1. If I ever get to the point where I need to rely on someone to cut my own toenails, please just put me to sleep… forever..

  2. What is amazing? I have 2 great-grandsons. It happens if you live right. 😁🥰😙 Now his little pinch, I can’t take that. My stomach clenches just watching, 😳😛😩 Poor me 🧐😫☹️ I didn’t’ see you squeeze out the puss. Now what about that bunion?

  3. A very, very good doctor. When I have to start having my toes worked on, I hope I get somebody like him. My hats off to you sir! You have a fantastic bedside manner. There’s lots of other doctors out there that could learn a lot from you. Don’t ever change……

  4. I just subscribed to your Channel. I wish I had a foot doctor like you. You are so kind, loving and gentle with your patience I love your sense of humor ❤

  5. How any Dr could handle this is beyond me. Just the smell of nasty feet to begin with, add to that a nasty infection that stink up a room- all the money year doctors make in a year- keep t and enjoy it because no way. Guess it’s safe to say feet gross me out incredibly, well nasty feet that is. There is something about good foot hygiene and keep feet in a healthy status.(not that I expect a 100 year old to be concerned with that tho)

  6. Every doctor should have the rapport that you have with your patients. Your father must be a great man to have instilled in his son the generosity of spirit and respect you show each and every person that comes to your office. Thanks for the entertainment and knowledge you put into every video.

  7. I have a high pain tolerance so don't tell people that the pain isn't bad because its a high 10 level. It's not the needle its the pressure from the medication. It isn't a long procedure but its bad.

    Your a awesome caring doctor so either be honest or tell them its only for like 60 seconds both sides.

  8. My father would cut his mother nails while his mother was alive. I know people in the West are working hard and busy. But this sweet man has a son's, grandsons granddaughter … why should this man's legs be like this?

  9. I just looooooooove the way you say "okay" almost to every single toe you finish…….. Just love watching your videos.

  10. He is lucky but it’s the culture I believe. I can’t see from here. I don’t have one person who cares enough. I have 21problems that can require surgery. I have to be awake for anything. Heho time to keep going, I love my budgie,

  11. 100 years thats old
    So is my great grandfather hes 97 this Year and he is the funniest man ive ever met and the oldest vet i know .

  12. I just recently started watching your videos, you work is great but more important you are so wonderful with your patients, you show them a lot of tlc and it doesn't go unnoticed, keep up the great work, you're awesome 🙂

  13. I love your video’s. I will definitely come see you when I am next in the states. I live in Wales Uk but I am Irish born and bread. ☘️🍀☘️😊

  14. Sorry to say this…. but if you wouldn't have wasted so much time filming conversation and just gotten down to business it would have worked out

  15. Is he really 100? His foot looks young to me!? 😁 Hooray! for Toe Bro! 😁Hooray! for the grandson! Hooray! Those toes look rough! Poor guy! Much appreciated for the video! Thanks 🙏 to everyone who participated!

  16. I am from Asia and when see this, i remember my grandpa. If we trim his nail, he just let it go. But there is one time where we trim his toes and some kind of maggot come out. And he said "oh so that what been hurt". We were speechless. Grandpa is so hard to read.

  17. I don't understand why people are quick to blame family or caregivers. If the person is still mentally fit, then it was their decision to not take care of the problem.

  18. Why didn't you clean the area??? A least with normal saline or something..that area with pus and bacteria was filthy. I watch alot of your videos and appreciate what you do for the elderly, I just didn't understand this case as to the germs but a port of entry to get worse.

  19. Poor guy! ): looks so painful. Ive had a couple of ingrown toe nails when i was a kid and that can hurt like hell, cant imagine the pain for this poor man. Mad respect to you for being so nice and helping him. 😀 Its always so interesting and satisfying seeing the end results even if its a bit gross to begin with.

  20. Как можно допустить,до такой степени срастания ногтя? Кусачек и ножниц нет чтоли?

  21. I know from experience those little needles they hurt it's not a little pinch. And you are very wonderful with the elderly gentleman

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