My Cockroach Farm

My Cockroach Farm

Greetings, AC Family! Welcome to the AntsCanada Ant Channel. If you have a fascination for nature, you’re
in the right place. On this channel, we take a look at the amazing
world of ants, and even explore pet ant keeping, as a hobby. But did you know that a big part of keeping
pet ant colonies, for most people, also involves keeping colonies of other insects? Today, for a change, we will turn our attention
from the ant colonies we all love on this channel, and turn our inquiring eyes toward
the colonies of insects our ants depend on for food. This week, we go from ants, to cockroaches! Feeder cockroaches, that is! Cockroaches, though repulsive to many people
throughout the world, are our ants’ favourite protein food source, and are actually quite
fascinating creatures in their own right. Today we take a look at the two species of
feeder roaches that I breed as food to our 4 ant colonies on this channel, and explore
what their cockroach societies are like. They happen to be two of the most popular
feeder cockroaches for ant colonies and other insect-eating exotic pets. You won’t want to miss all of this amazing
cockroach info ahead, so keep watching until the end. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s put away that
bug spray and explore why cockroaches are also some of the coolest of insects, not just
as ant food, in this episode of the AntsCanada Ant Channel. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel! And hit the bell icon. Welcome to the AC Family! Enjoy! Cockroaches, they’re perhaps the most notorious
and hated of all domestic insect pests, even more so than ants. They’re associated with being avid carriers
of germs, disease, bacteria, and more. But you may be surprised to know that cockroaches
which belong to the order called Blattodea, are comprised of about 4,600 species and only
30 of these 4,600 species of cockroaches are human house pests. The rest live out in forests, jungles, and
other habitats away from human homes. The two species of cockroaches that I feed
to my ants, which we will look at today, are examples of such non-pest cockroach species. First, presenting my Dubia Roach colony, scientific
name Blaptica dubia. These large cockroaches grow to about 4 to
4.5 cm in length. Their exoskeletons are strong, and the ants
aren’t able to eat them. You can tell the adult males and females apart
because adult males have huge wings while females have what are called tegmina, which
are small wing stubs. Though the males have fully developed wings
as adults, they rarely ever fly. If dropped from a high altitude they could
use the wings to direct their landing but don’t actually take off like most true flying
insects do. Juveniles, as seen here, have a mottled brown
colour. These roaches love to eat fruits. I offer a variety of different juicy fruits. The cockroaches are able to acquire all the
moisture they need from these juicy fruits. I do my best to offer them a variety, because
as you know, your pets are what their food eats, and any nutrients the cockroaches take
in through their diet, ultimately ends up in the bellies of our ants, so gut-loading
the cockroaches using a varied diet is a must. Now, one of the annoying things, we here in
the tropics need to deal with though, are wild ants mooching off the cockroaches’ food
supplies. If you look carefully you will see wild ghost
ants drinking from this orange slice. Hmmm… And here you’ll find a wild black crazy ant. Perhaps I should try applying baby powder
on the outside of these cockroach enclosures. Check out the pattern and colours of the undersides
of these Dubia roaches! I find they’re actually quite attractive up
close. I love watching them eat. If you look carefully at their faces, you’ll
notice that their eyes actually wrap around the entire side of their head. This helps them avoid predators. As a lover of all insects, it is always hard
for me to feed these guys to the ants, but I do know the ants do acquire some great protein
from them. I just make sure to crush them swiftly prior
to feeding to lessen their suffering. Some of you who have seen our previous videos
involving feedings may notice that the cockroaches still move despite being pre-crushed and this
is because nervous cells called ganglia run along the center of their body, which is why
even if you completely decapitate a roach, they are still capable of movement. I usually feed these adults to the Fire Nation,
as the fire ants are able to benefit from their high meat content, as well as penetrate
their exoskeletons effectively. The Fire Nation can fully consume the meat
of 1 adult Dubia roach in a matter of a few hours. One of the most viewed videos on this channel
involved the Fire Nation consuming an adult female cockroach that gave birth while it
was being devoured. In that video you see the babies being born,
and they’re stark white in colour. Newborn Dubia roaches are white, like these
nymphs here. These must have just been born a few hours
ago. Aren’t they cute? What’s interesting about Dubia roaches is
that they are live bearers. A female Dubia roach will give birth to an
egg sack and then pull this egg sack back inside herself and incubate the eggs until
babies emerge, a process called ovoviviparity. A female can give birth to 20-40 live young
at a time. These young shed their skin 7 times, growing
25% each time before reaching adulthood. This sub-adult here is whitish in colour because
it had just molted. As the exoskeleton hardens, it will darken
to its normal brownish cryptic colour. What’s amazing is these roaches can live up
to 2 yrs! They actually make interesting pets, but I
do my best not to get too attached, because after all, they are our ant colonies’ beef! Guys, should we name them? Leave your suggestions in the comments section! Or would giving them an official name make
them harder to feed to our ants. Haha! Now while these large Dubia roaches here are
live bearing cockroaches, and don’t lay eggs, our next colony of roaches actually do lay
egg sacs. Meet Blatta lateralis, Turkistan Cockroaches,
often called red runners due to their quick speed. In the pet trade, they are simply known as
“lats”. These are a smaller species of cockroach. Adult males have wings, just like the Dubias,
but unlike the Dubias, the males are known to actively fly. The females are wingless and are a gorgeous
crimson brown colour. Females lay an egg sac known as an ootheca. Look at these Oothecae laying here. From these will hatch little tiny cockroach
nymphs. I was lucky enough to catch one female in
the process of birthing an ootheca. Check it out! You can actually see her as she contracts
her abdomen muscles to lay the eggs into the open end of the ootheca. This process of depositing eggs into the ootheca
will continue over several hours and she will continue to carry this ootheca with her for
awhile afterwards, until she zips up the open end and drops it. I find the ootheca to look kind of like a
purse. Soon when the babies are ready to emerge,
the ootheca much like a purse will open up from the top and the baby lats will be born. I feed these lats to the Golden Empire, the
Dark Knights, and our new trap-jaw ant colony, the Jawbreakers. Their exoskeletons are a bit softer and are
easier to get into than the Dubias. So what do you say? What should we name this roach colony? Leave your answer in the comments section! Now the only thing I don’t like about this
species of cockroach is they expel a very pungent and gross defensive odour when alarmed
and at times it can be pretty strong. I just hold my breath every time I have to
reach into their enclosure to feed them to our ants. As far as housing goes for both species, I
keep them in a plastic bin full of egg cartons and toilet paper rolls. The environments must be kept relatively dry
to keep mold from growing. I feed them a mix of veggies and fruit and
also offer them dog kibble. Their enclosures must be kept clean at all
times because they can get messy especially when the droppings collect. I feel cockroaches are pretty fantastic creatures
and the more you get to know them, the less disgusting they seem, and the more fascinating
they become. Some people keep these, as well as other cockroach
species as pets. So what do you think? Do you think keeping cockroaches are as cool
as keeping pet ants? If you decide to keep pet ants, perhaps you
might consider feeder roaches, too, as an alternative to crickets, mealworms, and superworms? They also happen to be more nutritious for
ants than those aforementioned. Hope you enjoyed this week’s video AC Family! It’s ant love, and just for this week, roach
love forever! AC Family, were you grossed out or did you
find these cockroaches to be cool? For you AC Inner Colony members, I’ve placed
a hidden cookie for you here, if you would just like to watch the cockroaches in this
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