Learn Insects And Bugs With a Toddler Painting A Bee And A Praying mantis

Oh Jose I’d be thanking the bum yeah so
we actually got um just fun little kit it’s really here where item and this kit
comes with the para mantis and bumblebee so these are the models of it and it
comes with paint and a paint brush and it’s made by fit stuff right um it has
some things oh there we go
hazard things in the back um a little bit of information on each bug so I’m
gonna read that to you guys so cool so when Noah’s gonna do he’s actually
gonna paint the models of the wings and his tail and he gonna shove in this guy’s it comes with and the brush it’s
black white green blue yellow and just okay so cool mama these are his wings
his body his face and tenon’s his legs yes three on each – these are
pigs but yeah praying mantis it’s actually it’s pretty
big it’s my hand and the base my bands likes here in my mouth look
thank you you see how it’s bent up here that’s why it looks like he’s praying
that’s why they call it a praying mantis his face he has eyes on the side of his
head – I’m tenez his body okay so no one’s
gonna go ahead no it’s gonna go ahead and start painting um
mom I get mom it looks like it looks like pings it’s a little hoop it might
be a little dried out yeah okay so I’m gonna do I’ll get the water
I’m gonna mix them up be right back okay we’re back guys so I decided to put a
protective covering over the table just the case that the paint gets on there
and I was actually gonna start his be first he decided it’s just our DP what
color you’re using first yeah yellow what color is a be black and what other
color black black and which one can you see now what colors that yellow so when
I was unboxing that you guys I I realized that inside you can take out
this one giant black placemat that they put in you couldn’t play with the bugs
on here so that was cool nobody under status says science squad well actually
on the back it shows you the different colors that you can mix together and
what colors it will turn into said that that was pretty cool oh good job buddy
so as no one is continuing to finish coloring OSB morning dragon black I’m
actually gonna read what they have back here some of the information that they
have which is very good I didn’t know some of this information myself mama I
wanna try green flora yes that’s the praying mantis we saw actually that
that’s would be the first thing that will talk about the praying mantis so
supreme mantis is the mansion a family the praying
mantis is named for its prominent front legs which are bent and held together at
an angle that suggests the position of Prayer
mantids are unique among insects in their ability to turn their heads a
whole 180 degrees whoa so that actually means that they can turn your head they
can look forward and then they can turn their head around and look back and back
of them that’s pretty cool and then this is the picture that they have it’s okay
buddy keep painting well and so the next is the bumblebee so it says the
bumblebees are members of the bee genus bombas they have round bodies that are
covered in soft hair making them appear and feel fuzzy but movies wings beats
130 or more times per second wow that’s actually a pretty amazing goes to
picture of the bumble me it’s pretty cool let’s see what other information it
has on here okay it says entomology is the scientific study of insects there
are more species of insect larvae I have got a lot group of animals and many have
not even been discovered yet here is your chance to do an up and
close study and maybe create your own new species this is kid it’s pretty cool
and I actually got this from our Rite Aid they have a section that has um toys
I’m soon it there you go there’s this section that has toys and other things
for children right now they actually have their Easter and spring stuff up so
we’re got you’re gonna go in there and see
what they have mama what whoa that looks so cool great job keep going buddy
keep painting it finish it up awesome no loves bugs like right now he’s in his it’s not focusing mama’s idea green mama
did you through though did you mama yeah did you clean it if you keep using
it and then you just clean it on the paper towel so Noah is in his we thought
that was he was dressed for the occasion he’s in his bugs pajamas and he just he
loves bugs he likes going out for when we do our nature walks he looks for bugs
I’m mommy mommy it’s okay buddy we’ll wash your hands after I’m ready to be
sure what these books are called but they’re like like they roll up
we call them Rollie pollie I think that’s what it’s God I’m not sure but he
likes to play with those morons beetles ants oh my god this past summer he tried
to have an ant farm and I wasn’t too keen on having him in the house so we
didn’t do that but when he went outside to play I let him play with the answer
and stuff let me work you do such a good job whoa we almost done with the prairie
manses awesome and what what color are you painting the praying mantis what
color is that yeah oh okay
laughing yells on you from the B and what color is the praying mantis what
color are you calling him Doreen well I wonder fucked up girl I am this one foot
blue on it yeah sure looks like nose creating his new species blue eyes whoa
I look so cool blinders back okay on the back of his head yeah so who’s gonna get
blue and they do blue go ahead put the ring on it oh oh you’re gonna paint that
you’re gonna finish painting the prime ANSYS or what about the bumblebee I
wanna put whoa I want to get it is point white well let me get his wings white that’s actually see if we can get a
close-up know what that guy’s wings see I want to try one try block
oh that’s that better guys you guys to see
well he’s coloring with those details on there
great job no long I won’t sleep over I need them well go over it all but unfit
I’m gonna be after him okay on this one mr. Lee yep
yes this belly you know his kind is barely put in
and I wanna put that black yeah his first finger is and yep I want to put is
up oh okay one the k-12 part I was a kid
red red you know awesome job and and what I want this one I want right
oh you are again oh the piece that no it’s gonna continue painting it up and
then we’re gonna come back with the finished product say see you in the big
guys wait no guys so this is the finished product this is the bumblebee
look how super cool and colorful this is such a great job let’s take a look at
the poor mantis okay so this is the finished product the praying mantis and
so forth no one making all green to meet the eyes you did such great details on
these models it looks so cool and they’re really are baked are big models there you go guys
the bumblebee in the pram antonis great okay if you like this video guys please
give us a thumbs up comment down below what if you guys like bugs or what kind
of bugs do you like and subscribe to us we’ll see you in the next video bye

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