Learn Ilocano: Insects and Pests

Learn Ilocano: Insects and Pests

Hi everyone! Good afternoon! Or Naimbag nga malem! And —– Happy Easter Sunday! For our —– “Learn Ilocano” video let’s start learning pests and insects in Ilocano. So, let’s start! Let’s start with mosquito, mosquito —– in Ilocano is lamok. Lamok. La mok Lamok. Next, cockroach in Ilocano is, ipis. Ipis. i (pronounced “e”) pis Ipis. Ipis. A cricket, is kuryat. Kuryat. Kur yat Kuryat. Termite —– in Ilocano is anay. Anay. A nay Anay. And last one, fly —– is ngilaw. Ngilaw. Ngi Ngi law law Ngilaw. Ngilaw. Those are our five insects and pests in Ilocano, as a start and more on the next video. For now, let’s have a review. For our review, let’s start with cricket —– or kuryat. Kuryat. And then we have the termite, or anay. A nay Anay. And cockroach in Ilocano is ipis. Ipis. I pis Fly —– ngilaw. Ngilaw. And last one, mosquito, or lamok. Lamok. So —– those are the —– five insects and pests for our “Learn Ilocano” and a lot more on the next video. Ok —– Bye! Happy Easter!

4 thoughts on “Learn Ilocano: Insects and Pests”

  1. Good afternoon young lady,
    please don't see this first subscribing right here as criticism (??). This is what I wouldn't ever dare to do.But your writing of the last titleword is done kinda funny, so that some of us learning people of germany could smile or laugh about it.
    But nonetheless, all the best wishes to you and thank you for bringing your language to these social media platform. I'm really interested in learning asian
    languages, because I like the melodies of them, when they are spoken politely.

  2. Hello young lady,

    thanks for your answer (about 10 days ago) and for your recommending concerning the called up places. I do really hope, that I will be able to go there again, because your city as well, ain't that far away from L.A..And maybe you know
    also, which famous wwe-superstar is from san diego too – I mean, I only say three numbers, 619 ;-).
    And besides, your trying or interest in learning my language, as it seems to me,
    please continue. For that I wish you well and it's not that hard, e. g. in comparison to russian or french.
    Please take care and also have a nice weekend.

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