Spider by Nash Edgerton: VICE Shorts

Spider by Nash Edgerton: VICE Shorts

[MUSIC PLAYING] JACK: Babe, it was a joke. What do you want? You want me out of the car? JILL: Oh, see. Now you’re just being silly. Always, Jack, you go too far. Always you take things
too far by one step. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] -Hello, sir. JACK: Hey there. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] JACK: And I’ll get this
as well, thanks. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] JACK: Thanks. -Thank you. JILL: I don’t believe it. I don’t believe I give
in for chocolate. That’s so lame. [SCREAMING] Oh my god! JACK: Oh shit! [INAUDIBLE] It’s OK. JILL: Shit! There’s a fucking spider! JACK: It’s OK. JILL: Get it off me. JACK: Hey. JILL: Get it off. JACK: Calm down. It’s fake. It’s a toy. Look, look. -Oh my god. What happened? [SIRENS] -I was driving, driving
down from [INAUDIBLE]. [INAUDIBLE] -Give me some room. JACK: Is she– she gonna– -Hello, can you hear me? Mate, just take a little
step back. [INAUDIBLE] some
oxygen on you. -Dolly, look at me. We’re going to put some
oxygen on you, OK? JACK: Is she going to be OK? -What’s her name, mate? JACK: Her name’s Jill. -Jill. Jill? -Come on, mate. OK? JACK: OK. -Big, big, deep breaths,
sweetheart. [INAUDIBLE] Keep your eyes on me. Yeah, that’s right. Just take deep breaths. Just keep looking at me. JACK: Jill. [INAUDIBLE] mate, just
give us a break. All right, buddy? Just stand back. -Just stand back, just
a couple of steps. We’d really appreciate
it, mate. -Now can you talk to me and
tell me where do you feel the most pain? Jill? Jill, it’s OK. Keep breathing. Keep your eyes focused
on me, sweetheart. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “Spider by Nash Edgerton: VICE Shorts”

  1. to be honest i expected some accident, a crash or a roadkill … just for the action of putting a mother fucking plastic spider … but i didn't expected a fucking needle stuck in a eye…. D: 

  2. I watched a couple of his films… he is probably like this in real life… a dushe… i know alot of them .

    But unlike this one they dont have good looking foreign girls. 

  3. As soon as a read edgerton in the title i figuered maybe something to do with joel.. looks like this is his brother 😀


  4. Nash Edgerton is a genius…I have no words to describe his craft….but this one is another version of bear…or, which one did he made first?

  5. So I guess the moral of the story is…ply angry women with chocolate? Don't play pranks on girls or it'll come back to haunt you?
    Man, that first one I can deal with, but the second one is rough…

  6. People that comment it was funny: I am lost. How this could be funny? Death is funny? Making someone angry and frightened is funny? Just imagine it is your mom. I had more or less the same relationship that went too far. I gave birth to his son, and he kept doing similar jokes. Finally we divorced. The good thing is that I have fun after)) and hate such a people like this guy or my ex.

  7. I applaud on a creative, unique series; but I must be honest. Yes, I know it's just a movie –
    but I will not watch series again; being that he truly does not realize a prank can go to far – innocent as it may seem… Again I applaud the creator of this series ! Just not my cup of tea. Too heart wrenching, too sad…

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