Marvel’s Spider-Man – Iron Spider Suit Revealed | PS4

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Iron Spider Suit Revealed | PS4

Feeling like a wardrobe change. Been there. Worn that. Yes. Now that’s a suit. Yeah. Definitely a keeper.

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  1. Suits that I want (Obvsly my opinion):
    -Future Foundation suit AKA my fav. (The white one and the stealth one)
    -Superior Spider-Man
    -Spider-Man 2099 (The black one and the white one)
    -Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker and Ben Reilly)
    -Miles Morales Suit
    -Original Spider-Man (the famous "generic" or from the tobey maguire's movies)
    -Symbiote Suit
    -Amazing Spider-Man suit (Can be the one from the andrew garfield's movies)
    -Spider-Man homecoming (Can be the one from tom holland's movies)
    -Spider-Man Noir "Suit" (Like, its not a suit… just black clothes and a overcoat)
    -Iron Spider from the civil war (comics obvsly)

    -The suit from the homecoming movie but with the yellow jacket

    Any suggestions?

  2. I am either getting my ps4 back or I'm smashing my xbox. If they had released it in June like they said I would still have my ps4 right now!

  3. The next spiderman suit gotta be spiderman UK cuz of the forth of July and it's the only spiderman that represents the american colors

  4. Ew no give him the actual Iron Spider suit. Not reject shrink height MCSHITU one. Or anything from that unfaithful MCU trash.

  5. Sony is it possible for you to do something about it? Spider-Man PS4 Collector's Edition is still not up for pre-order on any websites in India. I really don't want to miss out on any content from this game, I need the pre-order bonuses too. Please if you can, do something.

  6. theres one thing and one thing 9nly that i will be proud of about that suit and it's if they make the extendo legs come out when you dodge

  7. I habe a question: when i am pre-ordering the normal Version,do i get the iron spider suit(Sorry for Bad english)

  8. Is the Iron Suit only available from the Collectors Edition? Or just pre-order even for the Standard Version?

  9. I’m waiting for the Last suit reveal before preordering. I’ve kept $60 in my wallet since the game was announced. When the final preorder suit’s revealed, I’m going to put the full price down as my preorder. This is the only game I’ve ever done this for.

  10. An Avengers game for PC, XBOX 1 and PS4 would be amazing. We get to play different levels as different avengers, some even in co-op mode. The game can involve different settings, like New York and Sokovia, and even off-earth locations, like Asgard and Sakaar. Heck, the game can involve different storylines for each avenger, including the ones we never got a solo movie for, such as Hawkeye and Quicksilver, and the storylines can build up from their debut as superheroes, all the way to the present storyline involving all the avengers.

  11. Sony bought Spider-Man, and only Spider-Man, because according to them, "Him and his surrounding characters are the only ones really worth anything." And here we are, living in a time, where Spider-Man is just one of the many amazing superheroes out there. Eat your heart out Sony.

  12. I have two questions, how will cutscenes play out when Peter takes off the mask… how will they adapt it to when you have the iron spider suit? And will it really be and feel like metal, act and sound like it would/sould? Can someone answer these two questions to put my mind at rest TY 😀

  13. I want the suit to be bulletproof and to be able to teach him new moves so that he can become stronger and faster during battles. I want his suit to be able to travel to different dimensions. I seen these things in movies.

  14. Most people don’t think of this but that suit saved his life. If stark hadn’t told Friday to unlock it, he never would have survived in the upper atmosphere.

  15. If I have a playstation now and buy this game on PS shop can I play it on my PC?
    Thanks guys for the answer

  16. Please launch it for PC….. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE….

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