Mystery of Ant in Hindi

Mystery of Ant in Hindi

Have you ever thought that The Ants find their food very easily even after being so small? But how? Let’s try to understand. First of all, let you tell me that the ants are social insects. so that these always keep making groups or colony. And three types of ants are present in their colony. 1st: Worker Ants- These types of ants are used to carry food from one place to another. 2nd: Scout Ants- Such ants go out of the colony in search of food. 3rd: Queen Ants or Honey ants- This type of ants train and instruct workers ants and scout ants. So the food is discovered by scout ants. Scout ants use three important technologies for this search. No.1- To remember steps and turns. No.2- Scent Spreading. No.3-use Sunlight for orientation. Let’s understand them one by one. Technique No.1: To remember Steps and Turns- Whenever a scout ant comes out of the colony in search of food then ant keeps counting the steps and turns you have gone. Which helps him in coming to the colony farther. Technique No.2: Scent Spreading- Using this technique, scout ants do all other ants present in their colony to reach food. Before understanding this technique we should know some specific things about ants. On whom hair like sensilia is present And in these sensilia, neurons that contain more quantity than normal organisms are present. With the help of antennas ants find their food easily. But these antennas can only smell the object which placed with in 3 meters. But most of the food is present at a distance of more than 3 meters. If ordinary ant is in search of food, it can wander if it exits more than 3 meters from the colony. Because he could come back to the colony only by smell. And scout ants use scent spreading technique to deal with this problem. Under this technique, Scout ants use pheromone chemicals. And this chemical stores the ants in their abdomen. Which is produced naturally in the glands of the ants. So whenever a scout ant goes out of the colony to find the food, she is releasing pheromone chemical on her way. when the ant gets food, then she comes to her colony by smelling the pheromone scent that is dropped by her. And when coming back, she is released to a great extent of pheromone. Worker ants and queen ants present in the colony teste the samples brought by her. And then all worker ants smell the chemicals dropped by scouting and reach the food. But the ants can not release pheromone chemicals in winter, which makes it difficult to find food. due to this reason, the ants deposits their winter food before the winter comes. Technique no.3: Use sunlight for Orientation- The light coming from the sun is unpolarized light. When it enters the earth’s atmosphere then the some part of this is polarized. And some part of the light gets polarized after reflection on the surface of the earth. Due to this reason polarised and unpolarised pattern form on the earth’s surface. And these patterns can not be observed by human eyes. But the ants can easily see these patterns. Whenever an ant goes to search for food then he always wants to stay in the opposite direction from his colony. Unless she is taken for food search by her. Because if he turns to the colony at the time of searching, she will return to the colony again. So to solve this problem, she makes an angle of 180 ° between the direction of the colony and the direction of herself. And at this angle he observe the patterns of light. With its help she remembers her own direction and direction of the colony. Thus the ants use Sunlight to make their orientation even better. And by observing the pattern formed by the clouds, the ants predict the rainy season ok, so I think this video would have been helpful to all of us to understand how the ants find their food very easily. If you like this video, please click on Like Button also you can share this video with others. if you want to keep watching similarly related videos from science. You can also subscribe to this channel Thank you very much for watching this video. And special thanks to Dr. Poonam Rani for Scientific Advise Discussion about this video. SUBSCRIBE NOW

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