Scary! Iranian Missiles Threatening American Bases and Israel

Scary! Iranian Missiles Threatening American Bases and Israel

During the war in Iraq, Iran launched a weapon development program against the embargo of the US and its Western allies. Since 1992 it has been producing many domestic weapons. Shabab-1 is the basis of the Iranian ballistic missile program. Ýt is a small-scale modified version of the Scud-B missile, which Iran received from Libya between 1985 and 1986. Its 350 km range allowed Iran to hit Baghdad during the Iran-Iraq War. Iran has further developed its shahab-1 missile with the support of the North Korea and this country revelaed the Shahab-2 missile with a range that can hit Israel. It was produced by modifying the Hwasong-6 ballistic missile of North Korea. Its range is 500 km. Fateh-110 is a short-range ballistic missile. It has a range of approximately 300 km. This missile was used by Iran and Syria in the Syrian civil war. It was also sent to Lebanon for the use of Hezbollah. Qiam 1 is An improved version of the Shahab-2 missile. Its Range has been increased to 750 km. Iran attacked the US base in Al Asad with this missile. Moreover, It is known that this missile was used in the battle in Yemen. Shabab-3 is a medium-range ballistic missile of Iran. It is the most advanced version of the Shahab series. The missile is an adaptation of Chinese construction DF-21 and North Korean construction Nodong-1. It has a range of 1,280 kilometers. It can hit targets up to Israel, Egypt, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. The Ghadr-110 is a medium-range ballistic missile. The missile has a range of approximately 1,800-2,000km. After selling the right to use the Hwasong-10 ballistic missile of the N. korea to Iran, the Khorramshahr ballistic missile was developed as a modified version of this missile. Its range is between 1800–2000 km.

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  1. Scary for who?! Iran is so inept, they cannot tell the difference between a commercial airliner and a military airliner. Iran is nothing but a bunch of blustering cowards.

  2. C est une bonne nouvelle,la pourriture occidentale peut avoir peur……………..Vive nos amis iraniens et tous leurs allies.

  3. Irani. Non. Giocare
    Con. Amerika. Israele.
    Serve. Pace. Dopo. Vengono. Tropo. Morti. Iran
    Atenzione. Iran
    Amerika. Mondo
    Voi. Un. Paese

  4. I don't know why US is so worried about a third world country entry level nuk missile when US have thaad that can shot it out of the sky and US have bigger nuks

  5. Mais pourquoi nous nous vantons de l'impossible ! Voulons nous dire qu'Israël et Amérique sont étrangers à ces dites armes et missiles dont disposerait Iran ? N'est-ce-pas là une fourmis ( Iran) contre Amérique et israël ( des hippopotames) ? L'orgueil tue et détruit

  6. The Only thing they are Good at is to shot down INNOCENT airplanes, F*&*ING MURDERER!
    I hope the FREE world kick your ass so bad that you end up in the Stone age!

  7. What a joke I dont think they understand who they are messing with we would wipe you in less then 24 hours without deploying a single solder but thinks for the lough

  8. There is no real threat. America could squash iran like an annoying bug overnight. The leaders of iran will be lucky if their own ppl dont hang them from trees for killing their own in that downed plane. Ppl there are revolting

  9. Obviously, Trump has triggered a wonderful Final Conflict or Malhama Kubro scenario. 600 yrs ago Nostradamus (Einstein too) has predicted the End Times “Mother of All Wars” or “Final Conflict” or “Armageddon” or “Malhama”… Truly End Times as prophesied…. Only 1 out of 100 will survive. Islamic eschatologist said this will happen 1,500 yrs ago.

    In End Times, God will use the Persians to destroy Babylon (bible new version) . Guess Who are the Persians and Where is Babylon? And, of course, if God want something to be destroyed it will be done. Nothing can stop Him. Re Sodom and Gomorrah. Watch TruNews:

    What Trumpy has successfully done is to make Iraq more dependent on Iran (as now the Iraqis knows that the Yanks will stab them in the back, just like what they did to the Syrian Kurds) and will kick the Yanks out of Iraq…. Coming soon. The Iraqis still doesn’t learn how they were betrayed by the Yanks to attack Iran and Kuwait that end up with them being destroyed.

    • Ron Paul: After Trump's Attack, Iraq Finally United…Against US!

    • Scott Ritter: ‘This is the beginning of a strategic defeat of the Americans in the Middle East…’ stand-by Israel. Thanks, Trumpy, Pompy…

    • JJ: We have crossed the Rubicon… so say those in Moscow, Beijing, Germany, UK, Paris, Syria etc….’

    • The Times of Israel: Iran and Hezbollah might shut down Israel in the next war

    Iran have made a colossal mistake by not having nukes. Iran should have emulated NoKo. See how nuke change the balances of the equation?

    No nukes I nuke you; got nukes I love you… Well Done NoKo….

    I guess on the onset of war between the USA/Israel with Iran the Russians and Chinese will use their EMPs…

    MUST watch George Galloway:

    If Iran have 100,000 missiles, they don't need Nukes. It’s called Massive Bombardment… a number game…

    Add the above two video and what do you get? Middle East Armageddon…..

    They seem to have forgotten that Iran is the descendant of the Persian -a highly advance civilization both militarily and economically. Alex the Great has a remarkably high regard for them. Of course, some people can be blinded by greed. You push them into a corner they know how to fight back.

    Despite his “Fire and Fury and Lock and Loaded (fighting fire with fire) like none we have seen before” Trump will not dare go to war

    Suddenly the sleeping Arabs realize that the patriot missiles don't work and the drone from Yamen is more deadly…Erdogan said that too….

    The US reportedly sent secret messages to Iran via Swiss intermediaries, urging not to retaliate too strongly> We got the message your 15 missiles send to us. We are shitting in our pants already. And that the Chinese and Russians still not yet involved.

  10. you guys have no idea what you are talking about even identifying which missiles are used in almost impossible from a technical perspective after an object is destroyed its nearly impossible to identify anything especially when the missiles do not use any standardized software or hardware in order to work which is always the case it is foolish to believe these also what is the suppose to lead to ? nobody is scared of anybody if 1 attacks the other will exert their right of self defense the us has established an unnecessary foothold in the middle east if they really want peace they can just stay under their own borders like everyone else the only reason Iran got this much power after the sanctions was because the us would simply not accept to leave the middle east years and years after they should have accomplished their objective unless it was all for the oils and natural resources maybe they would leave only after every last drop is taken away

  11. ไม่น่ากลัวสักเท่าไรครับ..แต่..อย่าให้อเมริกาเปิดก้อแร้วเดี๋ยวจะบอกว่าน่ากลัวโคตรๆ

  12. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  13. It took 100 days, for the USA to completely dominate and nearly destroy Iraqi military during the 1991 Gulf War.
    Keep in mind kids, the Iran-Iraq war lasted 10 years? Ok.
    Think about that for a moment…
    Comparing the US of America with Iran is like comparing a sea lion with a polar bear. I'm not saying the sea lion won't or cannot inflict a nasty injury, I'm saying that there is no real comparison at the end. We would quite simply crush the Iranians.
    I hope that peace prevails, and the lunatics on both sides can just calm down, sit down, and start a dialogue again.

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