Is Kefir Good When You Have A Yeast Infection?

Is Kefir Good When You Have A Yeast Infection?

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath and author
of Candida Crusher. Thank you for tuning into my video today. Today I’d love to talk a bit about Kefir,
about a fermented food called Kefir, and whether it is suitable for a Candida yeast infection.
I frequently get asked this question from time after time from people. Is yogurt okay
to have? Is Kefir okay to have? Is sauerkraut okay to have? How do I eat them? How do I
prepare them? I’m going to do a few videos on these particular topics. So Kefir is a fermented particular type of
food, which is very beneficial for your digestive system. There are different ways you can make
Kefir, which I’ll cover in other videos. Kefir, generally, is very easy to make. When you
get some high quality Kefir grains and use a good quality milk, particularly a raw milk,
unhomogenized, unpasteurized, the Kefir grains grow quite rapidly at room temperature within
24 to 36, 48 hours to develop an excellent fermented food, which provides a very high
quality lactic acid rich environment for your digestive system. So it’s particularly beneficial for people
with a yeast infection to have Kefir. Kefir can be consumed in small amounts initially
and in larger amounts over time. You’ll find that you can use the Kefir grains time and
again once you use a good quality strain. You can also make coconut Kefir as well as
cow’s milk Kefir and even water Kefir. Simple to make. So, yes, I would encourage Kefir. In fact,
I think it’s probably one of the most beneficial of all the cultured foods to consume with
a yeast infection. I hope that answers your question. Thank you.

22 thoughts on “Is Kefir Good When You Have A Yeast Infection?”

  1. Thank you for making these intelligent and informative videos. After watching 15 useless videos of ads with misleading titles your videos actually answered all of my candida related questions. Your knowledge is greatly appreciated!

  2. hello i made goat milk kefir they taste good and fresh only problem is am having watery loose stools it started after 3 days from starting with the kefir and now am on the 6th day and still having loose stools
    am drinking 1/4 of a cup (6tblsp) 3 times daily before meals is it too much ? should i lower the dose
    usually i can tolerate normal cow and goat milk so what is happening with kefir?should i continue drinking?

  3. In fact, there is no reliable evidence that kefir is anything more than a moderately disgusting food. The patient with the kefir turned out to Helicobacter Pylori infection which I treated with antibiotics. So sad, but kefir commercial doing good money from naive folks.

  4. question i started with Kefir yesterday i hear to make it taste a bit better is by adding fruit or sugar i got the Cultured milk smoothie can i add little bit of sugar to taste it a bit better or fruits?

  5. Do you do live blood tests? I see your USB microscope in the back ground. Would consuming kefir enhance the blood cells?

  6. if you have an autoimmune disease and gut problems (candida) you should avoid milk kefir? Or should I try coconut kefir, you think that milk kefir is ok with auto immune disorder and gut problems? Also in your book it says milk is well dairy is very pro inflammatory so what makes kefir any less inflammatory?

  7. Does the sugar in kefir feed the candida though? Or can I eat as much kefir as I want? I find that my craving for sugar is immense when all I eat is meats and veggies. I like to blend a little bit of frozen berries with kefir and stevia.

  8. Does Kefir eliminate the Candida spores? What are some products/food that works in eliminate Candida spores?

  9. Hello Dr Bakker. First, I would like to say how amazing your videos are!

    Although, I do have a question that I cannot find the response to, can I drink homemade Kombucha while on the Candida crusher diet? I hope to hear your response! Thank you <3

  10. I just love your approach to a candida diet! A well balanced diet is WAY better in the long run then most of these crazy limiting health depleting candida diets out there. Heal the root cause and Candida will stay in balance. Thank you for all your advice.

  11. Should I stop drinking kefir(homemade from raw milk) for the duration of the "The Low-Allergy Foods Stage" of the Candida Crusher Diet?

  12. Dr Can I consume kefir whilst on an antimicrobial supplements plan (includes oregano). Will they reduce the effectiveness of kefir etc? many thanks

  13. I just started making milk kefir a week ago and can I say my stomach has never felt better. Wow! I will not get into detail about the noises my stomach made after certain meals and it's only been one week and I just feel so light in my stomach, it's incredible! Not to mention the fact that I was never able to drink milk before and now I can! I use it for morning smoothies.

  14. Kefir helped my gut tremendeously. I've been making it for over 2 years now and i just love my raw home-made milk Kefir. I strongly recommend it to everyone!

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