Korea Rhinoplasty: Infection Cause and Ways to Solve It! [ENG SUBBED][CC]

After surgery, swelling and infection will be disappeared as time goes But if there is another pain appeared, there should be called infection symptom If that happen, better to rush to hospital for intensive check The treatment will be different because of the infection Sometimes medicine can help it Or it can be solved through revision surgery And the most important thing is when the symptoms is happen, better to rush to hospital And consult to specialist What is the symptoms of infection? Basically it will turned into red, heat sensation, pain, swelling. Those are the minimum scale of infection The intensity will appear then disappear case by case But if the time goes but it getting worst, then it will probably become infection, better to go to hospital What is the cause of infection? The cause of infection is bacteria inside the nose but there are various causes too After surgery, there is some case where bacteria go to inside the nose Rather than causes, it is important to quickly find out before it getting worse

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