Most Painful Insect Bite A Human Can Experience – Bullet Ants

Most Painful Insect Bite A Human Can Experience – Bullet Ants

Most people avoid bugs and creepy crawly things
that can bite or sting with good reason. Dr. Schmidt, a scientist at Arizona’s Southwestern
Biological Institute, however, has been stung countless times by at least 150 different
insect species. Some of these were accidental and chance encounters
but others were deliberate. Under the circumstances, he is quite an authority
on the subject. He has created the Schmidt Sting Pain Index
ranking each sting by its level of agony. Bullet Ants, the largest ants in the world,
top it. Knowing this, we will consider a rather unfortunate
scenario on this episode of the Infographics Show, What if You Were Bitten by 100 Bullet
Ants? Dr. Justin Schmidt is an entomologist who
specializes in the study of stinging insects. His research spanning the last 30 or so years
has taken him all over the world, including to far off and obscure locations. And, once there, he collects live bug nests. It is in these circumstances where he is often
stung. His pain index was first created in the ‘80s,
but has since been changed so it now ranks the pain of 78 species in the Hymenoptera
group. This includes wasps, ants, and bees. At level one, the lowest on the scale, are
fire ants and sweat bees. Level 1.5 includes the bullhorn acacia ant. Honey bees, yellow jackets, and bald-faced
hornets score mid-way on the scale at level 2. Just above these are the paper wasp and harvester
ant at level 3. Then comes the top, or level 4, which according
to Dr. Schmidt, is a feeling you don’t want to know. It includes the bullet ant and the tarantula
hawk wasp, though between the two, the wasp sting ranks a bit lower because it doesn’t
last nearly as long. This is in part due to the purpose of the
wasp’s poison, which is to prevent it from getting eaten by things like birds. Strong, intense, and immediate pain for about
three minutes is more than enough to discourage a would-be predator and give the wasp time
to escape somewhere far away. Its poison is also potent enough to paralyze
tarantulas which become food for its offspring. Dr. Schmidt describes it as 20,000 volts from
a snapped power line coursing through your body. But the bullet ant venom serves a different
purpose and it is used in defense of the ant’s home and to protect the other thousands in
its colony. It is meant to not just temporarily discourage
an intruder but make it so whatever it was would never even consider coming back again. Dr. Schmidt. who was stung by an ant on his
finger, said it was like putting it in an electric socket. Or the feeling you could expect after throwing
a hairdryer in your bath. The sensation traveled upwards so his entire
arm was shaking. However, though it has systemic effects, hence
his shaking, it was also localized to the general area where he was stung. But the pain lasted for hours. Those who would know say it’s like getting
hit by a bullet and that feeling continues in endless waves of agony from 12 to 24 hours. Beyond just rating the pain, Dr. Schmidt uses
his knowledge to hypothesize about the function of pain in insect life. As we mentioned, it helps with defense and
also allows them greater resources as they can explore large areas without the fear of
being eaten. It lets them thrive in groups as well. For example, Bullet ants live in a colony
of one to three thousand. Therefore, it is entirely possible for some
very unlucky person to stumble upon a nest and get stung by many of them several times. Especially since, according to experts, they
can signal to others nearby to start stinging along with them. The question is what would happen next. To explore this answer, we must first discover
what takes place when one is bitten by several ants and not just one, which was Dr. Schmidt’s
experience. Steve Backshall, for example, described shaking,
sweating, and an increase in pulse as the sensation travelled his entire body. In his opinion, in the case of multiple stings,
many people would go in and out of consciousness. He claims you will know nothing else but pain
for hours. However, even Backshall like Schmidt is but
a novice when it comes to the bullet ant sting when compared to the indigenous Satere-Mawe
people of Brazil. The custom is for young teenage boys to wear
gloves that are covered with hundreds of bullet ants for ten agonizing minutes at a time to
prove their manhood. These gloves are first made by sedating the
ants in a herbal liquid and then weaving them into palm leaves in the shape of a large mitt. The boys must keep it together and remain
as calm as possible with their hands inside these gloves while they are stung repeatedly. They must do this, not just once, but a total
of twenty times. You heard that right, they must reach into
these ant-filled gloves twenty different times. It leaves their hands swollen and unable to
move. However, as gruesome as this sounds these
effects don’t last very long and eventually, they go away. Of course, one wonders if they have some kind
of an ancestral immunity to the sting. For example, Hamish Blake of the Australian
show Hamish & Andy wore the gloves just once and then immediately went through what he
called the six stages of sting pain. Step one was shrieking which he did quite
nicely and far from stoically. The second was a departure from tradition
as he either refused or was unable to dance. Stage three was screaming and swearing, which
again, he did brilliantly. Then he began to sweat, shake, and use a biting
stick to complete the last three stages. After two hours of thrashing around in pain
he was taken to a hospital and received morphine. It was 18 hours before he was able to talk
normally again. Though, he came out a winner in the end. His friends commented that he looked more
like a man and he claimed the experience had grown him another testicle. However, despite his shrieking and swearing
and at times lying prone on the ground as if dead Hamish was not truly in danger of
dying. In fact, there has never been a documented
report of death due to bullet ants, ever. This is despite this local ritual that countless
young boys have participated in as well as anyone else unlucky enough, or in Hamish’s
case curious enough, to be stung. In fact, it is estimated that a vertebrate
would require 30 stings per kg of weight to be killed by these insects. That is 30 stings for each 2.2 pounds. In other words, 2,250 stings would be needed
to kill a human weighing (74.8 kilograms) 165 pounds. And, though it is painful and enduring, within
twenty-four hours all signs of the potent neurotoxin will completely vanish. You will be left with only your memories. Which just might keep you up at night. The fact that the bullet ant’s poison is
virtually pure neurotoxin is key. It has no allergens within it so there is
no risk posed by some type of histamine reaction that could prove deadly, such as with the
bee. And, get this, a day after you are stung by
a bullet ant you actually feel amazing. That’s right, you are basically high off
of the adrenaline. Backshall said he felt so great it was like
he was a god or could fly if he wanted for a good week after. Still, one wonders if it is worth a full day
of agony to get to that point. Surprisingly, that is not where the benefits
of the ant venom end. It has potential uses as an effective insecticide
and, oddly, similar synthetic substances have shown pain relief properties on rats. In fact, scientists believe that with some
adaptations the bullet ant’s toxins can be used as a painkiller instead of a source
of pain. And we can turn to the Central American Indians
for further proof of bullet ant benefits. Stings have been used by them as a type of
treatment for rheumatism and its mandibles, or jaws, have worked as sutures. An ant can bite a wound closed after which
its head is snapped off. It then continues to hold the skin tightly
together. Further, its saliva causes swelling of the
area which helps to seal it off and promote healing. We didn’t see that one coming. So, the answer to our original question of
what would happen if you were bitten by 100 bullet ants is somewhat anticlimactic as really
the answer is likely nothing. Unless you are very, very small you will not
die, but oh, you will suffer. You will likely join Hamish in the six stages
of sting pain or maybe even create a seventh all your own. You will swell and shake and sweat and possibly
even pass out. But, as long as it is short of the thousands
of stings you need to die, you will live on. And, after the pain has ended, you will find
glory all your own. You will likely emerge high as a kite with
an additional testicle or two. Now it’s our turn to ask you a question. Since you know you’ll live, would you be
willing to get stung by a hundred bullet ants to prove you can and that you are really a
man? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called What if You were Attacked by 100 baby sharks!! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
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