PROVEN! how to KILL THE FIRE ANT COLONY! easy & simple recipe

PROVEN! how to KILL THE FIRE ANT COLONY! easy & simple recipe

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  1. Killing ants is very similar to pissin' up a rope! Considering the number of ants/person on Earth you can't even begin to put a dent in the ant population. But if you have absolutely nothing better to do with your life knock yourself out bud.😆

  2. UPDATE March 2019.  My RV had a problem with ants, not fire ants but the little guys.  Someone called them sugar ants.  Ants non the less and in the morning even after wiping down the counters there would usually be 50 or so on under and round most everything.  Taps, knifeblock etc.  Sooo, off I go to the local Compounding Drug store for Boric acid. I mixed the BA with Maple syrup as he did, not a very high concentrate.  Not enough to discolor the MS.  With some of the little bastards still on the counter, I went to war.  First of all the full frontal attack, I put a Maginot line in front of them.  They stopped, sipped and walked right over it with no effect.  Hmm, I added a little more BA to the mix and tried it again with the same result.  WTF?  So now more BA was added, enough to turn the MS a dirty grey,  way more than the original poster put in.This last time, I made a donut of the cocktail surrounding a few of them.  They walked to it at first trying to get out, then they tasted it and finally walked over it carrying on their merry way.  To this point here was 0 body count, nothing nada.  Just laughing ants.  So I thought.Fast forward to the next morning.  The ant cocktail was still all over the counter in various shapes but no dead or ALIVE ants.That was 2 years ago and never has there been a return visit.  I'm told they ate the stuff, it messed them up and they told the boss ant they wouldn't go back.  So the same rules apply to ants and people…Huh you say?I'm a construction Medic and in my orientations to new employees they are told they can refuse work if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable doing it.In a nutshell, It worked in my application.Why is this popping up years after original post??  Ant season?  I can hardly wait to get back to Florida to try it out on a Nuclear scale.

  3. Dish washing liquid and warm tap water… Kills the entire colony… Instantly. Works on wasp nests also…

  4. Do not use this where pets or children can get to it. It is
    1 Cup sugar
    3 Tablespoons boric acid
    3 Cups warm water
    You will also need a jar with a screw on lid.


    1. Mix the sugar and boric acid well. You can put it inside the jar, screw on
    the lid and shake.
    2. Remove the lid and add the warm water slowly, mixing until the boric
    acid/sugar mixture dissolves.
    3. Store in a jar until ready to use. Mark the jar 'Ant poison'.
    4 When ready to use, put cotton onto the top of a jar lid or on wax paper, and
    then saturate the cotton.
    5. Place it in the location where you’re seeing ants, making sure to keep away
    from children and pets.
    6. This solution will keep for a long time. A good way to lure them is to drip
    a drop or two over the edge of the lid to rest on the counter so they will find
    it sooner. It can take while for them to find it, but find it they will. When
    they do, do not disturb them let them drink. It’s important to let them drink
    so they will take it back to the nest to kill the colony. They will be gone
    almost overnight.
    If you see the ant hills outside, place the cotton balls around the ant hill
    and saturate with the poison.
    On large nests it might take two or three feedings to kill. Be patient.

  5. This reminds me of an interesting evil cooking show , you do realize that fire ants have some value at the gan network meaning global ant network . They sell ants online . Check out ants canada

  6. I drive a 1/4 inch rod into the nest and let it sit for a day until they rebuild the tunnels around it. Next day, I pull the rod and pour gunpowder into the hole, and the ants help by pulling tt further into the nest. Then, I insert a 12" fuse, place a cement block on top to keep the hot gases in, and light the fuse. 10 seconds later, FOOM! Smoke, some flame, and no trace of the ants. I'd make a video, but I haven't seen a nest for years now.

  7. I did the same thing with some organic gasoline. I poked a large hole right down through the middle of the nest and poured about half a gallon of organic gasoline in the hole, then I lit it on fire. They pretty much died instantly, and the fire burned for nearly 45 minutes. I haven't seen a fire ant since then. So go out and get you some of that fine grade AA organic gasoline and try it !!

  8. Easier to sprinkle two teaspoons of Orthene fire ant killer. Within 12 hours the whole mound will be dead.

  9. U guys work too hard.i just take two buckets.shovel half the mound into one and find another mound on the other side of the yard and do the same.then dump the buckets on the opposing mounds.they will kill each the same in 24 hours and they will all be dead.even the surviving warriors and the queen will suffer several stings which will kill them within 24 hours.

  10. Todd Anderson you ignorant hick, these little guy's aren't Fire Ants, there Harvester Ants, and their good.

  11. In that large of a hole , they would have been massively attacking you. I think you picked up the few stragglers left behind.

  12. Please read. I live and am from Florida. Those do not look like fire ants. Fire ants are normal sized ants not big ants like those. Secondly, fire ants would have been attacking you. You don’t have to do anything for them to find you nearby. I have been bitten enough to know that yes, if disturbed they will attack but also you could just be standing nearby without disturbing them and a group of them will be all over your feet biting you. 3rd, fire ants move fairly fast when they are walking. These ants are so slow.

    4th and MOST IMPORTANT, you can just buy a bag of ant killer pellets that list fire ants as one of the types they kill and within a day the whole colony will be dead. By pellets, I mean like the little balls that shake out of the bag and onto the grass, dirt, or anywhere. It looks a lot like fertilizer when you spread it. One bag, and it’s not a big bag, can be spread over your entire lawn, getting rid of all the fire ants. I also do parts of both my neighbors’ yards on both sides of me just for an extra buffer zone.

    LASTLY, fire ant hills are very easy to spot and have a distinct color so I can’t see where if you had a colony that big under your bricks how you could have possibly missed the ant hill(s) that must have been nearby. And again if they were fire ants, which they aren’t, and uncovered their nests they would be running around like crazy. Those are NOT fire ants and there is no need to go through all that trouble to kill them. They aren’t hard to kill or get rid of. Fire ants are red but that is where the similarities stop when comparing these ants to fire ants. Fire ants always look like they have had too much caffeine. They aren’t big and slow and they don’t let you get that close unnoticed. Never mind about talking slow and quietly. They would have known you were there when you walked up to them and they don’t just settle down. Sir, what you have are just regular big red ants. Don’t use his dangerous, messy way to kill ants. That is ridiculous and so unnecessary.

  13. I use to do the same thing, in an open stalls, multi-user studio setting, only using cake icing or honey mix, which I placed in plastic single cake slice boxes. I also use it when we had ants come into our home and it works very well. Sprays are nothing more than nerve gas and make me and other sick as heck, so controlling the distribution of Boric acid is simply the best, effective way to deal with any ant invasion.

  14. It is proven: Boric Acid never makes it to the core of the colony, they will thin down but come back full force in a few weeks. 'Adavion Ant Gel' WORKS!

  15. You need to grab hold of the ants in order to evict them, the best way is to dip your finger into honey then push your finger into the middle of the fire ant mound when you feel them crawling on your finger then jam your hole hand straight down the fire ant mount and grab the queen, yank her out and kill her, the mount will die in 5 to 6 months, sometimes a really tough mound may take a couple of years.

  16. Shit idea how he did it. Some people have animals that can easily get to that, if your going to do this please be smart and put something around it where small animals and family pets can't get to it. Some asshole did this in my neighborhood and it killed my cat 🙁

  17. you can buy this in food grade so someone who's pets should not be in your yard won't get sick.

  18. My experience killing ants with sweet flavored poison is interesting. I was inundated with the tiny red ants. I mixed up about a pint of poison and sugar. The ants all came and took the poison to their nest, where they all feasted on it and died back to a very small number. Apparently aunt colonies are always at war with their neighbors, because soon I was inundated with bigger reddish brown ants. I poisoned them same as the little ones. They died back to a very small numbers. Then I was inundated with the big black ants, which I also poisoned, same as the small red ones. When they were gone, the little red ones came back, now immune to the poison. Couldn’t win.

  19. Buy a powder duster, mix Demetrius dust with ,pyrtherin, wait until nite use googles, mask, red light, mix dust 50/50 shoot dust into nest hole then around entrance outside w-e ,then n-s,they will be very gone do this repeatedly to all mounds if large have two dust puffers in tandem good hunting!

  20. A good safe way to kill them that doesn't have long term effects on the environment. Pour boiling water on the hill. The method you used here is pretty cool. You can also use 20 Mule Team Borax. It is available with the laundry detergent at Walmart. Works well on clothes too.

  21. Those are not fire ants, they are carpenter ants. Carpenter ants live around decaying wood . Must have some dead roots underground.

  22. thats not how the powder works….they need to walk through it so it will stick to their feet….that way they track it back to the colony and it kills the whole colony. you need to place a ring of powder around the syrup so they walk through it.

  23. Mix 1 part Boric Acid to 3 parts powdered sugar. Slowly add a LITTLE bit of water and mix. It needs to be between watery and thick syrup consistency. If using inside, find the ants trail . DO NOT KILL THE ANTS! Put some of the homemade Ant Killer in their path. They will have the biggest party ever, DO NOT KILL THE ANTS! If outside, pour a large ring around the area. If animals or children can be in the area, buy the Terro stakes. I refill mine :-).
    ( ). Available at Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot and online. The ants will take the liquid back to the nest and they die.

  24. I used the exact ingredients. The ants ate all of the syrup and the nest just got bigger. Did not work for me.

  25. That killed a small amount of the gatherers, but not the colony of red, (not fire) ants. Like mentioned the acid is crystal form and cuts their skeletons, and needs to be tracked down in the real colony below.

  26. Next time put some Diatomaceous Earth around the piece of wood. The DE acts like razor blades and cuts through their shells then the saline in it dries them out. It takes long enough where they will carry some back to their home and it will kill the others.

  27. Aliens see this they'll obviously think we advanced to a higher form of war and intelligence and start a war

  28. You're talking slow enough so they can't understand? What? They's lining up and eating like they's at a table. They're climbing over corpses to eat….

  29. I have been fighting these pests for years and have recently discovered a liquid poison that that you can pour on the mound. It will kill the Queen. Unless you kill the Queens you haven't done anything. I have tried every other trick in the book. They are tough Lil critters!! Lol

  30. Soapy water does the trick . . ants take it to the queen . . She dies and so does the mound. Pour the soapy water around the mound . . not on it. The ants go out and retrieve the soapy water and take it to the queen. Bye bye! The soapy mix does not hurt the grass at all.

  31. Todd you are making it too complicated; just mix 50/50 sugar and Borax with little water to make a thick syrup and pour it on the ant's mound.

  32. Sodium-polyborate doesn't kill through systemic toxicity, it scratches minute holes in the insects' carapace, causing desiccation. This is just silly.

  33. I like to pour a bottle of wisky down the holes and get to know them better,i also smoke marijuana with them and write songs🐜🐛🎷🎼🎵😉

  34. Leave them alone. Why do you feel so entitled to destroy nature. Bullshit. You are worthless. This is why the world has gone to shit. Pour some in your house. Idiot

  35. Jump to 1:45 when he puts the camera down or take motion sickness meds… sheesh guy, if you were any more boring we'd fall asleep before you get to the point.  Just do it and STFU.

  36. Sing it Brother! Sing it! Amen Just A Guy!
    My Brother and I were driving on Rte. 471 in Northern Polk County Florida going through an area known as the Green Swamp… miles from anything. I had to urinate. We stopped. I got out went behind a tree and started urinating. Because the smell pissed them off they were charging me and I didn't even know what was going on until they were just above my knees. Now I know why they are called fire ants. I thought the fire ants were the big ants. Come to find out the big ants are harmless. It's the very tiny ants that are dangerous.
    They need to be wiped out!

  37. OK, my bad. I didn't think of the queen. They die so quickly they don't have a chance to tell the queen what happend to all the kids.

  38. I don't know how anybody can thumbs down for this video it showed you everything step-by-step not just the before and after but the before during and after — that was beautiful.

    thank you
    very much

  39. The experts use plain old boiling water. I watched one guy who killed 100 colonies a day, along the road in Florida, using plain boiling water out of a heated tank.

  40. I walked in my back yard & stepped in a huge Fire ant colony. They spread every like wild fire, So I grapped lighter fluid poured it on them then grabbed bleach and Ta-da they all floated up. I don't want them biting the Kids or baby

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