OMG! My Fire Ants Have Taken Over My Room!

OMG! My Fire Ants Have Taken Over My Room!

OMG! My ants have officially taken over my room. Welcome to what used to be my office room
which has turned into a haven for a my pet fire ants ants, yellow crazy ants, black crazy
ants, and a beareded dragon named Tarzan sleeping ever so soundly right there but this video
is about the ant colony we all love and fear: “The Fire Nation” which has grown so big,
that I’ve had to completely redesign, rearrange and add to their setup. Today, we’re going to watch as the Fire Nation
discovers three new outworld additions to their growing nation, which offer the ants
environments and activities they’ve never experienced before in their lives. You won’t believe how our fire ants react
to and conquer their new territories, so keep watching until the end! AC Fam, join me, as we explore the New Fire
Nation, in this action-packed episode of the AntsCanada Ant Channel Please subscribe to this channel. Thanks. Behold the Fire Nation today. You see how much I love these ants? I had to fully ditch a work desk and an entire
couch, an expensive one, at that, and buy two brand new drawer units just so I could
accomodate my growing ant colonies. There was just no other choice. The Fire Nation was getting so big, it was
either I changed things up or I get rid of the ants, and hello… Getting rid of the ants? That’s crazy talk now. Speaking of which, where are the crazy ants
you ask? Well, our Yellow Crazy Ants are here on a
separate unit. By the way, AC Fam please kindly click this
iPoll here and take a few seconds to vote for an official name for this colony, and
sharing the same unit are our dearest Black crazy ants, here. Both crazy ant colonies have a lot of space
to expand still, which is good. Again, guys please help vote for a name for
this colony by clicking here real quick. Thank you AC Council for contributing. So, the Fire Nation has an entire unit to
themselves, and rightfully so. I cannot even begin to explain how quickly
this colony is growing, and to think, it all started with just a single pregnant queen
ant, hidden somewhere now in the Fire Nation. I have no idea where she is and I haven’t
seen her for months. If I still lived with my parents, my mom would
freak out! Oh, and of topic, I forgot to mention that
there’s a bird-eater tarantula right down there in that aquarium. Some of you guys have asked me what I plan
to do when the ant colony grows to a size that I can no longer handle. Well, you can either limit food or lower the
temperature by 1 or 2 degrees to lower the queen’s egg-laying rate until the rate of
dying ants matches the rate of egg production. But, I’m not going to be doing that. I’m just going to keep rearranging, redesigning,
and renovating my place to accomodate these ants. I’ll even move to a house for these ants,
if I have to! So let’s take a look at the new and exciting
Fire Nation territories! Here of course are Fire Ant Mountain and Solenopsis
Hill, which became Fire Nation territory just about 4 months ago. The main colony lives in these two primary
nests, and if we move eastward, we of course have the outworld space where we shoot our
Ant React Videos which I have named “The Offering Temple”. I decided to try using vaseline for this outworld
just to see if it would contain the Fire Nation better than baby powder, but turns out, it
doesn’t and actually needs to be reapplied more often than baby powder. Then just above “The Offering Temple” we have
what I call the “Hydrocombs”. Basically, it is a new AC outworld with pebbles
and two very large water test tube setups. I intend to make this the central source of
their water and turn their current water test tubes into sugar water sites. This is one of the three new units. Moving further eastward, we have another two
new highland territories set to be introduced to the Fire Nation. Introducing the “The Fire Jungle” and “The
Tropic of Pyro”. These two territories are AC Outworlds decorated
with Rainforest Biome Kits and instead of hardening ground plate, I’ve given them some
soil to dig into. This will be the very first time, The Fire
Nation will get to experience true soil. I can’t wait to see how they will like it. Now descending into the lowlands, we have
of course, the Fire Nation’s very first outworld, the Badlands. This is actually where I place most of their
insect food because it’s real bare and easy to clean up, and moving eastward, we have
the territory we added a few months back where we unknowingly fed the pregnant cockroach
that dreadfully gave birth while it was being devoured. You guys named this “The Pyre”. And finally, we can’t forget, the Antagon,
the territory which used to be the summit of The Fire Nation’s highlands, our network
of tubes and test tubes, but now it’s become a valley. How’s that for screwing up their geographical
map. Haha! And if you look here just above my tarantula
terrarium, I’ve got two fairly large rubbermaid bins and I’m not too sure what I’m going to
use those for yet but I do feel I’m going to need it for the Fire Nation at some point. When I saw them in the store I instantly thought
of the Fire Nation and bought it so I could use it for the future somehow. OK, so the connections get really confusing
from here and frankly I don’t even know which tubes lead to where anymore so my plan is
to just simply get this tube, cut it here and attach it to the back of the Hydrocombs
here. The Hydrocombs are already attached to the
Fire Jungle, which is attached to the Tropic of Pyro, and I intend on attaching the Tropic
of Pyro to the other end of this cut tube. Here we go guys! Are you ready? AC Fam, let’s do this. Watch the Fire Nation move in! Cutting the tube here and sticking this end
into the back of the Hydrocombs. Connection successful. And the other end, gotta fish it around here
and stick it into the Tropic of Pyro. Second connection successful. Now here’s where the fun begins guys. AC Family, let’s sit back and enjoy the move. Here we go! The move was really successful! The ants loved the new space. I watched as they scoped out their new giant
test tube reservoirs in the Hydrocombs and it seemed they preferred the front test tube
more than the other one. News spread super fast throughout all of the
Fire Nation. You could actually visually follow as the
news spread to all corners of their setup, glorious news that there was suddenly some
new territories to conquer. The Fire Nation went ablaze as workers and
even alates moved in droves to explore the fresh new land we gave them that they’d soon
claim as their own. Oops! There’s an escapee right there. Gotta pick it up and throw it into the outworld. One thing I noticed was that the ants seemed
extra excited! Perhaps because these were brand new environments
for the Fire Nation. New smells, new textures. I mean this is the very first time these ants
have ever experienced soil. And my guess was that their instinct would
kick in and they would start to dig, and that is exactly what they did. The fire ants were finally in their element:
soil! The next day, the ants were clearly busy at
work and it was evident that the Fire Nation had gone on to call their new territories
home, and as is our custom and pact with the Fire Nation, I gave the ants some house warming
gifts: In the Fire Jungle, I offered them two freshly killed cockroaches to enjoy, and
in the Tropic of Pyro, some superworms. I’ve placed a hidden video for you guys here
if you would like to watch the ants feasting on their AC New Home offerings. I also loved watching the ants congregating
around their new water reservoirs in the Hydrocombs, and what I found so cool was that the ants
had been drinking a lot of water over night. I could tell because there were already air
bubbles forming in the tube. Thirsty little ones! Ok, so let’s become ants for a second and
figure out this labrynth of tube connections, which I have no doubt in my mind the Fire
Nation has already mastered, and let’s take a final tour of the New Fire Nation from the
ants’ perspective, starting from the Hydrocombs. OK so this east exit leads from the Hydrocombs
down this tube on to the Fire Jungle, where ants are busy digging. Look at all those ants. I mean, can you imagine being in that mass
of ants? Being their size? I feel like we’re a fly on the wall. Let’s not anger the Fire Nation now. Time to move on. Then from the Fire Jungle, you can take another
tube which leads to the Tropic of Pyro and look at all of those ants. Wow! It seems the Tropic of Pyro here is a very
popular site at the moment. They’re even burying the decor I’ve chosen. Alright so could leave the Tropic of Pyro
through this exit, but before we go down there, let’s back track a little bit back back back
to the Hydrocombs. Ok, so if you exit the Hydrocombs through
the west exit, it takes you down this tube into this particular cross roads. OK, ready AC Fam? This is where it gets confusing. You can either go down this western path to
this crazy mess of crossroads, let’s call it the Central Town Square, which leads to
either Fire Ant Moutain or Solenopsis Hill. The exits of both Fire Ant Mountain and Solenopsis
Hill connect to each other plus 1 X connector which we will pass through later. But if you go back to the cross roads coming
out of the Hydrocombs and go the opposite way, it takes you directly to the Badlands,
where we have ants tearing apart and discarding feeder insects, and the eastern exit of the
Badlands leads to the Pyre. I find this to be a place where lots of alates
hang out. Now the Pyre’s eastern exit leads back through
this tube and into the end of that X connector we saw earlier. You keeping up, AC Fam? Alright traveling through the Central Town
Square we move through this T connector and it takes us through this gap, let’s call it
the Geminata Pass, and down this this huge slope, which descends of course into the Antagon,
which I’m not going to even try to make sense of and figure out, but what’s cool is the
Antagon is now their sugar water utopia. The ants travel up and down this slope to
get their sugar every day. Now ascending out of the Antagon and up another
tube it takes us through Geminata Pass which leads directly to the Offering Temple. The Offering Temple also happens to be the
colony’s primary burial grounds. Perhaps this would be the ants’ equivalent
to some sacred land. What do you guys think? And finally leaving the Offering Temple through
the east exit, it takes us directly to the Tropic of Pyro and that my friends is the
architecture and design of our beautiful Fire Nation. Personally, I feel the Fire Nation is probably
the most impressive ant colony I’ve ever had and also the most complex but I am so happy
to share this colony with you guys and no matter how big this colony will get, I’ll
continue to grow the Fire Nation as best I can, until this entire ant room fills up with
Fire Nation. I really love that the ants are enjoying their
new envornments. I love that the ants are digging. Take a look at the Tropic of Pyro in this
video footage taken just on Thursday night. It’s amazing to see the architecture and it
looks like some of their waste is naturally decaying. I see thin carpet of mold happening there. Ants seem to be a really big part of the decomposition
process of organic matter and… wait a sec… decomposition of organic matter? Oh my God, guys! I just had an awesome idea for these two rubbermaid
bins! OMG this is gunna be so cool! Thank you guys so much for watching. I really, really appreciate it. If you could subscribe to this channel, it
would be so awesome to have you join the AC Family. Your support means so much to me, guys and
believe me I take none of you for granted. It’s just amazing that you’ve given ants a
chance and opened your hearts and minds to ant love. And of course, we gotta conclude this video
with the AC Question of the week. Last week we asked: What is the avergae number
of typhoons or tropical storms the Philippine Islands receive on a yearly basis. Congratulations to OGNR – Gaming who correctly
answered 20. Congratulations OGNR – Gaming you won a free
ebook from our shop and for this week’s question of the week, we ask: Name on of the new territories
that we added to the Fire Nation in this video. Leave your answer in the comments section
and you could win a $25 Gift Card to our shop. Good luck guys and stay tuned for the winner
next week. Thank you guys so much for watching this video
and don’t forget to visit, we’ve got an amazing Christmas Sale happening
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box. Until next week AC Fam, it’s ant love forever.

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