Is there a cockroach at the table?!

Who would be better qualified than a
cockroach to hire an exterminator? Nobody has the perspective. Nobody would know better that there’s an infestation. Yet, when was the last time you talked to
your exterminator friend and he told you about how much new business he’s getting
from cockroaches? So how the heck does that relate to what you’re doing? Well,
what I find when you’re selling your content, when you’re selling your
solutions at the organizational or enterprise level that you actually have
a cockroach at the table. There’s something wrong that your
content can fix. There’s something lacking in the organization that your
work can make better. However, somebody at the table’s job was to actually do that.
And by bringing someone in with the expertise, with the insight, with the
outside domain experience, it might make them look bad. It might potentially
exterminate their career. So you need to be thinking about when you’re having
conversations with your clients or potential clients, is there a
cockroach at the table? Is there someone at the table who is at risk by bringing
you on board when it seems perfectly logical to bring you in to fix what is
so obvious to you? So again, cockroaches don’t call an
exterminator. And people that are at risk don’t hire people that will increase
their risk.

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