QI | How To Save A Dying Bee

QI | How To Save A Dying Bee

You know when you find a bee and it’s crawling on its last legs, you give it honey It’s the only thing they eat makes sense when you think about it No point just talking to it! Give it honey They’re very much a one-recipe species I’m sorry, I’m intrigued because I would I gently give it the sole of my shoe Not to be harsh but you know You would stand on a struggling, crawling bee?? Well what, what? As opposed to rehabilitating it? I like honey on my porridge, you murderer! We depend on bees, we need the bees Okay, so in Future I should lure the bee back I like I Do I get a syringe of Honey Just A tiny amount of Honey I don’t I don’t feel Easy to see leave it with the Honey Don’t Tread [on] it it Should [be] Plenty fans that you Should be Arrested Excuse me you know, we’re in A hive Isn’t it true though that a bee in its entire lifetime makes an absolutely tiny amount of honey? Overall, I mean just a minute amount that you don’t have to give much rehabilitating honey to this one bee before the Nation – the World – is making a net loss I mean it’s useless, if you only get one teaspoon of honey from a whole Bee’s lifetime and every time we have to get it back on its feet, it takes a teaspoon and a half suddenly there’s no honey at all! This is more honey than this bee has seen in its life! You’re insulting it ! It’s like showing a very tired mason a whole cathedral! Well let’s let’s Say that You’re in Between our? Allen and Daraa so like allen You want to Help the big and it but like dari you, also want to kill kill kill What you can do is you get what I would turn too much Honey and you See the [bee] and you poor Martin? Hear Me out all right okay then, you Watch him die A slow Accession Yeah I can Yes i’ve now Heard you out [Yeah] that’s No Better, no? Worse than what I did [yeah] you May know Yeah I am Beyond You’re getting a kick out it let’s Forget Only to be ironically What’s the Money you Can T deal With? Me now very Good, well Thank you [for] that Interesting Fierce and I think Productive Debate Please With that we’re Gonna Move on now but the best

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  1. Alan had me in stitches with his reactions to Dara killing bees. This clip is missing arguably the best bit though, at the end when Alan said he'd follow Dara to make sure he doesn't drown bees and Rob chimes in shouting that Dara is a bee drowner.

  2. One of the best panel combinations ever, it'll be fantastic if we could add two chairs for Clive Anderson and Bill Bailey.

  3. Well, the bee's role is to also act as a pollinator, so whether its a net loss in honey or not, its still worth it.

  4. Bees also eat "bee bread" which is packed wafers of pollen mixed with honey. They make little stacks of them in the honeycomb cells. That's quite a recipe to whip up for a poorly bee though. Sugar water is adequate as other commenters have said.

  5. I once found a butterfly with ripped wings. I called it Diana (nothing to do with the Princess, I'm Dutch. I was listening to 'Dirty Diana' by Micheal Jackson at the time.)
    So I fed the butterfly honey, because sugarwater was just kindof useless and the wind was blowing quite hard, I didn't want the butterfly to get a face-full of sugarwater.
    So it licked the honey from my finger, I photographed it and left it with another batch of honey, thinking it'd be fine.
    I then returned the next day and two ripped butterfly-wings were on the floor and the thing itself was nowhere to be seen.
    So then I changed its name to 'Dying Diana.' And still nobody believes it had nothing to do with the Princess.
    But it might've been from the honey…

  6. Put it in an ambeelance and take it to A+Bee then later it's BeeP can offer ongoing medical support.

  7. David Mitchell's quip about the cathedral was just the best. He is so dry in his delivery, it just cracks me up.

  8. Is rehabilitating bees really a thing people do? A single beehive has like 50,000 workers, and they only live for 4-5 months at best after hatching. Honeybees are livestock, but the cheapest, most disposable livestock on the planet. I can understand feeding an injured kitten or something, but a bee? The money you paid to buy the honey you fed to the bee probably contributed more to the honeybee population than actually aiding that one worker.

  9. That's not funny, it's disgusting. That's murder. Other animals aren't toys for your amusement, or tools to use as you please. Leave other animals alone. Humans are animals, and no more special than any other creature.


  11. So it turns out that the worker honey bee lives for only about 5-6 weeks, so does in fact only produce a small amount of honey, which is estimated to be about one tenth of a teaspoon. So David Mitchell is actually right.

  12. It's ironic to say that all of the actors have no clue that they actually steal and kill bees just by buying honey


    It can contain bacteria that can be taken back to the hive and completely wipe it out. Give them sugar water. Not honey!

  14. I did this today when I found a poorly bee. I gave it some honey mixed with a tiny bit of water to make it more runny and put it next to it. It seemed to drink a little but I don’t think it made it.

  15. For God's sake, bees are not important to the planet because of honey: it's because of pollination! And the wonderful Stephen Fry should have remembered it. God!

  16. I thought bees died when they lose their stinger? No? Wasps can live, and I think there are types of bees that can survive, but I've yet to see a "dying bee" stumbling down the street!

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