MJX RC BUGS 5W Drone  – Cannot BELIEVE how GOOD is this DRONE

MJX RC BUGS 5W Drone – Cannot BELIEVE how GOOD is this DRONE

Hi all from Piero and welcome back to DRONELANDER channel this is the first review in collaboration with TOMTOP that sent me a badass drone guys they sent me the BUGS 5W and gave me also for you a 30% off discount coupon so you can buy it this drone that I’m going to review for less then 140€ let’s see in deep first of all it has a 1800 mah battery 25c lipo they give you 15 minutes flight time brushless motors cool is the camera 1080p with SD card slot and the lens, it doesn’t have gimbal it is just mounted on rubber support but you can adjust the camera moving up and down directly from the radio that I’m going to show you now here it is guys, this is the radio controller cool is display that shows satellite numbers flight height flight mode radio and drone battery status the usual stick land and take off button arming motors button RTH button and the camera button and here you have the slide to move up and down the camera and here you have a big phone holder that can keep also a tablet The cool thing is the drone security because it has tree RTH level you can read by yourself on the userguide that is in two version, one for beginners here it is and one for expert users with useful informations Now, let’s calibrate it then start with fligh test First let’s switch on the radio by doing what I’m showing so it enter in bind mode then connect the battery and turn the lock switch wait 8 seconds and the drone will enter in calibration mode for compass you can see from the led down here that are blinking in green to calibrate do like I’m doing do 2 or 3 turns until led’s will change color from this eight I cannot see the led’s ok, they switch to…let’s do another turn now they are green. Put it with nose facing down and turn for 3 or 4 turn in this way until you have steady red and yellow led’s now you are ready to almost ready to take off Open the application after connecting drone to wifi application is BUGS GO open it and you’ll see some informations after all you will see the camera output that is a 1080p On the right you have FOLLOW ME, ORBIT MODE and RTH function that as already told you before it has 3 RTH level but you can deepen understand it from the user manual on top you have picture and video storage 3D view 180° monitor flip satellite number geofence setting maximum distance and height for your safety then Orbit mode radius and components detection if it doesn’t detect one of that, drone won’t arm distance from home point registered once it lock satellites height, drone battery level radio battery level radio and wifi signal strenght be informed that is work only with 5G wifi so if your device doesn’t support 5G wifi get a new one and remove the smartphone cover to avoid signal drop then on the right you can switch from photo to video pressing rec button it save or SD card or smartphone and here you have the fuction it works only when drone is flying anyway here you have the option for autonomous mission now let’s start to start it you can press the unlock button first of all let’s move away the camera I don’t want to destroy it To start you can arm the motors in this way, lock at the drone after that you can take off or moving up the stick or with this button that is needed for take off and landing give a look at the display, you have signal strenght satellite, home distance flight height, radio mode 2 and battery monitor after few second for security reason drone will stop the motors so you have to restart the motors let’s start video record and take off look at that look how cool it is I’m not touching anything and there is also a bit wind gusting so here on the radio you have the camera tilt slide let’s frame myself here i am here it is the slide to put the camera up or down but now let’s have a look at the crone functionality I’ll remind you that this drone cost a bit more of 130€ thanks to the discount coupon you’ll find in description if you see a bit of voice lag is due to the fpv transission now let’s do a FOLLOW ME you can activate it from here and click yes you should stay at least at 5 meters from the drone let’s activate it, yes ok, now it will set his position let’s see his positioning I’ll move away and him follow me as you can see I’ll go there see how it follows me ok, like a trust little dog to exit from any function press the relative button now let’s do an ORBIT, let’s put it higher I’ll stay here in the middle, let’s see if it frame me I cannot see anything, ok let’s activate pushing here, yes and it start with ORBIT mode look at that here it is guys, for just 130€ BUGS 5W is amazing and sincerely MJX the drone manufacturer even with previous drone never missed a shoot If you want something more this is the right drone for you today there is also some wind gusting Now let’s stop the ORBIT mode let’s try to draw on the map let’s trace it I don’t know why map won’t show up yesterday it worked but not today let’s draw it with the finger, let’s try submit yes, no it doesn’t works anyway, trust me now let’s do some…let’s go farther to see what it does some shoot from the high and let’s go a bit far to see what it does so far is good we are at 13 meters high and 55 meters far I’ll remind you that if it loose signal let’s stop here, if it loose the signal now we are at about 106 meters far it will come back by itself later I’ll try let’s push it a bit farther if you want to know how far it goes I won’t push it so far here it loose the wifi signal after 220 meters however if you well, let’s turn it back let’s see where it goes here is is over there I’m pushing it back let’s see if it gain back wifi signal however with a wifi repeater you could as per my opinion, OMG there are some birds that want to attack it, let’s move away I was telling you that with a 5G wifi repeater you can push it very far this drone is so cool that even birds like it wifi signal is still missing drone is steady over there signal gained again after 200 meters it lost wifi signal now let’s stop video recording and let’s do some pictures better go higher let’s see how high it goes 50 meters high now let’s put up the camera to take a picture let’s turn let’s take another picture one more let’s put down the camera let’s see if it frame me here I am, let’s move it a bit here I am guys let’s take a picture ok now let’s try the RTH, battery is almost drain let’s push it a bit farther over there have you seen how fast is it? now from the radio or from the smartphone pres the RTH button ok, drone is coming back it goes up at 15 meters and it return to home it should land there thank God a bit of shadow it goes a bit backward I don’t let it land because here the grass is too high it is thinking about what to do start landing I’ll stop it before landing but I’ll show you where it want to land here it is it start beeping at 50% of battery level check at which distance it land look at that I’ll stop the RTH and I’ll push it higher with this guys as I told you MJX BUGS 5W is and incredible drone brushles motors, 1800 mah lipo battery GPS com pass, 6 axis gyroscope 1080p camera just for 130€ if you use the discount coupon gave me by TOMTOP that I thank you for a 30% discount This is a badass drone don’t miss the chance to buy it if you want something more because BUGS and MJX are a guarantee See you at the next review see you soon bye all from DRONELANDER

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