Power Ranger vs. ANT-MAN [FAN FILM] Marvel | Power Rangers

Power Ranger vs. ANT-MAN [FAN FILM] Marvel | Power Rangers

Tito (Uncle)? Can I borrow one of your toys? Which one Damien? The legendary Morpher! Damien, how many times do I have to
tell you morphers aren’t toys! Why don’t you try this one? But I want to borrow
morpher! Damien?! Ugh! Damien… Damien…. Where is that kid? Ugh. Monster! This place is starting to
feel like Angel Grove! Where all the monsters coming from? Oh I’ve been
cleaning my morphers inside! Whoa! Uh oh. Who are you?
What are you doing with my stuff?! Let’s Rocket. Not so fast! I’ve had enough of this! Look man I’m not looking for a fight I
just need to borrow something. You couldn’t have just asked, and why’d you
run away? Well let’s just say old habits die hard.
Right, so you’re a thief! And you’re in spandex, let’s not judge. Now about that
thing I wanted to borrow. We’ll talk about that later I have a monster to
fight first. Hey maybe I can help with that. All right let’s go! Tito (Uncle), where were you guys? I had to fight the monster “by my own”. Did he just say “by my own”? I think your nephew
beat me to it, he used the legendary Morpher to
transform. I need it. Damien is that true did you get my morpher? Hand it over. So let’s see why my new little friend wants this so bad.
My employer Dr. Pym wanted to study the tech that makes your legendary Morpher
work, and its ability to channel a wide array of powers in its arsenal. He thinks
it’ll be beneficial to the Avengers. May I borrow the Morpher for him to study?
Sure man, whatever will help the Avengers. All you have to do was ask. Yes Cassie, daddy will be home soon…
Mr. Lang, may we talk about your experience with the Power Ranger? Captain?
Peanut, daddy will be a bit late. It’s a work thing. I want to talk to you about the Avengers
Initiative. Do I have to ask your parents first? Hey guys thanks for checking out my
video. If you’d like to subscribe please do. If you want to share this video
awesome! You can click on the video above where I collaborated with
Alodia Gosiengfiao. You can also click on the video below where I collaborated
with my wife. See you guys!

100 thoughts on “Power Ranger vs. ANT-MAN [FAN FILM] Marvel | Power Rangers”

  1. This is just AWESOME and i cant wait to see more videos of you chris!
    P.S. we both live in the same country.


  2. Would've been funny if Damien morphed by using a small iron man action figure instead of a key for the legendary morpher. LOL. And he still morphed.

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