Small Details You Missed In Ant-Man And The Wasp

Small Details You Missed In Ant-Man And The Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp brings Paul Rudd and
Evangeline Lilly back into the title roles as the size-changing superhero duo. Along for the ride are all of their pals,
families, a collection of new villains, and more tiny buildings and gigantic Pez dispensers
than you can even try to count. While the action-packed movie occurs in the
space between Civil War and Infinity War, Scott Lang’s house arrest means that he keeps
a very separate life from his one-off adventure with the Avengers, so it’s not too easy to
find a whole lot of Easter Eggs in this film. But there are a good deal of references that
dive deep into Marvel lore, and at least one extremely meta cameo. Let’s check out the secrets of Ant-Man and
the Wasp, however small they may be. Stan the Man Let’s get the most obvious, impossible-to-miss
cameo out of the way first. You’ll find Stan Lee, the co-creator of Ant-Man
and the man credited as one of the main architects of the Marvel Comics universe, attempting
to get into his car during the second half of the film, during the car chase scene through
the streets of San Francisco. In April 2018, it was reported that Lee had
filmed multiple cameos at the same time, not because of fading health, but because he simply
isn’t into flying around to different movie sets. The same report confirmed that he’s already
filmed his cameo in Avengers 4. Here’s hoping we get to see him for another
ten years of Marvel movies. Young Avengers Even if you’re unfamiliar with Scott Lang
in the comics, you can probably guess that his badass daughter will one day become a
superhero herself. It’s clear that she desperately wants to help
out her dad. “He’s so ugly! I love him!” A
brilliant kid in the comics, she ends up spending time at the Four Freedoms Plaza with the Fantastic
Four, where surrounded by superheroes herself she develops a taste for adventure and eventually
joins the Young Avengers. For now, her conversations about being her
dad’s partner in heroism are a predictive, but distant, dream. They’ll fight side-by-side someday, and if
casting rumors are to be believed for Avengers 4, she’ll be back much sooner than expected…
as a 16-year old kid, probably ready for a fight. Egghead & Jimmy Jimmy Woo’s appearance in Ant-Man and the
Wasp isn’t so much an Easter Egg as a trip deep into Marvel’s past. Originally appearing in the comics in 1956,
Woo is a government agent, much like he is on the big screen. He’s drifted in and out of secret organizations
for decades, but he’s most notable just for being pretty good agent, as well as a very
positive deviation from the negative stereotypes Asians faced in the comics during the ’50s
and ’60s. Buried a little deeper is Elihas Starr. On the big screen, he’s the father of Ghost,
but the comics tell a very different story. Starr first appeared in 1962’s Tales to Astonish
#38 as the villainous Egghead. His first arch-nemesis was, of course, Ant-Man,
and his grand plot was to simply turn all of Ant-Man’s ants against him. True love prevails, however, and Ant-Man is
not betrayed by his ants, despite Egghead’s super-science. As far as the comics are concerned, it’s Starr
who helped Darren Cross develop his Yellowjacket armor. The MCU’s Starr might not be such a good guy
after all either… Co-hosts with the most Possibly the most meta reference in the MCU
is the appearance of comedian and professional weirdo Tim Heidecker as Whale Boat Captain
Daniel Gooobler, spelled with three O’s. “Sorry, I’m messing around.” Heidecker is the co-host of the satirical
On Cinema at the Cinema video series, alongside Gregg Turkington, where the two hosts battle
for movie superiority… and to get the best movie cameos. You’ll remember Turkington as the Baskin-Robbins
manager in the original Ant-Man, a cameo which enraged Tim to the point where he allegedly
paid $15,000 for his brief cameo in Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot as Reed Richards’ useless
father. Tim returns now with the best cameo yet, hosting
San Francisco whale boat tours. What does it all mean? Only that Paul Rudd hangs out with some pretty
funny people. “I give it five bags of popcorn, along with
ah.. Maybe an Ant-Man DVD. That I would collect some residuals on.” Mass media Obviously, Ant-Man isn’t the first movie to
play with the idea of objects and creatures of unusual sizes. 1954’s Them! was all about massive, irradiated
ant invaders. Ant-Man and the Wasp references this in two
ways: it’s the feature that Scott, Hope, and Cassie are watching at the end of the film
after Scott finally allows his daughter to have a real adventure as a super-tiny person. Additionally, when Bill Foster is cornered
by Pym’s giant ants in his lab, he utters, “It’s them!” But if you know your 1970s movies, you’ll
also recognize Animal House playing on TV in an early scene. Specifically, we get a scene in which a very
drug-induced conversation centers around the idea of an entire universe being contained
in an atom in a fingernail. “One tiny atom in my fingernail, could be-” “Could be one little, tiny universe.” That’s basically the definition of the Quantum
Realm. Thanks for the enlightenment, stoner comedy. Single frames Many viewers left the original Ant-Man with
the distinct impression that they’d seen Janet Van Dyne trapped in the quantum realm, even
for a split second. Of course, it couldn’t really be proven until
home viewers could pause frames selectively at home, but we knew she was there. This time around, Marvel’s Kevin Feige has
definitely confirmed that we’ll have to wait for a home release to see the single frames
of MCU hints that director Peyton Reed has slipped into the movie’s various realms. We already know that Doctor Strange got a
quick view of the Quantum Realm as he zipped through the multiverses, and that the trip
is made perilous by time vortices, and we also know that Avengers 4 seems to be playing
fast and loose with time travel, and the possibility of multiverses. With so many ways to traverse time and space,
anything is possible, and anything can be in there. We just won’t know what’s up until we can
hit the pause button. One thing is for certain: it’s not really
the Marvel Universe until we see MODOK. “I am MODOK! (no that’s not Vince Vaughn) I am the ultimate in human-machine interface! I am designed only for conquest!” Make it happen, Marvel. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. Am I the only one who noticed what seemed to be a city in the quantum realm as Hank and Janet were leaving? 🤔

  2. No no no….an atom being a universe in its self is not essentially the definition of a quantum realm

  3. Bill Foster will help Scott Lang out of Quantum Realm & some how will meet up with Tony Stark with help of Ghost to go back in time through the quantum realm & save the avengers

  4. Egghead needs to be in Ant-Man 3! Knowing the character he probably survived the explosion in secret. He’s done similar things in the comics.

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