Man Trying to Kill Wasps Accidentally Starts Massive Fire

It was the largest fire recorded in California history. Now we know it was all started by accident, by one man who was just trying to seal off a wasp nest. Jim Murray explains what happened. It was the largest recorded wildfire in California history. Now a just released investigation reveals it was started by a rancher and it was a total accident. Investigators say it started when the rancher came upon a nest of wasps buried underground. Because he’s allergic to their stings, he took a metal stake and pounded it into the ground, hoping to seal off the nest. Unfortunately a single spark flew up and ignited dry grass on his property. It happened on this ranch three hours north of San Francisco. And here is the rancher, his name is Glenn Kile. He told The New York Times, “I smelled smoke, I turned around, and there it was. There was nothing I could do. Mother nature, you have no control.” What followed last July was a total conflagration, the historic fire, known as the Ranch Fire. 150 homes were destroyed, more than 400,000 acres went up in smoke, half the size of Rhode Island. A firefighter was killed when a tree fell on him. In the report released this week by Cal Fire, Glenn Kile was said to be responsible for the fire, but not negligent. In other words he made an innocent mistake. California Fire Information Officer, Richard Cordoba, showed Inside Edition how hammering a stake can create sparks. The connection that you hit and a right angle, it could cause a spark, just like a match. (intense music)

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