Rot In Hell, Harvey | Full Frontal on TBS

Rot In Hell, Harvey | Full Frontal on TBS

Since you’re probably working from home, which means watching videos on YouTube, I wanted to give you a little piece of good news. This just in to CNN. 23 years. 23 years in prison. That is the sentence that has been handed down for Harvey Weinstein. God, I wish I could high-five someone right now, but we’re out
of hand sanitizer. After all the months of victim-blaming by his crack legal team of women who hate women and his entourage of old timey strongmen, one rapist down, too many more to go. Rot in hell, Harvey.

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  1. Oh man a guy with a garden-hoe shaped beard. Must be non-provocative and totally feminist sympathizing

  2. This would be an Ideal Time for someone to be Selling Cheap Toilet Paper with Harvey's Picture printed on it! Think of all of the Different Faces or Corporate Logos that could be Big Sellers.

  3. i’m really annoyed by the coverage quoting him so much. i wanted to hear the exact quote of the judge sentencing, but no one seems to be reporting that.

  4. I hear he wanted Jen Aniston killed… Good luck in the clink, Harv. They watch a whole lot of reruns in there… and they are definitely fans of the hot girls. Really… good luck when they get that news, boy-o.

  5. For a day that was really short on good news, this really makes you believe there is such a thing as justice! #rotinhellharvey

  6. Wow. That is a long time, but the things he did were horrible and unforgivable. I imagine they will appeal it. I also imagine that he could get off in half that time with good behavior. People like him tend to mysteriously die in prison though.

  7. reminder that anita dunn, who is essentially running the biden campaign, worked hard to avert this outcome

  8. 23 years? The usa gymnastics guy got way more, yes I know they were minors in that case but Harvey did this continually for decades!


  10. Harvey knew he was going down. The walker was just practice for bending over. Harvey the friendly rabbit is going to do the jail house rock

  11. A wealthy, influential white man actually get punished for crimes he committed? Whoa, America, I'm actually impressed (for once)

  12. So, I suppose that now that he's been convicted and sentenced, all of his defenders who were screaming about how he was innocent until proven guilty will come out of the woodwork to admit that he was, in fact, a slimball, and that he deserves all the disdain that he's had heaped upon him. . . … … … ………………………..
    I'll just stand over here and wait to hear from them.

  13. “Since you’re working from home and that means watching YouTube videos…” HOW DID YOU KNOW? Stop spying on me. I’m just watching this to keep me happy as people continue to annoy me in a remote capacity.

  14. Pretty harsh, Samantha Bee. Why call his lawyer a woman who hates women? I think everybody is entitled to legal counsel, no matter what kind of monster they are. Weinstein is a human being with human rights, they need to be protected. That's what a lawyer is for. This does not make her a woman-hater. You are dead wrong.

  15. He will probably end up in a "rich guy hotel prison". He deserves to get put in jail with all the other "hard criminals" who did the same thing. Money shouldn't make a difference when committing crimes!

  16. Of course, after the announcement, you know Rich Man's Justice will kick in and those 23 years will start to be quietly whittled away on appeal after appeal.

    First there will by allegations of procedural error, then ineffective counsel, then a medical condition will be discovered, then he'll find Jesus (or perhaps Moses), then there'll be Good Behaviour. — which should be striking in contrast to the rest of his life — and finally he'll get clemency for being sick.

    All in all, he could be getting "massages" again before Ivanka finishes her second trial.

    I'd like to be wrong.

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