Primitive Acorn Mush Breakfast in Desert

Primitive Acorn Mush Breakfast in Desert

Somewhere in the Colorado Desert on the day of the Winter Solstice I am using dry tinder to light the fire with the hot coals from the campfire that burned through the night Mixing the hot coals with dry tinder and oxygen will cause flames to ignite and recover the fire If we let go of our prejudices, the elements of nature will conspire in our favor It usually takes a few minutes for the tinder to heat up enough to catch fire You can not rush things in nature, you must allow time for things to happen This dying mesquite tree is the best source of firewood that I found here I carry a lot of my supplies in this cattail basket that I made The basket is the perfect size to carry my cooking pot The pot is filled with acorn flour This is my tool pocket I made it to carry important tools such as a spoon, fire drill sticks, pine pitch, and resinous pine wood I will be using my spoon for this task This acorn flour was made mostly from acorns collected from the California scrub oak I do not want to cook all of it yet so I am removing some from the pot A small amount of water is added for the cooking process Acorns are a rich source of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates Acorns ripen in the fall months and are a very important food source for native people and wildlife too After stirring in the water I place the pot of acorn mush directly on the hot coals I usually allow it to cook for about ten minutes Fuel must be added to increase the heat This basket I made contains fresh toyon fruits that I collected near the coast Toyon fruit ripens in the late fall and early winter months Toyon fruit has a very mild flavor that is enhanced with drying or cooking Toyon fruit goes well with acorn mush I will cook this for a few more minutes The taste is quite bland but I am more interested in the nutritional value of this meal I also brought mesquite pods with me to eat as a tasty trail snack Mesquite is sweet and delicious I want to reignite the flames This is a very basic and primitive way to cook and eat acorn mush It can also be prepared with other seeds and flours, fruit, and even meat Acorns are very nutritious and I also feel a sense of satisfaction after eating a meal of acorn mush Remember that it is important to process them properly before consumption The bitter tannins must be removed in order to make them edible Watch my recent video about processing acorns or another source of information to learn how Always remember that the purpose of food is nourishment and not pleasure

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  1. Hey everyone! Remember to turn on captions for details of what is going on in the video!… Thank you!
    Saludos a todos! Recuérdense de poner subtítulos para detalles de todo que pasa en el video!… Gracias!

  2. Cuando dijiste que recuerden que la comida es para nutrición no para placer y vi el color de la harina de las bellotas supe que no sabría muy bien pero muy nutritivo jeje

  3. Hola mi amigo aqui de nuevo viendo tu gran trabajo ese desayuno de bellota debe saber delicioso me gusta como utilizas las herramientas el plato la cuchara muy bien explicado amigo de las bellotas.
    Cuidese mucho y nos vemos luego🤗

  4. Hey Chad Zuber. Do you actually stay in the hut you made or you just go back to your actual house? Because I get confused about that

  5. Merry Christmas Chad 🙂 . Nice video as always. I'm very happy that you are succeding and manage to give us wonderful videos of nature. 👏👏👏👍👍

  6. Chad este é o problema do nosso tempo, em alimentação, o prazer às vezes vence a primazia da nutrição.
    Se eu escolhesse ser YouTube seguiria tua linha da naturalidade, amo estes vídeos!
    Exatamente, assisto no café da manhã, me transmite tranquilidade, calma, o que necessito para começar o dia, e saber que precisamos educar nossa mente na calma, na espera. Como você mesmo colocou, que na natureza o tempo é muito importante, um tempo de espera faz muita diferença. Abraços e meu like de sempre! 🙂

  7. Minha fala complemento: (Assisti de novo, porque fui ver a lua que o internauta notou tão bem!!) *Até isto é perfeito! Uma árvore morre e pode servir de lenha. Natureza sem igual, lindo!!
    Chad você tem umas costelas lindas (risos) 😉

  8. I’m watching your videos since 2018 and I’m still thinking about how many primitive skills you have and I have learned much from you

    Sry for bad english

  9. Los desiertos siempre me han parecido lugares muy interesantes pero complicados para vivir, de día te puede matar la insolación y durante la noche la hipotermia, las personas como yo que no tienen amplios conocimientos en supervivencia no duraríamos mucho en un lugar así. Muy buen vídeo Chad.

  10. Quick question: Why does his face look so ancient and wise???????? He looks like a person who would look straight into your soul and know everything about you 😂

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