probably
the best way to call it so Morbius and venom two aren’t totally in the MCU but
they will be referencing a lot of MCU history because of Tom Hollands
spider-man Kevin Feige kind of said it when they announced their new sharing
deal for spider-man 3 in the mystery movie he said spider-man is one of the
few characters that has the ability to jump between cinematic universe
so it’s probably best to think of the Sony spider-verse as being its own sort
of multiverse off to the side its own layer of reality technically not MCU but
associated with MCU stuff number two what does that all mean and will venom
ever show up in the MCU that was one of the biggest questions after the first
venom movie is he ever going to show up in the MCU but spider-man just because
venom is such a popular character before all the Spider Man Marvel Sony drama
last year Sony technically wasn’t allowed to reference any Marvel MCU
stuff during its spider-man spin-off movies like that’s why you didn’t see a
ton of spider-man stuff happening during the first venom movie the new sharing
deal changes that though that’s why you saw the spider-man in the MCU stuff
happening in the Morbius trailer but you’re never going to see Iron Man or
Captain America inside one of these Sony’s spider-man’s spin-off movies like
Morbius but just because spider-man was part of Avengers infinity war Avengers
endgame Sony is allowed to reference anything that they want from those
movies in their spider burst movies so during the Morbius movie they can
reference the blip during venom two they can reference Thanos in the snap
Avengers infinity war the New Deal also creates a path for more shared
characters besides Tom Hollands spider-man talking about the new version
of Jay jonah Jameson establishing more concrete rules about who gets to use
what characters think about it this way they just introduced the Morbius vampire
character Marvel announced that they were going to do a blade reboot movie with
Mahershala Ali. Sony probably wants to see blade and Morbius crossover in a
movie at some point but for the most part MCU is still considered to be a
separate universe of movies from the Sony spider-verse movies it just you’ll
see them referencing a lot of MCU stuff in the Sony spider-verse movies maybe
maybe a long term in a very special spider-man specific Tom Holland film
then we could see Venom’s show up in an MCU spider-man solo film number one
obviously though this confirms spider-man 4 is going to be a Marvel
movie in the MCU but when is that going to happen and what’s the story that
movie’s going to be and what’s going to happen with the sinister six movie that
the Sony people keep teasing well based on the Morbius Easter eggs we’ve been
seeing on the set of that movie in the comments from John watts the director of
spider-man 3 although spider-man solo films saying that he wanted Kraven to be
the main villain of spider-man 3 sounds like spy
man 3 will mostly be him on the run John wick 3 style with maybe Kraven the
hunter or other spider-man villains trying to chase him down the whole time
till he stands his ground since they’ve been releasing these solo spider-man
films spider-man homecoming spider-man far from home spider-man 3 like
clockwork every two years we can probably assume spider-man 4 will be
released July 2023 and by that time there’ll be enough other spider-man
spin-off movies like venom – the new mystery spider-man movie they announced
for October 2021 that we’re all still guessing about they’ll have enough time
to have established more of their sinister 6 team but 2023 is a long ways
off that’s plenty of time to introduce other core sinister 6 characters like a
new Doctor Octopus but let me know in the comments do you want them to do
spider-man 4 as their full-blown sinister 6 movie or do you want that to
be a different movie after spider-man 4 there’s going to be a whole lot of
spider-man stuff happening real soon that doesn’t even include all the venom
maximum carnage stuff that they’re setting up with the venom movies there
is a new Avengers infinity saga spider-man deleted scene that I’ll
probably post in the next couple of days but there’ll be a bunch of spider-man 3
venom 2 and Morbius stuff happening really soon if you have any video
requests just let me know in the comments below
everyone click here for my new venom 2 carnage teaser video and click here for
my new Avengers infinity saga deleted scene thank you so much for watching
everybody stay awesome This is the way!

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