Man Made Epidemic | 1080p Trailer

Man Made Epidemic | 1080p Trailer

[Music] where we’ve seen just a skyrocketing autism right nobody knows exactly why now the risk for autism for child born today in the States is one in twenty five that projection is not going to stop there it’ll continue growing something is doing this it’s not just a gene that doesn’t make sense it’s got something in the environment there’s a link with autism epidemic and glyphosate there is a link with every degenerative disease if they’re toxic to insects they’re toxic the humans we know they are if we were failing to diagnose one child in 35 autistic 20 years ago where are they now there will be adults with autism we do not have such statistics amongst adults with autism the statistics are in the little ones all right let’s turn our attention to a controversial topic this link between vaccines and autism vaccines don’t cause autism they are highly effective and safe getting the vaccine he got I’ll immediately I didn’t know you could get sick for vaccine doc using words he stopped looking at ours he just the boys that were so happy always smiling looking at me they just disappeared they were diagnosed with profound autism a lot of cases and they are growing up every day all Liars impossible has the vaccination schedule with all these vaccines together ever been tested no it has never been tested well it’s been test normally we are global that’s experiment without a placebo pharmaceutical companies purpose in life is to make money so they’re not going to fund research just into side-effects if they don’t have to because looking for trouble if he visits after anguish warned us Ralph initially his even a bedside from the atomic industry those of us keeps it emitted similar to Nicole one vaccinations were first invented they were invented by people who honestly wanted to do some good for humans I’m afraid that motivation is gone completely information being provided to the public about vaccines is not completely honest and all of it hinges on one man dr. William Thompson a senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention worked with a Russell blower attorney to provide my office with documents related to a 2004 CDC study that examined the possibility of a relationship between mumps measles rubella vaccines and autism they co-authors scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the study there is absolutely no doubt that they will try and cover it up you [Music]

12 thoughts on “Man Made Epidemic | 1080p Trailer”

  1. you will struggle to break into the mainstream.
    Learn from VAXXED – get on the road and into theatres – errect pop up theatres. The people will come.

  2. Only 3700 views? Seems kind of suspicious to me. The CDC, big Agro, and big Pharma seem to be doing a good job of keeping this out of circulation. Look forward to when they get sued out of existence.

  3. So good that there is another documentary exposing this crime against humanity. Thank you, and I hope your film is seen by millions around the world.

  4. You should make this trailer copyright free and allow everyone to share it on their own channels for more exposure. It will help your movie in the long run.

  5. call it what is drug companies are run by miscreant families such as the Monsanto's who were involved in slavery in the seventeenth century ,there is many connections between the vaccines and Autism see the BOOK ,Jabs ,Jenner and Juggernaught by Jennifer Craig these poison pushers need to face some very loud music NOW!

  6. Have you contacted foster gambles organization, Thrive Movement about getting this notice to their email list/network?……..
    thrive Movement <[email protected]>

    Also the Natural Hygiene Society etc.

  7. This looks like an excellent movie and I know such great stuff is really hard to get out especially if it is an anti-establishment movie like this…I personally know how expensive it is to make such a movie BUT (take a deep breath) I think you should give it away here on YouTube for free and put a link below in the description to let people follow to donate so as to recoup the expenses of production using a donations page.
    You will recoup all your expenses. People really are generous, you'll be surprised online…Just look at the impact the BREXIT MOVIE has had with more than 2million views online already and still counting who've watched the full movie…then compare that reach to the struggle VAXXED is having to get distributed (after signing with an official movie distribution company).
    I know the money needs to get recouped for investors but I really hope Brexit The Movie can be of some encouragement (
    With Billions of People on YouTube every month. This movie could really have an impact. You guys should really think about it carefully and am talking as someone whose job has to do with everything online related. You guys are the ONLY ones who can upload the highest resolution quality possible of this movie online (that takes away any incentive to bootleg it or re-upload it) on your channel and it will take off like you wouldn't believe. Think about it carefully please and just do it!!! (P.s You could monetize it via YouTube for extra income including the donations link)

  8. Wir müssen uns damit abfinden,dass wir in unserer Spezies,kranke,Macht und Gewinnhungrige Verbrecher haben. Wir müssen zusammenrücken,und unsere Kräfte und Gehirne dazu nutzen,dies zu stoppen,sonst enden wir ALLE in einer Katastrophe…

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