Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Godzilla vs the Human Bugs

BURNIE: We were talking about like Godzilla, like – people are scared shitless of bugs, so what if Godzilla was like exactly like a person, and when it saw humans it was like: “WUHHHUHUHULLUHHH!”
[laughter] GUS: He’s like knocking down buildings – “Get it off, get it off!” BURNIE: “Where’d it go, where’d it go?” JACK: Godzilla has like an aerosol can – he like shakes and sprays all the people on the ground… GAVIN: He finally smashes a human and then looks at it, and he’s just like, “Glughh!”
[laughter] BURNIE: Fucking tank – the tank rolls up, and Godzilla takes it and puts a cup over it…
[laughter] GUS: …and he’s like “I’ll deal with that later.”
[laughter] BURNIE: I would pay great money if that was the first scene in the new Godzilla. He comes out of the ocean, and a fucking jet flies by him and he goes: “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”.
[laughter] He goes up to other giant monsters –
“Is it on me? Is it on me?” [laughter]

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