Meet The Man Who Can Communicate With Ants | Kritter Klub

Meet The Man Who Can Communicate With Ants | Kritter Klub

Ants playing soccer?! Foreal? FIFA Ants’ World Cup (Not PPL) Vacuums up the ants like nobody’s business 300~500 ants in total How you doin’? (in my best Joey voice) Dude was actually an ant researcher I talk with the ants often What’s this red liquid? Ant Interpreter : It’s our favorite sugar water! After coming home from eating They let everyone in on the feast Ant Interpreter : Guys~ There’s something sweet! Follow me~ We don’t even need to talk to communicate A fork in the road I’ll try to bring them to the side w/o sugar The ants’ fave is sugar tho.. Sugar-free and sugar Goes to where there’s no sugar Whoa.. How did you get them to do that? Ant researcher of 30 years, Dr. Ryohei Yamaoka People communicate through words Ants communicate through pheromones A variety of pheromones They were directed by the pheromones to go to the sugar-free side In ant language Cotton ball + pheromones warning of danger Translation : It’s a dangerous cotton ball. Avoid it Our TV host Shin Dong Yup + enemy pheromones Attacc Only the avatar got attacked And was thrown in the trash Stranger + friendly pheromones Say hello to my little friend Ant Interpreter : The ant is saying, ‘I love you~’ Love at first pheromone Communication is key With the right pheromones And a little manipulation^^ Ants can even play soccer

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  1. This sort of research will allow us the ability to create forms of pest control that do not harm ants. Instead of using things such as poison or outright destroying nests we'll be able to just spray the pheromones that they use to indicate danger and they'll avoid the places we want them to, completely avoiding any need to harm any of them.

  2. No subtitles. I did enable Captions in my YT mobile app. But no translations appear. Downvoted. No idea what the heck he is saying. Don't tell people to enable Captions when it does NOT work and you don't provide any translations.

  3. Отлично, я знаю, как общаться с муравьями. Теперь научите меня общаться с моей кошкой

  4. Ant crawls up my arm
    Me:screams my head of slapping my arm a hundred times
    This man:talking to ants like there are his best friend

  5. Однажды у меня в туалете завелись муравьи. Убить было жалко . тогда я испробовала оригинальный метод удаления . стоя над муравьями я представила как поливаю их кислотой и как они корчатся и лопаются их тела , потом поплевала на них и предупредила , что если завтра они не уйдут то я полью их кислотой . утром их уже небыло

  6. I really enjoy this video!!… but I think there's something wrong with the audio 🙁 … Could you check it? <3

  7. After a short battle with ants for control of my kitchen space, (which I won by early use of chemical weapons) I was never bothered by ants in my kitchen again. What I did notice a couple of years later when sitting in the back step cleaning my shoes was that they gave my house 6 inches of clearance when passing from my front to back gardens. They seemed to have learned and remembered. It's the same with the wasps who used to nest in our roofspace. They seem to have learned that if they compete with me for the now cleaned and floored roofspace, that bad things happen, whereas if they give me a wide berth, whilst still going about their business in the eaves space which I do not need, then everyone can get along..

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