NOVA | Lord of the Ants | The Ant Whisperer | PBS

NOVA | Lord of the Ants | The Ant Whisperer | PBS

You’re watching a nova video podcast What I’m doing in this experiment out here in the field with a fire ant colony is putting baits on a blank piece of paper one next to the colony itself event another bait at the end of our Little platform of paper a little distance from the nest so the ants can’t find it right away What I’m doing here is holding a fire ant that [I’ve] just taken out of the nest and I’m going to squeeze the rear end of the abdomen where the sting is that contains the trail substance that the ants use to lay down on the ground and guide other fire ants to food and new places for nesting and I’m going to duplicate this by just taking out some of that material from the rear end of the ant and then I’m going to lay my own trail and Talk to the ants to lead them where I want them to go And getting [the] work and yeah, it’s going to work And now just a few minutes later after I laid my trail the ants themselves are Laying their trail on top of that and the result is a very strong trail and quite a few ants Now are going back and forth and they’ll go that. They’ll do that for hours until they collect all their food examples beside the Trail substance include alarm they can signal one another that there’s danger and Some ants can even signal what the danger [is] which kind of an enemy it is There are signals that tell other ants about a new nest site You know where we don’t this is not such a hot digs we’ll go somewhere else And then there are signals that indicate what caste you belong to you know like hey I’m a queen you’ll take care of me on time. I lay the eggs around here and gradually with chemists Biologists working together we’ve worked out this vocabulary in the case of fire ants we found that they talked With between 10 and 20 of these signals my favorite find was how ants elish that that a fellow ant is dead? It’s not enough for the ant to be lying still his legs sticking up in the air It has to have a certain decomposition substance that it only gets after a couple days that turns out to be oleic acid you can put a leak acid on a perfectly healthy ant and the other ants will take it out and dump it in the refuse pile And it stays there [until] it’s cleans itself off and then rejoins [the] living This study of ants has shed a lot of light on. How animals generally communicate by chemicals, and we now know that most kinds of animals do most of their communication with Pheromones talking with the use of chemicals that they taste and smell you

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  2. Why can't people just enjoy learning something new about the world around them instead of bringing religion and political views into everything? It's a cool show about ants. Leave it at that. Wtf.

  3. @jayshep110 the ants would attack or drive away the ant you put on their mound. they can sense whether an ant is a member of their community or not. they don't tolerate interlopers.

  4. @mnagmobile1 he said in the hour long presentation that ants don't see very well. they did not follow the pencil visually. they were following the chemical trail. i knew about this stuff when i was a kid, but then i had an avid interest in nature, even as a child. i used to read all sorts of books about nature. i think more people should do the same. the natural world is just so interesting, i don't see how any one else couldn't be interested about it.

  5. @OddOpinion us humans payed more attention to each other and worked together as one like ants then the whole world would be a better place!

  6. Lord of the Ants? Nah, that'll never do. Hmm… HMM… I GOT IT! From this moment on you shall be known as, THE SWARMLORD!

  7. This does seem, in my opinion, a very good illustration not only of the how ants use pheromones to communicate (there are many other examples as well such as how ants can form 'bridges' to cross a gap), but it also illustrates the core concepts of complexity theory (self organization with no central control, individual agents producing emergent behavior through communication).

  8. had to watch this at home for biology wouldnt have done it but 'ant whisperer' sounds so interesting and nerdy so i had to check it out hahaha this video is cool i love old people

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