Nathaniel Barnes Punishes The Cleaner | Season 3 Ep. 8 | GOTHAM

Nathaniel Barnes Punishes The Cleaner | Season 3 Ep. 8 | GOTHAM

-GCPD! Hands in the air! Back away slowly. This ain’t what it looks like. Explain it to me
down at the precinct. For now you’d be wise
to keep your mouth shut. Listen– can we
talk about this? Be reasonable, man. Look, I didn’t kill anybody, OK? I’m the cleaner. That’s it. You’re just a cleaner? Yeah. You’re just the guy
that chops up the bodies and dumps them in a vat of acid. That’s it. What are you doing, man? Look, just take me in, OK? Oh, I’ll bet that’s
what you want. For me to read you your rights. Make sure you get a lawyer. Two, three years from now
I see you on some corner, free as a bird. Any other night– yeah. It would eat at me. But yeah, I’d do it. Not tonight. The Toad– he’s
the one you want. He gave me the job. You see, something’s
gotten into me. When I see a scumbag
like you, my blood starts boiling in my veins. I just want to punish
you– make you suffer. Up until now, I’ve been
able to control it. It’s getting stronger
inside of me. Please– the Toad, I told you. He’s the one. Just arrest me. Arrest me! We’re past that. Please!

15 thoughts on “Nathaniel Barnes Punishes The Cleaner | Season 3 Ep. 8 | GOTHAM”

  1. damn bruh really he was just doing his job
    although we don't know if the cleaner was the murderer
    but if he isn't damn Barnes don't end up like that

  2. Yeah, Barnes is a supervillain now. Took some magical blood getting in his eye ala 28 Days Later to do it, but he's a bad guy now.

    Too bad, too. He's my favorite character on the show.

    Also, Mr. Cleaner? Don't give out the info that can save your life before you get arrested. It gives you less to bargain with.

  3. Barnes just HAD to get infected! Can't believe this, he was EVERYTHING the GCPD needed until that tetch blood dropped on top of him!

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