Killer wasps leave dozens dead in China

Killer wasps leave dozens dead in China

Wasps have killed 19 people in northwest China
– with nearly 600 severely injured. This hospital in Hanzhong City has treated
87 victims – 8 have died and four are in a critical condition. Victims here described being chased and stung
hundred of times. “These wasps surrounded me and I could not
stand it, so I used basket to cover my head and that’s how I saved myself.” The insect’s highly toxic stings can lead
to anaphylactic shock and renal failure. Officials have urged people to seek medical
help if they’ve been stung more than 10 times.

84 thoughts on “Killer wasps leave dozens dead in China”

  1. why do chinese people get the first nasty virus and then natural disasters and now wasps hating on them and killing them aswell, what are chinese people doing to the environment

  2. I think they tried to get into the wasps nests for what the believed (for medical reason). They make it all extincts, now nature beasts bounce back.

  3. Well with their big factory and corrupted government that throws toxic wastes in the river that's what you get a pokemon evolved wasps.

  4. a peaceful person wudnt hope that somebody else be shot by anyone, but thats how cowards fight isnt it by paying someone else to fight for them, typical.

  5. yea, guy was an ass for saying that. But still man, you shouldn't judge people because of their race, just let it be, no race is perfect. But all human.

  6. you are soo right man, I honestly don't like the dude playing him, hes really missing something that makes him a true hero. Blob would just be so cool, would have that neutral/ comedic aspect you know?

  7. this is funny, here in croatia if you get attacked by wasps we have here you will definitely die if you get stung more than 3 or 4 times, wasps here called stršljen are more dangerous than this from this video, only horrific thing is this holes you get when they stung you, anyways if you get stung more than 3 or 4 times you will die so who will care about a hole or two 🙂

  8. I wonder if these are really African Killer Bees that are now here in America in Texas & even in the Northwest area? They can sting repeatedly & can have 40,000 bees in a hive.

  9. Thank God here in Canada we only have to worry about getting torn apart by bears or wolves. I've heard they can leave a mark too lol.

  10. Wow bears and wolves really dangerous ! guess they exist nowhere else ,I have to worry bout racoons and squirrels here in the US

  11. the Grizzly bears,Gray Wolves,Wolverines & Bison are all disappearing from the 48 contiguous USA.

    Brown bears are all over Eurasia & North America with smaller populations in western Europe as far south as Southern China,Iran,Turkey.

    Black Bears are found in Asia & North America.

    the Asian hornet has also been spotted in the USA according to reports & has mutated from radiation from Fukushima & quadrupling in size.

  12. Those killer wasps are horrible. It's important to be aware in wasps prevention and control, especially at our homes and gardens. Natural methods are safe, and you may explore it at waspsgone (dot) com

  13. im from malaysia 
    last 2 years i travelled to korea
    some part of montanous province
    found out there's too many bee around the shop
    its scared shit out of me

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