Olive Oil: for Ear Infections (and Wax)

Olive Oil: for Ear Infections (and Wax)

The benefits of using olive oil in the ear
1. Olive oil can be used to treat ear infections
and remove wax build-ups from the ears 2. If you have an ear infection, your ear contains
bacteria or fungal growth which blocks the Eustachian tubes. 3. This is caused by the wax catching and holding
these harmful organisms. 4. To clear wax, or an ear infection simply heat
a little olive oil on a tablespoon until it is warm but not hot. Test this with your finger first as you don’t
want to burn your ear. Use an eye dropper or cotton swab, and allow
a few drops of warm olive oil to drip into the ear. You’ll want to tilt your head to the side
first to allow the olive oil to go deep. Wait for a minute or two to allow it to sink
further into the ear canal. Then place a cotton ball in your ear and allow
the olive oil to work for around 20 minutes. 5. This will soften any wax in the ear, and the
nutrients in the olive oil will begin to destroy harmful bacteria. 6. After the olive oil has done its job, clean
out the ears with a little warm water and cotton swabs. Be very careful to not press too far into
the ear with the swabs, as this will cause pain. 7. Do this 2 times per day, morning and night
to relieve wax and ear infections. 8. It’s also noting that if you suffer with
ear infections quite often, you may be drinking too much cow’s milk. Try switching to an alternative such as oat
milk or almond milk and test for a few weeks. 9. Garlic and onion juice can also be used for
similar effects in the ear. Please see our other videos to learn more. Thank you very much for listening, a like
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12 thoughts on “Olive Oil: for Ear Infections (and Wax)”

  1. I have been told to put oilve oil in my ear due to build up of too much wax and then after a week i am getting my ear flushed out. The thing is, when i put olive oil in my ear .. i can't hear for ages afterwards (maybe like 45 mins to an hour or more) Is this harmful to my ear in any way/ damaging to my hearing or concerning at all or is that normal?

  2. Ok so I've kind of lost my hearing in my right ear and it hurts really bad and if I talk or hear something loud my ear makes weird sound. It happened while cleaning my ears. Will this works for my ears?

  3. Finally, a video that actually gets to the point. I watched a video that had a 5 min intro meanwhile I was rolling about in pain. 🙄

  4. I also used olive oil for ear infection and it really works . After use of if just for two times I got relief from pain

  5. parents tried this on me… guess who suffered from burns in their ear because that oil was too hot.. I really hope I don't go deaf

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