Power Rangers vs Conductro and Screech | Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Episode 17

[Tyler] Hey, who are those guys? Huh? It isn’t Halloween, is it? No. Maybe they’re street performers. Begin, Screech. Oh no, I hate trumpet music. (lasers buzzing)
(trumpet noises) What the… [Director] Zombies attack. They’re monsters, guys
quick, cover your ears. (swishing) [Director] Make him listen to the music. Guys, come on, cover
your ears, it’s the music. The music, uh! (scary music) (groaning) I’m very sorry, Warick. I tried to find good job
for you, but I failed. (groaning) What are you doing? No, please. Ah, you’re scaring me. Ah! (groaning)
(scary music) Hey Koda, what’s up? Whoa, what happened to them? And that music. It’s to– (spooky music) Oh no, Chase! Ah! Music, very bad. (intense music) Shelby, Tyler. You guys scaring me, stop. [Director] Make him listen to my music. Stay back, I no want to hurt you. [Director] When I have
all the Rangers Energems, it’ll be music to Arcanon’s ears. Please stop. Cover ears. Keep music out. [Director] Stop that, they
must listen to my music! I get Shelby, don’t hurt people. I’ll cover the ears. [Director] They’re ruining our plan. The Rangers are normal again, play louder. Get them! That music stop now. [Director] You can’t stop the music. [Chase] Oh dear. [Director] Swarm them. We have to get trumpet. [Chase] Quick get the trumpet. (grunting) (swishing) Grab his trumpet. [Koda] Got it. [Director] They broke our spell, our zombies are leaving.

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