Monster Hunter World – How to use INSECT GLAIVE (Crazy Air Combos)

Monster Hunter World – How to use INSECT GLAIVE (Crazy Air Combos)

hey guys you’re watching smashing Bros
games I’m smashing bro joe today I’m gonna show you how to use the insect glaive in
Monster Hunter I’m gonna show you just the basics of combat as well that’s
gonna help you fight any large monster even by yourself and have no problem and
at the same time how to utilize the insect glaive to the best of its ability
I’m going to show you a couple of tactics a couple of air combos how to
really get your buffs up really quick and just kind of your general strategies
no matter what big monster you’ll be fighting with the insect glaive and it’s
a foolproof strategy and to prove it we’re gonna fight a Ratheon and the
Ratheon you’ll see I’m gonna have not much trouble as a matter of fact I don’t
even bring many potions you’ll see me see I have a couple of potions a couple
things here I’m not gonna really use any of it I’ll use a health booster and I’ll
just have the very go wasp helped me as much as we can but if you do struggle if
you’re new to the game if you’re not Monster Hunter veteran because I have
been playing this once it’s the first mon-sol answer i’ve been playing every
single one in this series if you do have trouble finding monsters you need a
little leg up at each camp there’s some food pay don’t worry about it get some
attack up get some defense up it does give you a great boost but you don’t
wanna do that you think you got it just go for it let’s track him down real
quick I usually know where the Ratheon hangs out and the wild spire is usually
in the forest area so we’re just gonna go there automatically now in every
single weapon in this game one of the most important things you got
to do is dodge it’s not trying to block everything even the weapons that can
block all the attacks like buster swords and other heavier weapons don’t try to
block everything rely more on dodging a couple of hits dodge a couple of hits
and dodge but with the insect glaive there’s a step up you’re gonna be
jumping around a lot while you’re doing that you only really full-on attack when
you have your buffs up because you really do major damage then and you
could just whale on him otherwise you take a little bit too much time I want
to show you another strategy you can do when you don’t have any buffs so pay
attention what I’m gonna be doing I’m gonna be doing some air combos the two
things you got to learn how to do is r2 and X it’s how to jump and how to
manipulate yourself in the X jumps then triangle slams down and
circle its dodge and hit this dodging hit will send you up after each hit and
look how I’m gonna be utilizing it whether destroy this rather Ratheon oh
you know what um I don’t want to just oh he’s right here
hey there buddy time to take you down so shoot out the in sick leave right away
now we’re gonna start an arrow combo see what I’m doing
jump – towards them – towards them – towards them he can’t really get you
this way and you get a lot of some decent damage you could go up to four or
five times especially flying once man they try to
run away from you ain’t gonna work and it gives you a leg up because you get
mounting a bonus I mean I want to jump to has had uh near this head okay no no don’t try to throw me off why are
you trying to throw me off bro no no no no he threw me off I was out of
stamina I again shoot out the inside lay hold
out that one miss so we’re gonna shoot it this way and again well he stopped me
there but one two three well there he ran away dodge now even
when you fight on the ground here a couple of times and dodge now check it
out I got my box up now look what that comp was gonna look like with us oh whoa he got me there we got to repeat
that one that’s what a helpless er down shoot that insect glaive out and AH
let’s start a combo see how much damage I’m doing and if you
string all of them together just how much damage you’re gonna do there it’s
rarely he’ll stop you like that he’s gonna find a good spots to do it see he’s he’s virtually not doing any
damage to me and I’m just chopping the round of doing these combos he only does
stop at of course cuz stops everybody in the tracks let’s sharpen our weapons hey buddy why you gotta poison me for
that’s not cool I’ll send a insect leg out and start the
combo also when you have the buffs up like that the triangle button turns into
something else well that’s not risk it um I use a potion where you going buddy hit’em let’s get some Campos in you
notice I’m always running around his feet I’m never in front of him at the priorities behind in sailing ship
about mounting you want to mount up automatically as quickly as you can because this happens right here Oh Oh
Sonia Poisson shootout the insect lave get something at this point yet you
could just whale on him I just kind of go ham because you know he’s a mobile
there’s no point in doing the air combos there even to get close to Tim or to
stop your animation sometimes the roll is the best way because a lot of times
what happens is for you to finish the whole movie you got a finished animation
rolling out of it actually changes animation really quickly you get jump
out of it this strategy works for basically every single creature you’re
gonna fight in the game for the insect glaive we can again basically but in
itself does not do a lot of damage and it’s not as fast as some of the other
weapons so you got to utilize its mobility to really take advantage of it
so you’re never getting hit and then buffing it up and that’s where you crazy
combos crazy straight up Darth Maul looking combos come in that’s what you
want to do if you ever miss him what you can do is
you can precise to jump towards him I didn’t again to hit you have the ability
to combine those two together now we’re gonna hit him with a crazy combos oh no
not yet well we won’t have a chance apparently
because uh he’s destroyed but there you go guys that’s basically how to use an
insect glaive in mitts combat I wasn’t gonna try to make like some really
script and crazy tutorial on how to do it because then you’re not gonna see me
do it in gameplay how would I would regularly do it I wanted to kind of do
this more candid way because it’s gonna show you first of all how I play the
game and that it really works you see me just doing this damage and really not
taking it much ie what used one potion another thing to not utilize to your
items as much I really really recommend for you to have the Vega wasps and the
health booster I really don’t use the ghillie suit or the flying kill you or
anything like that you don’t really don’t need them at least not as of yet
but just for a short cut I rather have some health
I try to store my items for that boss that just I can not win absolutely
cannot win but there you go guys these hopefully some of these things I show
you techniques I showed you’re going to be something useful to you and if you’d
like to see some other weapons please let me know which weapon you would like
to see a tutorial for and I’ll create it for you I don’t use every single weapon
to this extent I have three or four main weapons but in the next episode I’ll try
to create something new something out of the useful hunt some monsters until next
time guys this was smashing brojo

7 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World – How to use INSECT GLAIVE (Crazy Air Combos)”

  1. I saw a video of this game but I don't know why it just didn't resonate with me. It felt like a lesser Horizon Zero Dawn. I am a tough sell on games for sure, but I have been trying to branch out and try new things.

  2. Air combos are generally frowned upon when doing multiplayer; because you're not optimally contributing to your team. To contribute to your team's damage you should be focusing on your GROUND combos on the monsters weak points. The air combos are generally good for hard to hit flying monsters or you want to specifically target the monster's wings (for example).

  3. not feeling your playstyle with the glaive, I find it better to get your triple buff then immobilize your target then hit them with bread and butter ground damage. only time I mount is when in a team setting

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