Nokk ADS Bug, Improved Cav/Jackal Interaction & More! – Y4S4 Operator Updates: Rainbow Six Siege

Nokk ADS Bug, Improved Cav/Jackal Interaction & More! – Y4S4 Operator Updates: Rainbow Six Siege

What’s up guys, Rogue-9 here and in this
video I want to discuss the operator balancing changes that are coming to Rainbow
Six Siege with Operation Shifting Tides. The volatile phase of the test server is
over and I think it’s safe now to look at these changes without any of them getting
dropped or modified any more; because that’s always the trade-off, right? I could smash out a video as soon as the
test server drops and get the info out as soon as possible but then that runs the risk of
certain changes not making it into the game and then I’d just be causing confusion
rather than providing useful info, so I will always prefer to stay a bit more cautious. That said, I think the time has now come
to discuss Shifting Tides and there is in fact so much to talk about, that I will be
splitting the analysis into three different videos: Operator Balancing, Gameplay Changes and
Gun Balancing, starting off with the Operators! Check the pinned comment below for
timestamps and with that, let’s finally get going! With the latest update to Siege Glaz is
buffed significantly with an update to his banana vision and boy is this a good one. I have mentioned in the past that I
consider Glaz to be a bit of a knife edge character. Only a few seasons ago, his ability to see
through smoke was META defining and Glaz was consistently pretty strong. Then came the big nerf with Operation
Phantom sight that forced Glaz to stand still for his smoke vision charge up… He essentially went from a must pick, to a
near useless operator overnight and ever since then, the devs have been gradually re-buffing him
bit by bit to bring him back to an acceptable power level. And up until now, those changes were kind
of like drops in the ocean, sure he became better but not nearly enough to make
him viable in any truly competitive match. This update though changes all of that. As you can see, with Operation Shifting Tides,
Glaz now has a very bright and visible yellow overlay for enemies, even when the
meter on his scope is completely depleted. When looking through smoke, the empty
state is not nearly as effective but even with no charge at all, you can still see the enemies just a tiny bit. Combining this far more forgiving overlay
system, with the slower charge depletion and faster fire rate updates that came before
and it looks now as if we might be back to the good old days (at least for Glaz mains). It feels like the usability nerf from Phantom
Sight has been almost entirely reversed and the way the scope works now makes it actually possible for a skilled Glaz player to use him effectively again. Will this tip Glaz too far again
in terms of the power balance? In my opinion it definitely feels as if this
might take him too far over again but hey, maybe that will at least give Warden some
validity and who knows, maybe the two will actually balance each other out by some miracle. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what
the final outcome will be but if you used to enjoy playing Glaz, all I can say is definitely give him a go; you might well find that he’s pretty usable again now. What are your thoughts on this buff? Let me know in the poll in the top right hand
corner now! Kaid is also getting a bit of a buff with
increased range on his Electroclaw area of effect (from 0.75 to 1.3m) and he is handing
in his impact grenades and drawing some shiny new barbed wire from the Team Rainbow armoury. Or maybe I should say shiny old barbed
wire, because he only just lost that recently. It never made any sense to me why Kaid, who’s
main gadget has such great synergy with the wire, should lose access in the first
place but hey, it’s back so who cares? The increased Claw range will allow him to
electrify up to three walls at once and that goes for side by side or 90 degree angle arrangements. The deploy time stays the same, as you
can see, and that means that overall, Kaid will now simply get more bang for his buck on each
Claw and this should go some way towards pushing his utility up a bit. This, combined with his recent AUG A3 buff
will make him far more competitive as an alternative (or supplement) to good old Bandit. Kaid didn’t quite live up to expectations
when he was released but the consecutive buffs have now finally raised him to a point
where I’m starting to like have taken a him a lot. It might year, but hurray, Kaid has finally arrived! You know the drill, a poll for
your thoughts is available now! Warden is also being… ehm… changed? A tiny bit? He’s basically losing his barbed wire and
gaining a nitro cell, which is supposed to make him a more powerful anchor and plant denier… I mean, sure C4 is great and all but if you
want to bring an operator to deny the plant with explosives, then why not bring one that
can also add something to the team with a useful main gadget? The whole argument of Warden now being
able to act without exposing himself completely contradicts the nature of his main gadget. He is supposed to withstand flashes and
smokes in order to be able to expose himself at the right time and counter the push. If using the C4 from cover is the play, then
literally any other defender who owns a nitro cell can do this and be more valuable to
the team with other abilities at the same time. I think Warden may need some more love in future here. The Jackal update has been discussed to
death already by now, but there are some aspects that are not properly elaborated on in the patch notes. So let me skip over the basics relatively quickly before going into more detail on the new Caveira interaction. The number of pings he gets now are
dependent on the age of the footprints, which will be evident to you by their colour and the format of the highlighting ring around the print you are scanning. When you scan now, all footprints of that
specific enemy disappear, so you will have to make a choice between following the prints
or scanning for pings but of course, new prints left after the scan will be scannable again. Finally, Jackal will no longer be able to see or scan footprints from below after opening up the ceiling! So that should be clear, right? Interestingly, the patch notes also mention
an improved interaction with Caveira’s silent step ability but they don’t
really explain what that means. So I did some digging around in the game and
actually, this is a really neat little update and fix. Pre-patch if you’re playing as Jackal and
scan Caveira, one of two things could happen if she activated her silent step ability. If you scanned her and she activated her
ability afterwards, she would avoid getting pinged but the countdown timer for both Jackal and
Cav would look exactly the same (i.e. blue). If on the other hand, Cav already
happened to be in the silent step exactly when the scan completed, the entire scan would just fail and you would have basically wasted one of Jackal’s charges. The new system addresses both of these possibilities. Firstly, when Cav manages to avoid getting
pinged by activating her ability after getting scanned, the timer is greyed out for both
operators which then makes it clear that the pings are failing due to Cav’s super sneakiness. But even better than this, if Cav just
happens to be sneaking at the time of getting her prints scanned, the scan will no longer fail. It will just start out in the greyed out state
indicating that she is hidding but offering the possibility of one of the
other pings still working in future. That’s quite cool and I think an
important fix before this overall nerf goes live. Imagine scanning prints, seeing them all
disappear and then getting no payoff at all because Cav just happened to be
silent stepping right at that moment. It would kind of suck, so seeing this fixed is great! Here’s something that wasn’t in the patch
notes and is probably a minor bug; Nokk’s ADS time when using her cloaking ability will
now be shorter compared to not using her ability. As you can see in my test footage from before
the new patch, the time with the FMG-9 used to be consistently between 216 and 233ms,
irrespective of her ability being active or not and this made complete sense because the
FMG-9 is supposed to have an ADS time of 220ms, which falls exactly between
two frames when recording at 60 fps. Thanks to some helpful hints from
fans (many thanks for reaching out guys!) I also tested this on the TS build and as
you can see, when Nokk is using her ability now, her ADS time is reduced to around
183ms, so over 17% faster than it used to be. I don’t know what could have caused this,
it definitely doesn’t feel like an intentional change and if it’s a bug, well then I wonder what
other guns or operators have been affected as well. Have you noticed anything off for operators’ ADS times? Share a comment below! And last and definitely also least, the voice
actors for Hibana and Mira are being changed. Ubisoft is planning to put out more lore-style
content in future and just like Angela Basset being swapped out of the role of Six, I
suspect that Hibana and Mira being replaced is down to a cost saving measure. Using higher profile actors for voiceovers
is cool and all but I can understand how things could become really expensive once you start
putting together more cut scenes, voiceovers or even motion capture
sessions for animated short films. So either Jamie Choi (who previously played
Hibana) and Christine Solomon (who played Mira) are just too busy to commit to future Rainbow
Six engagements or they are simply too expensive. Although, this swap might also give us a hint
at the next short film we might be getting. The first one focused on Thatcher and Dokkaebi,
maybe the next one will be a Mira/Hibana special? Although Mira definitely makes sense in general,
since voiceovers from her have become a significant part of the gadget reveal teasers each season. But yeah, no real impact on gameplay here and it is almost certainly just down to commitments or cost. And those are the Operator Balancing
updates and changes of Operation Shifting Tides. Do let me know your thoughts on the changes
in the comments below; thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed the
video and I will see you in the next episode!

42 thoughts on “Nokk ADS Bug, Improved Cav/Jackal Interaction & More! – Y4S4 Operator Updates: Rainbow Six Siege”

  1. 0:58 – Is Glaz going to be OP again?
    3:04 – Kaid buff
    4:24 – Warden change
    5:18 – Jackal Rework
    7:42 – Nokk Bug
    8:52 – Mira & Hibana Voice Actor Switch… Why?!

  2. Jackal would be a lot less annoying if Ubi only allowed him to scan footprints up to 1 minute old. Having him ping a footprint from the setup phase at the end of the round is just silly.

  3. If they want to balance Glaz, they oughta just do this: Instead of making his charge based on movement, make his charge based on batteries or something; so his scope will consistently see through smoke, but he only has 2 or 3 times to do it per round

  4. In my opinion the Warden buff may give him a little relevance, especially considering that glass also got a nice buff

    I can see his c4 being really useful behind a mira when attackers use smoke to take off black mirror visibility

  5. How about making Warden into “defensive Jackal”? Allowing him to see but not screen footprints, enhance the Intel aspect of his ability. His smart glass should able to do this l, right?

  6. Guys, if any of you would be king enough to tell me if you know. I was saving up to buy a bunch of operators with the reduced price today, so y buy nomad and kaid for 20000 each. Was going to buy dokka, but instead of being worth 15000, she is 25000 now, while vigil is 15000. All the others, even from season 1 are 25000 too. Is this a bug or an obscure mechanic i didnt know?

  7. I quite like Jackle, even without his scanner but I think this scan may be a little weak now, I never thought he was op in any way.

  8. Sad the game has gotten so sci fi now. Havent even wanted to play since s4 started. Start investing in Escape from Tarkov.

  9. Finally, Caveira has officially & reasonable counter! Jackal counter was Cav, now Cav counter is Jackal… actually still no

  10. I think it would be really interesting if warden had either smoke or flash grenades that’s the whole point of his gadget and being the first defender to have attacker gadgets would be cool I think

  11. Maybe the Nøkk thing is because of her negative win delta? I would only assume it's supposed to be a minor buff

  12. Warden's glasses should give a permanent but slight buff against smokes and flashes, similar to how glaz's scope worked right after his nerf/rework, but upon activating it he receives full immunity to flashes and far greater visibility through smoke.

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