Samurai Wasps Say ‘Smell Ya Later, Stink Bugs’ | Deep Look

Samurai Wasps Say ‘Smell Ya Later, Stink Bugs’ | Deep Look

Can anything stop this stink bug? Oh what, it doesn’t look so bad? Think again. The brown marmorated stink bug is a fearsome
invader … a relentless force … … wreaking havoc on fields and orchards
across the country. These stink bugs are originally from Asia
– but probably made it to the U.S. as stowaways in shipping containers a few decades ago. Marmorated, by the way, means marbled – see
that pattern on their backs? They have a huge appetite – eating just about
any kind of fruit or vegetable out there. They use this – a long proboscis – to pierce
the skin. It makes a tiny hole. Dainty eater, you might think? Nope. Underneath, it’s squirting in chemicals
to dissolve the fruit. Then it sips up the juices, like a smoothie. The fruit looks okay on the outside, but now,
it’s ruined, rotting on the inside. Stink bugs can even pierce the hard shell
of a hazelnut. Just squish ‘em, you think? Yeah, you don’t want to do that. They genuinely stink. When disturbed, they can release an olfactory
bomb from small glands. The smell? Well, some people say it’s like dirty socks…
or rotting cilantro. These stink bugs have spread to 44 states
now. And oh yeah, in the winter, they might just
show up in your house, where it’s warm. What could possibly stand up to them? Hello, samurai wasp. This tiny wasp, also from Asia, is an old
enemy of stink bugs. It unleashes a stealth attack. A female wasp finds a mass of stink bug eggs
… … then one by one, she lays one of her own
inside them. The parasitic wasp larva grows secretly inside,
feasting on a tasty egg breakfast until the developing stink bug is no more. Then, the grown up wasps chew their way out,
nibbling the edges away like fingernail clippings. In their native range in Asia, 60-90% of stink
bug eggs are parasitized in this way, keeping them in check. So researchers in the U.S. want to recruit
the wasps, as long as they don’t become a pest too. The wasps have already been found in Oregon,
so scientists at Oregon State University are studying them as a kind of biological control. After all, using wasps is targeted, since
they primarily go after brown marmorated stink bugs. Maybe someday, they could release the wasps
in places where there are lots of stink bugs. Today, farmers use pesticides, but that can
kill lots of other helpful organisms. Researchers know that sometimes your enemy’s
enemy is your friend. So soon, the samurai wasp could be doing its
part to beat back the stink bug onslaught, one egg at a time. Hey there, Deep Peeps, It’s Lauren. So, guess what? There are some truly amazing creatures in Oaxaca,
Mexico and we want to go film them. But we need your support to get there. Can you help us? Head to Patreon – the link is in the description. Thanks!

100 thoughts on “Samurai Wasps Say ‘Smell Ya Later, Stink Bugs’ | Deep Look”

  1. It could start laying its eggs on an indigenous insect like a butter flush eggs. You need to do a lit of testing to make sure it's only stink bug eggs it goes for

  2. IT could have been decade's ago- I've been seeing them here in texas since I was a child and I'm over 50 now!

  3. We had samurai wasp releases in New York, I’ve found a few in my house but they’re way better than stink bugs.

  4. no clickbait, high quality, interesting content, no secret agenda, well placed ads.. something isn't right. there has to be a problem with this channel. its too perfect.

  5. One got on bus. People freaked. bug got squished. People freaked EVEN MORE. I’m just here like it don’t smell THAT bad.


    A small price to pay for salvation I guess.

  7. Can I just donate to you guys for a one time thing? I’ love your stuff but I can’t keep track of all my monthly bill stuff. And I’m also broke. Thanks

  8. Why you always say its from ASIA so you mean USA don’t have bad insects 😔 why don’t you ask the bugs

  9. I have always said to my wife I can smell stinky socks when we go for a walk in wildlife parks… this explains everything! Thank you!

  10. Honestly, we need to be extremely careful when playing GOD. Will this wasp turn into the Cane toad of Australia???

  11. I use a square of duct tape to capture them. Fold the tape around the bug and send it off into an eternity of stink.

  12. There's a little bug that looks like that wasp but it's very friendly and hangs out with me when I'm outside.

  13. Alien species, like goats discovering your garden might find something tastier, and ignore the targeted pest giving you two pest. They also can become invasive fast. Someone says "oops", and "sorry" then goes on their way leaving an never-ending path of destruction i.e. kudzu in our national forest. Try keeping the introduced dandelion out of one yard indefinitely. You can't introduce them in on area and have them stay there.

  14. When I was lying when I felt something crawling on my leg, I open the blanket and saw this bug. I freak out because the back make me feel the chills.

  15. Human hubris? Sooo many horror stories of us releasing creatures that dont belong to get some other creature. It almost Always turns out badly. I find it hard to believe this wouldnt go the same route. Who knows. But what else might it wind up targeting?

  16. People who always try to alter the way things turn out irritate me you try to fix one thing by bringing in another and make a whole big mess Just like when someone a scientist brought in the African bees to the Americas and now we have killer bees just leave well enough alone🤨

  17. Just use inside hydroponics and the issue of the Stink Bugs will disappear. Plus, pesticides do not work at all as intended. More and more insects are living after being sprayed with pesticide. We are only making the problem worse.

  18. This concerns me. I can't remember a time that introducing a second non-native species to control a different non-native species didn't result in the situation getting worse. Rosy Wolfsnail much?

  19. bau bangett 😂 kalo lagi musim panen suka banyak bngt apa lagi kalo malam terus lewat bawah lampu jalan pada nempel lah di baju

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