Signs of a Cockroach Infestation

Signs of a Cockroach Infestation

Cockroach infestations are among the most
stubborn of pest problems you may ever have to deal with. When it comes to these nasty
invaders, the earlier you can identify the problem, the better. So what are the signs
of roach infestation? Daytime Sightings – Roaches are nocturnal
pests by nature, preferring to feed and scurry in the darkness. If you are seeing roach activity
during the day, this can mean that you already have a significant problem on your hands.
Overcrowded nests and hiding spaces cause some roaches to spill out into the open during
daylight hours. Egg Casings – Roach egg casings are easy to
spot by their long rounded shape and brownish color. Each casing holds between 10 and 50
eggs. Some roach species will carry the egg case on their backs until they hatch, others
will hide them. One thing is certain, if you find even one egg casing, you know you have
a roach problem. Fecal Droppings – Roach droppings will look
like small piles of coffee grounds or black pepper collected in the corner of drawers
or under appliances. The quantity of visible feces is good indicator of the level of infestation. Odor – A single roach or even several dozen
roaches will not give off a noticeable odor, but a large infestation will definitely get
your nose’s attention. Most experts agree that the smell can be described as oily and
musky. When you are able to smell roaches, you can be sure you have a severe infestation. And it’s that easy with the expert help
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15 thoughts on “Signs of a Cockroach Infestation”

  1. I sent a sample some time back to find out what the species was (cockroach )and what to use , I never did hear back , and we always use your products demon wp

  2. Hey I saw one run across my room with the light on and I didn't move or anything. It was night time but my light was on there was no way for the roach to know it was night time. I am concerned since it ran across my room we may have a roach problem. Please help!

  3. We stayed at a hotel in Austin, TX and we saw a big black roach in the bathtub. Then we tried catching it but it went into the drain in the tub. 1 hour later one was by the wall by the sink. We had already closed the tub earlier so this one came from the sink. Turns out they were Oriental roaches that thrive in moist areas such as sewers. They were big and gross. We got moved to another room on another floor and there we didnt see any roaches. Would that mean there wasn't a roach infestation?

  4. I think the best way to control the roach problem is to control the humidity inside your home by running the A/C often, especially in Florida where A/C is most needed anyway.

  5. i hear a faint scratching noise and chirping in a wall,what is it? i was thinking it might be a mouse or rat but now im scared

  6. I smashed about 15 to 20 cockroaches using my ultimate slipper all at once in a night monthly. I don't know why, but they routinely come out in hordes sometimes during night.

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