Samantha Bee Carved a Message into John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight Desk

Samantha Bee Carved a Message into John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight Desk

62 thoughts on “Samantha Bee Carved a Message into John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight Desk”

  1. Samantha Bee's show is amazingly different than The Daily Show, Colbert and John Oliver, with different content and a new perspective. She's awesome, and her show is one of a kind. I want to see more of her!

  2. I can relate so much to The Daily's music being hella triggering now. I'm Michael Barbaro. THIS… is The Daily… DUNNN DUNNNN DUNNNN

  3. There is a reason that the idiots on the Right think that because they are so greedy that everyone else must be. That because they pay for support, that everyone else must do as well. That because the policies of the Right are so insane that they have to bribe and threaten people for support, that those on the Left must do the same.
    Just because the Right is totally corrupt and self-centred, doesn't mean that everyone else is as well.
    Basically, it's the Right Wing loons projecting their crimes onto others, just as we see Trump doing all the time.

  4. Anyone else now dying to see/hear John Oliver's response when he watches this?
    He's on holidays, wonder if he'll go into the office to check it out

  5. Oliver probably see it long ago ,but just said"well,Sam is have her fun here as usual,LET CHECK IF JASON JONES IS BALL NAKED IN OUR OFFICE "

  6. Allana Harkin does something to me. She's very, very funny. I know, I know Sam simply mentioned her by her first name but re-read my comment.

  7. I would really like to see Samantha Bee's Full Frontal. I would like to see her show, too.

    Sorry – couldn't resist the joke.

  8. "I don't get paid to say Hilary Clinton. Thats absurd. Hilary Clinton isn't even my friend. I never met Hilary Clinton & Hilary Clinton doesn't even know my name. Hilary Clinton Hilary Clinton……………… Hilary……… Clinton." $$$ Cha-Ching!

  9. Wait Sam isn't getting paid by George Soros? She should be getting some of that sweet pedophile hush money 💰

  10. The podcast they referred to, "The Daily", produced by the New York Times, is my new favorite podcast and an excellent source for news.

  11. Ah! The joke is on you all, because I do have Soros cash.
    See! 10000 Soros forints (because he's Hungarian and I got it in Hungary).

  12. Plot twist: she didn't carve anything into John Oliver's desk, she just wants him to spend a ridiculous length of time crawling under there with a flashlight looking for something that doesn't exist.

  13. John Oliver is my number 1 in late night, but Seth is a close second. Sam Bee is near the bottom. Don't know why exactly, I just never found her funny.

  14. I find her show super smart, and funny. But I have adhd, so the speed and pitch she delivers at is a little overwhelming at times.
    Love her though.

  15. Lol! I loved Seth's analogy. "Being in team man… We need to fire the coach and get a new GM."

    "The Daily" is great, btw, if anyone who doesn't listen is thinking about checking it out.

  16. If Trump were to get twenty-five cents every time he were to mention Hillary Clinton, he might ACTUALLY be a billionaire.

  17. Something tells me Project "Veritas" will grab Sam's "sweet sweet George Soros cash" comment and manufacture another poorly and heavily edited monstrosity confirming whatever stupid and false narrative they're promoting now to continue getting cash from the GOP.

  18. Seth I agree with you. I take a breath and just think to myself it's just like a bandaid just RIP it off and it will quickly pass before I listen to any trump news or videos. Lord help us all.

  19. I also laughed when I heard that the tax plan was off by a trillion dollars and (stupidly) assumed that would slow it down a bit. Then I was away from media for a couple days, and didn’t realize it had passed until watching Weekend Update clips Sunday morning. It’s depressing when SNL makes you start cursing into thin air.

    And then I listened to the Daily on Monday… Damn. It’s even worse than I thought.

  20. SamB as a host of her own show – is worst comedienne ever just next to Amy Schumer.
    Total shill for Hillary, she has one setting (like Colbert) "slam trump".
    Matt Lauer is a source of once in a generation comedic fodder.. and she's mocking the first lady instead.
    Weinstein was most powerful man in Hollywood, and she only sees trump..

  21. Sam Bee’s story’s soo relatable to me, I probably wouldn’t have had the position I have now if not for my trusted knife…

  22. I don't like her. Nothing against her. I just don't like her personality. The way she talks. I like most comedians. Especially those in proximity to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, and SNL. I just don't like her. She's just annoying to me. Don't get me wrong, she's very funny.

  23. Now we know why she had a knife for carving, she's a self professed delinquant (See Stephen Colbert interview, March 2018)

  24. Samantha is a fucking sell out. She knew Eric Schneiderman was a woman beater but still called him a super hero just because he's Anti Trump.

    She sold out.

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