Probe and ABL – The Ant Way

Probe and ABL – The Ant Way

hello everybody in this video we will
show you how we execute the probe and the auto bed leveling procedures. As usual we
connect the board and the PC with an USB cable, we connect the power supply cable
and power on the system. Moreover we insert the probe jack When you mount a PCB board on the bed
you must insert a small wire to be able to contact it electrically with one
connector of the probe wire We use not pre-sensitized PCB boards. If you use
pre-sensitized or oxidized PCB boards you may have issues with the probing
procedures. In the latter case you may clean the PCB board mechanically or just
with acetone for the pre-sensitized PCB boards. The first time you perform a
probe on the machine you may want to do it manually and without a bit to check
the connection is working We usually prefer to do an homing first. Connect the probe crocodile to the wire if it’s the first time you do a probe
remember to set the probe parameters as shown in the video Then we command the probe and with the
other end of the probe wire we touch the copper on the board. When you touch the
board with the probe connector the z-axis movement must stop. If this
doesn’t happen halt the operation with the stop button (in the control menu) and check the probe
connection. If everything is fine get the machine to the change tool
position, insert a bit and connect a crocodile connector to the bit. Then bring the machine to the position
where you want to perform the probing operation and press the probe button When the probe is performed you may want
to set the actual Z as the zero of your working space. Press the Z equal to zero
button and wait some seconds until the Z working position is zero. Then move up the bit. Before engraving a PCB, we always perform the auto bed leveling procedure
first of all we load the g-code that we will use to engrave our traces Then we go to the point where we want to
perform the engraving and set the X and y working position at zero. We perform a probe in this point and set also Z equal to zero. Then move up to Z of one millimeter With bCNC we get the working area
margins going to probe->autolevel menu and pressing margins button. We choose how many points we want to
probe, usually we use a grid with almost
equally spaced points in X and Y and distances between points minor than one
centimeter. If it’s the first time you perform an auto-bed leveling remember to set the parameters are shown in the video. Press the Scan button to
start the procedure and wait. With the gantry command move to the
center of the working area do a single probe in this location and
then set Z equal to zero. Then from the Auto level panel press the
zero button. Then move up to Z of 1 millimeter remove
the probe crocodile from the bit and you are ready to start engraving. Thanks for watching please subscribe,
hit the bell and stay tuned for the next video!

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  1. Another Great video that I did learn some more good steps that I have not been doing ( like probing again in middle of project after auto level) these video's do help a LOT. Thanks

    Question: It seems your using a older version of bCNC can you share that version number? I have been using bCNC 0.9.14-dev thanks

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