Muzaffarpur Epidemic: Have we all failed our little ones?

Muzaffarpur Epidemic: Have we all failed our little ones?

Ayushman? Wake up son! Sister, please help me… My son is dying of Encephalitis. I don’t have time. I got to pick up my son from school. Please look after my son. He is dying. Please help me. Your son ain’t Taimur. He doesn’t deserve my attention. Don’t worry my son. People will help us. Brother, please look after my son. He is dying. Bro! Can’t you see I’m playing PUBG? I’ll die if I try saving your son. Don’t distract me Don’t worry my son. People will surely help us. Humanity is alive. Please help me. My son is dying. Aww… He is dying? Poor baby! *Clicks a selfie* ‘#WakeUpIndia’ Keep breathing my son. Minister is here to help us. Everything will be alright. Please help us minister. My son is dying of Encephalitis You promised our well-being when you asked for my vote. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. By the way, what is the score? Over 100 children have lost their lives. Yes, that is a century! I am going for a press conference. I’ll be back soon. Ayushman? Forgive me son. Your father could not buy your life with his vote. Forgive me.

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  1. क्या हम भारतीय की इतनी ही औकात है कि हम हमेसा खुद को पाकिस्तान से तुलना करे ? हम खुद के नजरो मे ही गिरते जा रहे है। सच तो ये है कि हम विकसीत देशो से खुद को अभी तुलना भी नही कर पाते है।

  2. I think cricket should be banned. It is a sport which does not make kids athletic and wastes time and energy of the entire country.
    Media should be responsible and help the administration in solving a crisis rather than sensationalizing it.
    Lastly, we should elect better people as our leaders and representatives. The idiot who asked for match score during this crisis should be thrown out of his responsibility.
    I am saying this as a supporter of BJP and Nitish Kumar – a bhakt if you will.

  3. We vote for ram Mandir.
    We vote for Hindu-Muslim bigotry.
    We vote for Surgical strikes.
    And we ask for better hospitals, more medicines.
    We are the hypocrites, not the government.

  4. Ab saare andhbhakt kaha Gaye. Chalo accha hi ho Raha kam se Kam logo Ko pata to chale ga ki apna Desh Kitna safe hai.
    Sawal pucho doctor se kyu ki tmsab ne vote modi Ko diya tha na

  5. 158 Marr chukay hai Unko bhee geanti nahe huee hai go chotay hospital compunder Ya hospeatal pahuchnay say phalay marr chukay hai Yaha Gao kay Gao khali ho gay hai Gao may 1 bhee baccha nahe bacha hai sab kay Maray ga chukay hai

  6. Ppl have to understand the importance of thr votes and real issues eating up our country…with rise of population and limited resources…real issues like drought,food shortage,medicine shortage,lack of doctors,teachers,starvation deaths are real issues…and not communal agendas.

  7. Galti Sarkar ki ya prashasan ki nahi hai galti hospital management Aur doctors ki hai
    Aur news anchor anjana om kashyap ne toh Sirf ek chhota sa sawaal kiya tha doctors se Aur saare ke Saare log uss news anchor anjana om kashyap par log aag babula hokar bhadak gaye
    Abb Kya sawaal poochna bi koi galat baath hai?

    Anjana om kashyap Aur sudhir Choudhury ye Dono imaandar patrakaar hai

    Aur ajeet anjum TV 9 bharat varsh ye toh jhoot ke propaganda par news phaila rahe hai.

  8. Bihar is third highest populated state in india with 1106 person per sq km. Maybe because of high population people don't care about others. Even we see so many beggars everyday and after seeing them frequently doesn't feel any 'daya maya'. Even if we want to help there's so many of them. First we indians should reduce birth rate. Tabi jaake sayad kuch ho.

  9. Public ne vote mandir hindu muslim aur rashtravad ke naam pe diya hai education aur health issues pe nahi sarkaar se sawal na puche nahi to aap gaddaar kahlayenge thanks to godi media

  10. Agar 150 bache ki maut kisi underdeveloping desh me huwa hota to ye world news ban gayi hoti or sayad neta apna istifa bhi de dete but afsos not only neta of bihar pura india is wqt bache ki jan se jyada aehem 1 EMPTY CUP (world cup) ke piche pada he and i am also 1 of them "bacho" aj hamare vote ne tumhe maut ke ghat utara he and I AM ASHAMED TO BE AN INDIAN

  11. Bihar ki janta lalu ke jokes sun ne ke liye vote deti thi tabhi bihar itne salo me sasakt bana he aj jo 150 bacho ko kha gaya and also the whole india will responsible for that because they are busy to celebrate to win india in world cup and just for EMPTY CUP

  12. I as a person feel terrible at being unable to do anything for these children and also as a citizen of a country which elects people who are more interested in indo pak match score instead of finding solutions to such problems !!!
    But, the thing is that we people have become so immune to such incidents that we'll easily forget this one if another tragedy takes place at some other place tomorrow 🤐😪

  13. so lets unite nd fight nd protest against it…we can rectify government by asking question to them…not by supporting them… bcz the more we ask the question…the more we rectify govt….

  14. I got goosebumps after hearing about this. Where are we heading as a nation? Fuck Congress Fuck BJP Fuck MIM …. Maaadarchodo ko apne jebo ki padi rehti hai… We have become one bloody nation with insensitive rascals

  15. This is the reality of New India.
    What is the score? Like for real.
    Kon he ye bhenchod?
    Aise kuttha kaise Minister banthe hai.
    Rationality and humanity is dead but there's hell lot more room for patriotism. If you don't get concerned about citizens in your country dying. How does it count that you are patriotic. What senseless definition. Patriotism for chamchas in govt and many Indians is only when it comes to guns and games..

  16. Emotions aside, as I come from medical community I would like to draw your attention to this.

    Death of the children is not due to Encephalitis but because of Encephalopathy. (Before swearing, read further, I know you don't care about both words)
    Encephalitis is an infectious disease, whereas Encephalopathy is a condition arising due to nourishment issues.

    Out of the children died, all were sons/daughters of lichi farmers, no one else died even in nearby areas, rich or poor kids.

    Reason behind this encephalopathy is Lychee fruit. Yes, the very same fruit that some of you like a lot, it resulted into death of innocent children.

    Lychee contains a chemical which inhibits the mechanism for glucose generation (glycolysis) in body. A survey was conducted in Bihar in which CDC (US organization related to disease) also participated concluded that the deaths were preventable with sufficient nutrition.

    Question arises, why did so many preventable deaths occurred ? Why did it take so long to diagnose such condition ? Parents couldn't provide nutrition so they thought they'd let their children eat lychee, showing them some kindness but were unwittingly killing them, but where were NGOs ? Couldn't they provide nutrition to children ? Not even mentioning government because we all know its beyond the limits of incompetence, but when lot of fund can suddenly appear in a church fire why not in a preventable "massacre" ?

  17. Great line yarrr
    माफ़ करना बेटा मै गरीब अपने वोट से तेरी जान नहीं खरीद पाया ।।।
    Well said sir ….

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