New numbers show strides in Opioid epidemic

good evening thank you for joining us the battle against the opioid crisis rages on Governor Doug Ducey says Arizona is making significant improvements in fighting that problem in this state these four Toussaint’s Danelle con fair has reaction to the news legislation it’s new at five new numbers show a decline in opioid prescriptions and recent legislation in Arizona has made it harder to hand them out I have a different perspective because I’m a retired pharmacist so I see the need for it it’s you know a little annoying sometimes but there’s an absolute need for it James Owen has been dealing with chronic pain I’ve had chronic pain from neuropathy for over 10 years it’s difficult dealing with pain essentially 24 hours a day for long periods of time we asked when he saw firsthand as a pharmacist you see some abuse you see people who took meds for legitimate pain but who were given too much and ended up getting addicted new numbers confirmed by the Arizona Department of Health Services show a drop of 36% in opioid prescriptions this year from 2016 and a 60% decrease in patients doctor shopping for opioid prescriptions the legislation that’s in place now kind of makes it more difficult just to blanket write your name on a signature some other things that are that have gone into legislation are electronic prescriptions which you need to go through several different steps in order to make sure that that pharmacy gets the actual prescription doctor and Noby who also was the former director of pain management at the University of Arizona says there is still work to be done in fighting the opioid epidemic now we need to partner up with the pharmacies it’s basically United Front in order to ultimately make sure that the patient is safe for a look at real-time numbers on the opioid crisis we have a link on our website at Danelle con fair news for tucson

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