Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today I have 2 very special guests, Dan and Phil! Phil: Hi! Dan: What up Num-sters! Ro: Yeah, you guys know these guys… Phil: Is that a thing? That’s not the thing! Ro: You guys have no idea how many requests I got for […]

04. I’ve Got Ants In My Plans (With Greek Subs)

our ladies and gentlemen if you’ll kindly give me your attention accompanying me to an anteater like me the only end that will be working on the dollars a fleet would have to be a pretty big in your mind you I take great pride in presenting the guest of honor one whom we all […]

Venom 2 Teaser – Carnage and Marvel Spider-Man News Breakdown

I need you to stay quiet this is a me thing it is not a we thing you got that fine but make it quick open on five one of I think our great hopes for future films is other articulations of venom symbiote as fans the comics will know Carnage is the bond between […]

Crochet Asymmetrical Cardigan | Pattern & Tutorial DIY

for this project any category four yarn will work but I used 3/4 of a skein of Lion brands pound of love in aquamarine and a quarter skein of elephant grey as for tools of 4 and a 6 millimeter hook scissors stitch markers and a tape measure there’s a written pattern down below use […]

Structure of traditional bee hive of Japanese honeybee

Traditional bee hive of Japanese honeybees Disassembled The iron pedestal.Weight (concrete block) can be added. This part has a gate. This is the main part. This beehive is used.There are bee-waxes on the boards. There are some holes made by moth larvae eating combs. This is the top box. This box has a grid plate […]

Yardie Training! Red Ants and Coconut Water with Coppy

Good morning Alright Yeah Alright Alright You’re leaving today? I’ll miss you Rat-man! What’s happening? Nothing You alright? Yeah Where is your girlfriend? When you’re leaving, the thing won’t be ready yet The thing won’t be ready yet Remember when you’re leaving you can just drop it off up there You can’t climb the jelly […]