MYSTERY PET UNBOXING: ExoticsLair Sent Me Something Alive

MYSTERY PET UNBOXING: ExoticsLair Sent Me Something Alive

It’s the season of love and generosity. A time when your friends and family give you
gifts as a sign of love and gratitude. Or in my case, a time when a fellow invertebrate
hobbyist gave me a gift to add to my growing menagerie of creatures, scaled, feathered,
aquatic, colonial, slimy, and multi-legged. This week AC Family, a friend of mine who
you might know, named ExoticsLair from the ExoticsLair Youtube channel sent me a gift. He too is owner of a multitude of exotic creatures,
and I can’t wait to see what he’s sent me. I know it’s alive and it’s big! Ladies and gentlemen, this is a Youtube cross-over
you have all been waiting for. Welcome to the AntsCanada Ant Channel! Please subscribe to my channel and hit the
bell icon. Welcome to the AC Family. Enjoy! This big box wrapped in holiday wrapping arrived
at my place today. Hmm, let’s see. Well, well well. It’s from my good friend Exotics Lair! What a surprise! Just kidding! I knew this was coming and have been waiting
for it for days! For the longest time, one of the most requested
collabs from you guys has been to collab with Exotics Lair! I am sure many of you AC Family have seen
his channel where he shows his various arachnids and reptiles. I love his channel and so I reached out to
him to collab, and so we decided that for the holiday season we’d get each other a
new pet creature to add to our respective critter rooms! The rule was we could get each other anything
we wanted. Super cool right? And so, here lies the box from Exotics Lair. Quite a big box I must say. What could be inside, I wonder? Hmmm… Well, there’s nothing left to do but to
unwrap the gift. And just like they say, you gotta rip the
wrapper for good luck! There you go! Oh man! Guys, look! It was huge! And sitting right there up against the glass! Guess she was eager to be seen. At first, I didn’t recognize the species,
and this is what ExoticsLair had to say! Hey! What’s going on AC Family and what’s up
AC. If you guys don’t know already what this
video is about. Christmas is coming near. It’s around the corner. SO AC and I decided that we’re gonna buy
each other Christmas presents. How exciting! Yeah. I know. So, what we did was we decided to pack each
other an animal and just pass animal over so we can unbox it and create an enclosure
for it and care for it. And all those good stuff. By the time this video is uploaded, Christmas
is probably just a few days away. And my video should probably be up a few days
after AC’s video. Yeah so this is my channel. Wow! Self-promotion. I’m not sure if AC’s gonna insert this
clip before the unboxing or after his unboxing. But yeah anyways if this is after the unboxing
you guys already know what I bought for AC. Well, it is this. I have it as well. Yay! I actually wanted to get him a different animal
but then all the animals that were there I never have an experience Yeah. I am just a tarantula guy guys so what do
you expect. So anyways, this is the tarantula I got him. I mean not this one but same species. Well, this is Chako golden knee Awesome! A Chaco Golden-knee tarantula! Thanks so much, ExoticsLair! I love her and I love the setup you made for
yours. The spider’s colours definitely reminded
me of my very first tarantula that I had years ago as a kid, a close relative called a rose
hair. I can see where this Chaco golden-knee gets
its name. Look at those bright golden patches found
on its knees. See how beautiful she is? I couldn’t wait for her to settle in to
our Antiverse, AC style! Check out what I had planned next! So, I knew this setup wasn’t designed by
ExoticsLair himself, but rather came with the tarantula at purchase. It’s a typical display terrarium, which
works, but as you know, we here on the channel like to spoil our creatures and give them
the best living conditions possible. Though a basic Chako Tarantula setup doesn’t
need to be fancy, I wanted to give her a tarantula paradise ideal for terrestrial tarantulas
like herself. I noticed she didn’t like to hang out much
in the clay pot hide provided to her, but rather chose to stay by the back of the tree
stump. It’s cool that she enjoys being out in the
open so we can see her, but I hear the species does like to dig. Plus, I wanted to make her terrarium a bit
more bioactive with some plants and soil creatures. And with that AC Family, let’s create our
new Chaco golden-knee tarantula a new home! First, I had to remove the tarantula from
the enclosure so we could work freely inside. I wasn’t afraid, because as Exotics Lair
said, these tarantulas are generally docile. I just had to test her by tapping her a little
with my plastic stick thingy, also making sure not to startle her. Regardless of how friendly a tarantula is,
the fangs still work and a tarantula will bite if they feel the need to. But she poses no problem. Ahhh there! Isn’t she just magnificent? She’s absolutely huge! You wanna make sure when picking these tarantulas
up you don’t drop them because the pedicle which attaches the head to the abdomen isn’t
designed to absorb shock very well in terrestrial tarantulas like this. I made sure areas of escape were blocked and
quickly placed her holding container beneath her. And in she goes. Now, let’s remove these big components inside
the tank so I can begin transforming the land. First, I removed this earthen pot. Yes, in a bare bones set up this it looks
nice and works, but I wanted something a bit more natural looking for her hide. Next, let’s address the big elephant in
the room. And by that, I mean this big tree trunk that
looks like an elephant trunk. Now to add more soil medium so I could give
her more stuff to dig into, as well as for growing some plants later, and for that I
will be needing, the Nucleus! This bioactive soil, full of beneficial creatures
and the worms will be essential in the growth of plants in this terrarium, as well as keep
it cleaner for our tarantula. Next, I’ll be adding in some ordinary soil. Now, for the centerpiece. I wanted her burrow to be somewhere in the
middle and so I placed this gorgeous tree trunk here, which would offer a sort of hide,
as well as give the terrarium an interesting topography with varying levels. As always, I like to design using the arm-chair
format, highest decor and land at the back, lower on the sides, and lowest at the front. It makes for optimal viewing! Next, are these philodendron and vein plants. They are my go-to terrarium plants because
they do well in low-light and varying water conditions. These tarantulas don’t need wet terrariums,
so these plants will be perfect! Next, I will add this piece of cork bark to
further accentuate where the burrow should be, just to spell out clearly where our tarantula
could retreat to for a hide. There we go! Also, I added some sphagnum moss inside for
comfort, as well as around the tank as a gorgeous terrarium garnishing. And the final touch is this water bowl. Are you ready to see the final product AC
Family? Here it is. AC Family, behold! The new home of our Chako golden-knee tarantula. I aimed to create her a tree-stump sanctuary,
where she could burrow if she wanted to, as well as have lots of room to wander if she
wanted. What do you think, AC Family? Do you think she’ll like it? Here is a close-up of the burrow. Hopefully, she moves into this space. Some tarantula keepers like to see their tarantulas
24-7, but I’m the type that is ok with just seeing them half in and half out of their
burrows at night, legs out and waiting for prey! We’ll see! These gorgeous plants truly add a natural
touch to this haven. They’ll also be great for keeping humidity
higher. Finally, it is time to bring back the star
of the show. Here she is! Go go go. And into the terrarium we place her, and awesome
right into the tunnel she goes! Super cool! Now let’s close the lid and allow her to
rest. She stood still for awhile in her new palace,
but it wasn’t long before she started to explore. How I loved her so much! She was so cute! And oh, looks like she had found a second
floor to what I thought was a bungalow! She slipped into a cozy space above where
I had expected her to hide. She remained there for the night. Haha! Ahhh well, I guess you can lead a tarantula
to a tank, but you can’t make them burrow! Over the next few days, I watched her try
out different areas of the terrarium, and though I caught her resting inside her burrow
a couple times, her favourite spot was right here, on top of her bed of plants where she
could sprawl out, chilling on her earthen porch. I’m thrilled to welcome this new gorgeous
spider to the Antiverse. Alright, guys you know what’s next right? What should we name this new, huge Chaco Golden-knee
tarantula? Leave your name suggestions in the comments,
and I’ll choose my top 5 favourites for us to vote on in a future video. Big thank you again to Exotics Lair! Be sure to check his channel out on Monday
to see what epic creature I got him! I’ll tell you now, they’re one of my favourite
creatures in the world, and I am certain it would be the perfect addition to Exotics Lair’s
exotics lair! Thank you guys so much for watching, it’s
ant and spider love forever! Alright, guys did you enjoy today’s episode? Be sure to leave your name suggestions for
our new girl in the comments. A lot more nature and animal-goodness coming
up, plus we now upload twice a week for the month of December anyway, so you know what
to do! Smash that subscribe button and bell icon
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    Shhhh, This is his personal life

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