Slap the Cockroach! | Potato Star 2013QR3 | #PotatoStar

[Time Killer]
(Decorating room with peppiness) A girl came into the room
(But someone’s watching…) A beautiful girl Then isn’t it better to go right now?!
(A father, worried about his daughter) Why are you overreacting?
What could possibly happen over one night? Ahhhhh!!!!!!!! Sooyoung? What’s wrong?!
(The kindest ex-boyfriend) Julien, the toilet’s like overflowing and like it’s like a spring What? I think I clogged the toilet (Julien suffered through so much) What happened?
Did you fix it? Oh my god! I barely got it unclogged Thank you But why is the water pressure so weak here? Oh… Water pressure being weak is one of the representative problem
(Knows better than Koreans) You didn’t know? Okay, thank you
Now get out of here I’m a married woman you know Lock the doors
Good night! She’s… Alone again
(That’s too much) It’s time (Something’s not right) (Bad feeling) Yeah! I keep feeling down so I think of weird things I should do something Her beautiful backside
(Appeared again) Her long and graceful neck I can’t hold it in anymore Will she understand me? Will she be scared when she sees me? I have a bad feeing Because I’m… I’m!!! (Slow motion) Ahhhhhhhh! I’m a roach! My name is Alexander Phil Heren Cockroach the 3rd My ancestors came from Germany So I’m commonly called the German Roach For she is dancing to my appearance
(Dancing of excitement) I danced as well (Packed her bags immediately) Ahhhhh (Encore dance) – What
– Hey – Come here and take some side-dishes
– Okay, Okay I’ll go home What?
(Surprised of her obedient daughter) You can stop telling me I’m on my way, you happy now? When is she coming? – She’s moving back in
– What? (Moving Slowly) She’s trying to leave me NO! I want to see her face
up close for the last time Hold on a sec! Ahhhhh!! Today is a good day to die… [You ready? Let’s giggle, Diggle]

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