Morbius Trailer – Marvel Spider-Man Scene and Venom Easter Eggs

Morbius Trailer – Marvel Spider-Man Scene and Venom Easter Eggs

Michael I’ve known you since you were
a child you have a gift
you always have if there’s an answer to the disease we’ll find it I should have died years ago why am I still here if not to fix this I
have a rare blood disease and I’m runnin’ out of time video
this could be my last chance you’re up to something what is it
it’s not exactly legal I don’t want to see you get hurt more
than you already have this would be a cure at what cost I went from dying I’m feeling more alive than ever. increased strength and speed the ability to use echolocation an overpowering urge to consume blood how far are we allowed to go we’ll fix something that’s broken until the remedy is worse than the disease Michael Morbius got tired of doing the
whole good guy thing. What’s up what’s up doc? Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this
is going to be my Morbius trailer breakdown what universe are we in because we have
spider-man and we have the vulture in this movie so we get a lot of stuff to
talk about and it all seems like it’s in service of a big sinister six team-up
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during the trailer so I know everybody’s wondering what’s the deal with
spider-man showing up with the graffiti behind him in the prison garb
as he’s walking by this is all happening in New York City as you can see from a
lot of the other shots in the trailer the flashbacks also take place in New
York City and then also Michael Keaton’s vulture character shows up at the end of
the trailer looking like he just broke out of prison because he’s bringing the
exact same outfit that he was during the spider-man homecoming post-credits scene
totally mind-blowing and on top of that the picture of spider-man on the wall
there with that seems like it’s meant to imply the events of spider-man
far from home like everyone thinks that he got Mysterio so they think of him
as a you’ll notice that the costume isn’t the MCU Tom Holland
costume that he ends in spider-man far from home it’s actually the Tobey
Maguire era spider-man costume in the picture itself is based on the
spider-man ps4 a game it’s literally like a screen cap that they took at a
spider-man ps4 so either someone is just messing with us a little bit or they’re
just mixing and matching a whole lot of elements from MCU Tom Hollands
spider-man stuff in the new Sony venom verse we knew they were going to cross Tom
Holland over into the venom movies eventually this just seems like it’s all
in service of that eventual crossover happening way sooner than we ever
expected I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually does show up in venom 2 at some
point but talking about the actual Morbius footage most of you are probably
stay little familiar with the Morbius character he was basically Marvel’s
attempt to do something based on the Dracula character the funny thing is is
that Dracula already is a Marvel comic book character but they wanted to create
a new character so way back in the 1970s when the Dracula craze around the world
got really really popular they created the Morbius character and
he’s not technically a vampire the way the
Dracula’s a vampire he doesn’t get his abilities through a vampire bite even
though there are a lot of vampire bats flying around in the trailer they kind
of do their version of the comic book origin story there’s a couple minor
changes but a lot of Easter eggs for the original version of his origin story the
person it seems like Jared Harris is playing is actually a version of his
original partner in the comics so in the comics Morbius is the biological
scientist he has a rare blood condition just like he talks about during the
trailer he’s slowly been dying for a long time his time is running out but
the testing that he needs to perform on himself isn’t totally legal so they go
out into international waters like where you see them go to this special cave
with the helicopter that’s their version of doing that in the comics it was a
boat that they went out to on international waters
Morbius performs a special treatment using electroshock therapy in the blood
of vampire bats mixed with his own blood that causes the accident that gives him
his powers cuz basically was playing out during the trailer here and then because
Jared Harris is sort of this father figure to him as he says I’ve known you
since you were a boy and he also seems like he was a doctor and inspired
Morbius to eventually become a doctor himself when he grew up in the comics
when he’s on that boat with his research partner and his girlfriend martine
Bancroft who’s played by this woman in the trailer he’s immediately driven to
feed through his vampire urges and he accidentally attacks his research
partner so it seems like this footage in the trailer is him actually attacking
Jared Harris and accidentally destroying him without realizing what’s going on
like he’s using these abilities to jump around this New York City apartment and
then it jumps on this person you can’t quite see what’s going on but then he
screams out in pain so this might be him accidentally killing Jared Harris right
after he gets his abilities because you see the montage of the trailer where he
slowly starts to get better but then they find out that he’s starting to turn
into something of a vampire himself like they put him behind the glass and he
starts punching it so he probably tries to isolate himself early in the process
while they’re figuring out what it is that’s happening to him if you’re a big
comic book reader you also probably notice the other part of his origin
story too with this oil tanker in the comics after he accidentally kills his
research partner he throws himself overboard so that he won’t be consumed
to feed on his girlfriend Martine Bancroft
but his survival instincts as a vampire kick in save him and then he gets
rescued out of the water by this boat of fishermen he winds up feeding on all
so you see him flying around this oil tanker boat getting all these people
that’s probably their version of that from the comics Matt Smith is playing
the Loxias crown character so he might wind up becoming the villain sometime
later in the trailer – it’s not really clear what he’s doing in the course of
this trailer footage though because you just see him on what seems like the
subway platform walking around going somewhere else in the comics he had the
same rare type of condition that Morbius had that was destroying him he went through
a similar type of treatment it also got a bunch of powers but wound up being
super super evil Morbius as you can see from the trailer is actually getting the
venom treatment as an anti hero inside this Sony venom verse and now it looks
like connected to the spider-man MCU universe as well the smokey looking
special effects behind him when he’s flying around using his vampire
abilities remind me a little bit of the special effects they use for the
Nightcrawler character during x-2 in the original x-men films the rest of the
trailer is mostly a montage of action scenes just letting you know what his
abilities look like it’s really just meant to be the teaser trailer and
obviously just give you the big bomb oh my god this is happening inside the
spider-man universe and we have Michael Keaton as the vulture coming back from
spider-man homecoming my guess is when we get to the next trailer there’ll be a
little bit more of the story and they’ll reveal a little bit more about what’s
going on with the villain because Loxias crown is meant to be sort of the carnage
for the Morbius character like venom is meant to be the anti-hero the venom
movies even though technically he’s a spider-man Tolin but then along comes
someone who’s even worse that he has to take down solo cos crown is that for the
Morbius character like I said I’m not sure why they’re using the Sam Raimi
spider-man costume but this is meant to be taking place after the spider-man far
from home post-credits scene so the world thinks that he got Mysterio
thanks to J jonah Jameson in that footage that Mysterio concocted also I
kind of think that there’s going to be a J Jonah Jameson cameo during this there
was a rumor that I talked about in my last Morbius teaser video now I’m
actually starting to believe it because Michael Keaton just showed up and we got
confirmation on this spider-man Easter Egg the other really big actor that’s in
this is Tyrese it just seems like he’s one of the feds who’s coming for Morbius
and then finds out that eventually during the course of the movie that he’s
not evil there’s someone that’s even worse the Loxias crown character and
maybe they wind up teaming up to take them down Tyrese also signed a multi
picture deal so whatever big team up that Morbius
with venom whatever maximum carnage storyline that they have with spider-man
Tyrese will also be part of that too then at the end of the trailer they gave
you the full-on Morbius treatment this is what he’ll look like when he is in
full vampire form so maybe for this version of the movie they’re going to allow
him to transform back and forth between his more human looking form and the
vampire form in the comics for the most part he’s locked into this one form
until he finds a treatment that eventually cures him and then he
eventually gets his powers back I know a lot of you were wondering if they’re
going to do this special spider-man storyline where he gets the multiple
arms because that’s the story line that Morbius debuted during in the spider-man
comics amazing spider-man back to her in the early 1970s I don’t think that Tom
Holland is going to show up in this movie with six arms that would just be
completely weird but it would be funny if there was an Easter Egg for that
somewhere during the movie the whole thing about his introduction in the
comics is that it’s actually part of a Spider Man lizard story with Curt
Connors they’re both looking for something to cure their condition and
they find that Morbius his blood will do that so Morbius is more of a villain
when he shows up in the spider-man comics for the first time but eventually
it’s a very venom movie type of twist where he’s like I’m only going to feed
on people that are bad I’m only going to hurt people that are evil as far as the
Michael Keaton vulture cameo it does look like he just broke out of prison
because he’s wearing the exact same outfit so I don’t know what Morbius is
doing in this prison outfit either because he’s wearing a completely
different prison uniform but the line of dialogue so you got tired of doing the
whole good guy thing makes it sound like maybe he breaks a bunch of people out of
prison himself I was a little upset that we didn’t get a follow up to the
spider-man homecoming post-credits scene during spider-man far from home but it
seems like they were saving that for the Morbius movie in this venom first tying
it all together it does seem like it’s all in service of a sinister six team up
movie however they’re going to accomplish that
remember the sony is also developing a craven movie for the craven character
and there is a craven truck that shows up somewhere during the Morbius movie
this is actually screen grabbed from behind the scenes while they were
shooting so regardless of when that sinister six movie is going to happen
they are definitely setting that up in this movie let me know in the comments
though we all kind of figured that they would head for a maximum carnage team-up
because of the venom movies but do you actually think that they’re going to get
two sinister sticks faster than they get to maximum carnage or do you think there
can I do maximum carnage at all and they’ll just go straight to sinister six
I think when they announced the Morbius movie most people were like why are they
doing Morbius I don’t understand he’s not that big of a character
now everyone’s heads have turned around and they’re like you had my curiosity
but now you have my attention so I think like a bunch of people are just going to
show up just to see how this is connected to the MCU version of
spider-man and Tom Holland for now my expectations are the Tom Holland does
not appear himself in this movie maybe they use some stock footage from the end
of spider-man far from home but for the most part I think that they’re very
light touches when it comes to physical actual spider-man appearing and some of
this stuff I would be a little bummed out if Tom Holland appeared physically
in the Morbius movie before he appeared in a venom crossover so I think that
they’re still negotiating to get him into venom to in some sort of post
credits scene or something like that but the cool thing is is that venom 2 is
coming out in October so we’ll probably get the first trailer for that when the
Morbius movie comes out this summer the Morbius movie is being released right
after Comic Con so we’re not going to have to wait that long to find out what’s
going on with venom and carnage they’ll probably drop some early teasers before
that – so everyone post your theories in the comments below I’ll name a giveaway
winner the next time I post a Marvel video let me know in the comments is
there any big follow-up videos that you want me to do based on the Easter eggs
and this and all the spider-man stuff while you wait for everything click here
for that brand new Iron Man announcement video and click here for my brand-new
Deadpool 3 video thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome I’ll see
you guys tonight!

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  2. The CG looked horrible… Jesus, I'm sure its over 150 million, and they have PS2 graphics for their CG… Every bit of the "Face' shot looked like shit… and you know they knew this.. Seriously put it in a shadow if it is that bad.. Why… You could so easily go with practical effects and everyone would love it…

  3. Has no one thought about how the universes are messed up after endgame and that this movie will link tobeys spidey spiderman into the spiderverse and toms spidey and venom also taskmaster is in spiderman ps4 and is the villain in the new black widow

  4. OG Batman meeting modern day marvel Batman the movie gets a pass throw in some dark night jokes and it’ll be amazing

  5. Maybe they set the Vulture free because he was captured by Spidey , who they see as tainted? As in it was a bad bust. Or they set the Vulture free to help capture Morbius?

  6. If Möbius does take place in the MCU, than I think this could potentially be the most amazing thing Sony has done. This will give them the opportunity be a part of the grand movie universe that Disney has made while also allowing them to not only hang onto Spidey and his related characters to keep Disney from becoming and even bigger monopoly, but give them the chance to build their very own section of the MCU that is all theirs to do with as they please but also stay connected. They would have to be careful with that, but if the MCU will indeed span multiple studios now, this could potentially be one of the biggest things in movie history.

  7. the reason they had to use the PS4 spiderman Rami game image, is because they don't own the right to all of Peter's fucking Stark Tech suits.

    Also yes all of these Universe are connected, in the same way the "Universal" incredible hulk is literally the same one as the one in the mcu. That's why hulk hasn't had his own movie in like a decade because Disney don't wanna pay out to Universal.

    We need to stop thinking that Spiderman and Vulture are Mcu (or better yet disney) characters, when in reality they are not.

    They are Sony's movies and characters, if it says in association with marvel it connects to and is apart of the Disney movies just not directly. It's not that hard to grasp.

  8. I’ll be ok if Sony did their own CU with the darker version of Marvel, so basically Sony will take all the dirty stuff, while Disney stays clean

  9. im surprised they get lots of great actors here like jared leto, jared harris, tyrese gibson, matt smith and michael keaton

  10. morbius trailer makes me confused ?? whether entering universe mcu or venom verse because there are posters of spidey tom and vulture free from prison ..

    you son of a bitch sony arbitrarily insert support solo movie characters from spidey to mcu because of a new agreement to marvel

  11. Wat if that's the cave from Dracula Untold and morbius was testing on Dracula bats making him the living vampire. He might have broke. Mr V out because he needed him for something and treatment him in prison

  12. The Spider-Man graffiti is just misdirection… it’s more likely to be Blade who will not make a cameo… Morbius will be an anti hero in this movie but a full villain in his cameo in the Blade movie as Blade searches for Dracula

  13. All these possibilities sound like good ideas, except the 6-armed spidey. I don’t see how that would translate well to the screen! As far as the different costume, I bet that’s due to contractual agreements between marvel/Disney and Sony. You know, “you can use this, but not that.”

  14. ugh. so jared leto is playing for both studios simultaneously, completely ruining any semblance of continuity or suspension of disbelief, just like tom hardy's idiotic ass did. this will flop, just like venom did (horrible movie).

    obvious money grab is obvious. and don't @ me puss ies. I don't read replies. Stay mad at the truth kids

    also, wtf is morbious?

  15. MCU will pretend this movie never happened. So when it's bad no one will refer to it. Keeping my expectations lower than Venom.

  16. Minor changes the way he got his powers wasn't that way did they get bit by a bat but between the radiation light and the bat crosshairs is the way he got his abilities and so forth it looks good I really hope that they stay close somewhat to do Regional storyline

  17. Tyreese also apparently went on record and told Charlamagne Tha God that Tom Holland will appear in the post-credits scene of Venom 2, and that Morbius, Venom and Vulture would appear in Spider-Man 3.

  18. There seems to be some confusion because of Sam Raimi's Spiderman on the wall. Keep in mind, JK Simmons was in Far from Home and the whole multiverse turned out to be a lie orchestrated by Mysterio. JK Simmons calls Spiderman a murderer because of Mysterio's perceived death.

  19. Maybe the spiderman pic is meant to be from the game. There could be a version of the spiderman game in the universe. Thatd explain the Tobey Maguire costume

  20. Why are they letting that JOKE-err Leto, butcher another cool character, with his wimpy, insignificant presence. We can't take him serious, as any strong character. What a shame!

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