Marvel’s Spider-Man – Just the Facts: MARVEL’S NEW YORK | PS4

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Just the Facts: MARVEL’S NEW YORK | PS4

J. JONAH JAMESON: Welcome to
“Just The Facts” with J. Jonah Jameson, alerting the fine citizens
of New York City to the threats they
don’t even know about, namely that menace, Spider-Man. Our first caller is… What did you say your name was? SPIDER-MAN: Hi.
This is Peter Pa…tterson. Don’t you think you’re a
little hard on Spider-Man? J. JONAH JAMESON: Let me
tell you something, Patterson, Spider-Man treats New York City
as his own personal playground. Just yesterday I saw him
doing back flips and 360s. Disgraceful. Running and
crawling on buildings. In fact, I have it on good
authority that he’s been doing swan dives off of skyscrapers. Seems the more
confident he gets, the more creative he gets. Walk like a normal person! SPIDER-MAN: Come on, what’s
wrong with a little sightseeing? New York is super diverse
and constantly changing. Maybe he’s just looking for
vantage points to monitor crime? J. JONAH JAMESON: Crime
he’s causing you mean. Sources tell me he has backpacks
filled with who-knows-what hidden throughout the city,
unauthorized research stations. Get a permit like
the rest of us, loser! Ever since he came
on to the scene prancing around like
an 80’s action hero, gangs have been setting up
shop using warehouses, construction sites and rooftops
as bases of operation, putting lives at risk. Who does he think he is? “Spider cop?” SPIDER-MAN: I really feel
like he’s trying to help people. J. JONAH JAMESON:
I don’t want to hear it. The fine people of
New York deserve better. SPIDER-MAN: My Uncle once said, “With great power, there must
also come great responsibility.” Maybe this is just his way of
growing into the hero he wants to be. And from what I’ve seen, the people seem to be
A-OK with that. J. JONAH JAMESON:
Agree to disagree, Patterson. Spider-Man only
cares about one thing: Himself! Jameson out.

100 thoughts on “Marvel’s Spider-Man – Just the Facts: MARVEL’S NEW YORK | PS4”

  1. I wish so bad…that Marvel and Insomniac make an Avengers game…Or a game for every hero.
    It will be AWESOME.

    Don't let that opportunity leave…Marvel. Hear/Read our wishes pls.


  3. So if I pre order this game off my PlayStation do I still get the pre order bonus content? Because when I went to gamestop they said it’s a gamestop pre order thing. Please help.

  4. in 0:41 if you can see the Doctor strange's housse or i don't now , and in 0:43 the Avengers symbole 😀 woow that wel be awesome I think.

  5. Let's GO Spidey!My brother!PlayStation:Thank you very much for NEW VIDEOGAME for New EARTH'S MIGHTYEST HERO:The Avenger,PROTECTOR of New York City/NYC/Queens/QueensLand:SPIDERMAN/ORMEKSHY ADAM (kazakh language)/IRON SPIDER/TEMYR ORMEKSHY/Peter Parker…Let's GO more,too VIDEOGAMES & MOBILGAMES of MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT & Sony Interactive Entertainment/LLC!…

  6. I don’t know why but I’m scared, this game is becoming better and better and I’m really hoping I’m not let down.

  7. I was secretly hoping there would be a online multiplayer mode, different Spider-Men from across the multiverse meting up in a DLC or add on for the game, partaking in quest or a full story. Crazy idea but I think it would work.

  8. I get the feeling that this game is going to be a major let down, there is no way it can live up to all the hype surrounding it

  9. Sony needs to make more deals to block games like anthem, cyberpunk 2077 from xbox, nevermind if pc gets it as long as xbox doesn't

  10. Well we have the Sanctum Sanctorum, Wakanda Embassy, and Avengers Tower. I hope we see the Baxter Building and maybe references to the X-Mansion that will be awesome.

  11. I think patterson is Spiderman..I mean why bother defend spiderman this much? It has to be him. And Peter parker is just a nobody.

  12. JJJ is actually the real hero in Spider-Man PS4. Spider-Man causes a lot of problems. I feel like JJJ would make a better hero tbh.

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