Welcome, AC Family to Ant Bite Wednesday,
covering the world of ants as they relate to social media, global news, and ant keeping! OMG guys, I have an important update on the
Black Dragons, aka our young Polyrhachis colony on El Dragon Island. Don’t panic, but apparently, they’ve disappeared! If you’re new to the channel, my very first
paludarium called El Dragon Island was designed to house some Polyrhachis ants, who naturally
build nests in leaves. The colony was still young, and were under
siege by some wild pharaoh ants, that tried to swim across the moat to get onto the island,
but we added some Rasbora fish into the waters to eat the pharaoh ant trespassers, whom we
suspect killed our Titans last year. Anyway, over time, everything was going as
planned. The ants made a nest in the dragon skull adorning
the eastern rock plateau and workers emerged once or twice a week to feed. But a few weeks ago, they seemed to have skipped
feedings and weren’t seen foraging anymore. I assumed their last meal had been bigger
than usual so they had lots stored in their crops. Their nest was still there in the dragon’s
skull so I assumed all was well. But now three weeks have passed. I am currently away in the Caribbean Islands
exploring ants, but I have an app which helps me see the ant room in real time from my mobile
whenever I want, and also communicate directly with my house keeper who cares for all the
ants in the Ant Room while I am away on these exploration trips. This time, she told me that she tried to check
the skull because she hadn’t seen the Black Dragons for so long, and was shocked to discover
the skull was empty! I am completely flabbergasted by the Black
Dragons’ disappearance. My house keeper has tried to look everywhere
but doesn’t see them in any of the leaves nor drowned in the water. I won’t be able to check up on El Dragon nor
the Black Dragons until I get back home two weeks from now. When I do, I will surely update you all on
what has happened, but I am trying my best not to panic just yet. In all my years of ant keeping, I’ve come
to learn that ants, being such small creatures, can find and get to places that we humans
as giants cannot see nor access. Let’s hope they made a nest in the soil or
in a hidden spot of the leaves somewhere. There is still hope for the Black Dragons. Sorry that this week’s ANT BITE WEDNESDAY
comes bearing shocking news, but I had to let you, the AC Family know ASAP what has
happened! Do stay tuned for the update! Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel and hit the
bell icon. Welcome to the AC Family. Click here to follow the entire El Dragon

100 thoughts on “OH NO! MY ANTS ARE GONE!”

  1. “Don’t panic…”
    Me: Ok
    “but they’ve dissapeared”
    Me: WHAT?! drinks water then spits it out

  2. OMG, I was just in the Carribean on a cruise! I actually saw what I believed to be Bullet Ants in Beliz. ( They may be Polyrachis, I don't know )

  3. A lot of people were saying they could be underground or in a log. But if either were true, they would still be eating. I think the curse has struck again.

  4. If they’ve hidden themselves somewhere in the plants would that make them the Puts on sunglasses hidden leaf village?

  5. Perhaps they found a natural formation in the bricks that their terrarium is made up of that's wishful thinking though

  6. In intention, i used to like how there weren't any problems (kind of) unless it was the fire nation. The video "OMG, MY ANTS ARE PLANNING AN ESCAPE" got me thinking, is this for real? But as the MEMES take 2 as the ants progessed, and some colonies even died, i got too interested and started to look up the dates for nuptial flights, and when i decided to give up hope, you uploaded the nuptial flight video, and i guessed what kind of ants that you didn't mention were on nuptial flight, i looked for fire ants by a mountain, pavement ants in my backyard, and found one of the 2 species, pavement ants. These ants were the easyest to find because looking up you could see THOUSANDS of queens and kings.
    Sadly, many ants were being eaten by 🐦 and spiders, so i held up a jar, and 4 ants came in, no, if you are asking, i didn't close it, i only put them on a hybrid nest, and waited, after 1 month, they were GONE, like you do, i left my phone and the nest there, looking for answers. I went to check a few hours later, and was surprised to see WILD carpenter ants trying to make an nest, ( the carpenter ant story is another time ) INSIDE MY HYBRID NEST!!!! well, i guess you know what i did, i K I L L E D the carpenter ant queen, that just moved in the nest, then i noticed another movement, since that place was coveres in a paper, then, to my shock, i FOUND the missing ants, 1 died, so i guess that ant was an male, the rest were fine, they laid eggs, and all im saying about this is that i just did clickbait and idc if u guys even care or not, because it ALWAYS happens, do you think i DON'T READ COMMENTS??? WELL… I DO… AND ALL THIS CLICKBAIT HATE SHOULD ✋ STOP, CUZ ITS WAYYYY MORE INTERESTING THIS WAY, AND YEEEEESH I HAVE BEEN COMMENTING FOR AN hour, man sure im a defender of AntsCanada

  7. so here's a thought, remember when he put some spiders in the top of one of the ant colonies so that they wouldn't escape? what if the ones that disappeared decided they wanted the ants over at this colony for a snickity snack? also, maybe what happened with the colony is maybe the queen died, and the colony slowly died off as well, and they just let the ants trickle into the water one by one, without antscanada noticing, until like the last few ants just died in the dirt. like, here's hoping they're just hiding but like, those are some thoughts on what might've happened

  8. when he dont panic… then said my black ants… my mind was like (*INSERT LARGE EXPLOSION*) HOW! AM! I! NOT! SUPPOSED! TO! BE! NOT! CALM!?!?!

  9. FINALLY! a video about el dragon island, I left a comment a couple videos ago saying I missed it, coincidence? did he see my comment? we may never know

  10. Antscanda you are the best better the animal planet and nature shows
    Like it'd you agree antscanda is awesome and better then animal planet plus other nature shows
    ❤️❤️❤️🐜 🐜 ant love forever hope you find the ants oh ps to ants Canada,your
    Videos are beautiful made

  11. My queen ant died for some reason I woke up one morning with them brining her body to the top of enclosure. Now its been 4 months and they are doing fine few have hatched and there is another big ant which I'm not sure if it's another queen that has taken over??

  12. I've been dying for updates on this colony and you're telling me they've been hiding or gone!? you haven't told us about this why?!

  13. Rainy season just started. Typhoon in manila and low atmospheric pressure has something to do with this. Most probably they took cover and hid themselves because they feel that rain is coming.

  14. Have you checked under the stone plate? Your set up looks as if it is sitting on some bricks. Maybe the black dragons has made a colony hanging right above the water beneath the stone plate?

  15. The Dragons Curse lingers within the depths of the Island. The Titans, sadly, fell victim to this curse. Will the Black Dragons be able to withstand the Ghost of the Immortal Dragon? Stay tuned for the next episode of The El Dragon Island.

  16. Man, your videos are good but you need to do less click bait and I think that people maybe avoid them because of that.

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