Make a decoy wasp nest as a wasp deterrent

Make a decoy wasp nest as a wasp deterrent

Hi, this is Joelle Meijer. The summer season brings its pleasures but
also its challenges, like wasps attracted by sweet drinks
and food. Since wasps are territorial, when they see
another wasp nest somewhere, they will move on and settle elsewhere. That’s why I propose to make a decoy wasp
nest. Take two cardboard bowls and cut off part
of the edge. Keep about 1 cm (½ inch) of the edge to be
able to glue the bowls together later. Take a metal hanger and cut it, keeping only the hook and part of the top
of the hanger. If like me you do not have the strength to
cut the hanger, borrow a pair of strong hands to do it! Lightly bend the two metal segments of the
hanger under the hook so that they will fit the inner shape of the
cardboard bowls. Glue the two pieces of metal inside the bowl
with hot glue. The hook of the hanger stays on the outside. Then take white glue and glue the two bowls
together to form a ball. When the glue is dry, paint the ball you made
with gray paint. If necessary, put two coats of paint. Then take a marine sponge and tap a mixture
of gray and beige paint to mimic as much as possible the colour of
a wasp nest. When the paint is dry you can add one or two
coats of acrylic varnish. And now, hang your nest on a lamp outside
or at any other place in your garden. This method does not work with all species
of wasps but it’s worth trying. Have a nice summer… preferably without wasps!


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  1. By the way…- (after a lifetime in Florida, searching for cures,) a SURE IMMEDIATE CURE for Bee or Wasp STINGS, is = A TOMATO, any way, you can get it on the spot- Takes Pain Away Instantly !!! Second Choice, an ONION, Takes Pain Away in 15-20 Minutes, instead of Hours. ~ This video is Wonderful ! Im in Florida, and the wasps nests here,- as you said, are 100% different, in their look . But, Im a good artist & I think I can build an imitation one, I need abut 8 of them. At a store, that would be, a LOT of money, even a discount store. Many thanks for the basic idea !!!

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