Is a Palmetto Bug Really Just a Cockroach?

Is a Palmetto Bug Really Just a Cockroach?

♪ The cockroach that most
commonly is gonna be called the Palmetto Bug is gonna be your
American cockroach and the Smoky Brown Cockroaches are
very similar one of the larger cockroaches we have in the
southeastern United States. So basically it is a polite way
of calling a cockroach another name. Hey it’s kind of a south
eastern colloquial name because Palmettos we have those in
our state and one of the common habitats for those roaches is
palmetto trees. Especially those old brown palmetto leaves fall
down to the ground. That’s a favorite hiding place for those.
So when people are cleaning up debris in their yard from those.
Trees they often see those and so that’s kind of one of the
reasons they get their name. So these are Madagascar hissing
cockroaches. So there were quite a bit
different from what you’re gonna find around here.
These are adults and you can see they do not have wings. Like
the American cockroaches and Smokie Browns that you’ll find
around here. As adults do have wings. So that’s one of the
major differences. The main benefit is that their
food source for other animals. So birds will eat them some
native lizard will also eat them so they are a food source
but obviously you do not want them into your house. People can
be allergic to roaches. So they can cause allergic reactions and asthma and things like that so that’s why people do not want roaches inisde thier houses.

9 thoughts on “Is a Palmetto Bug Really Just a Cockroach?”

  1. Actually palmetto bugs are the Florida Woods Roach. When yankees moved to Florida they conflated the woods roach with common household roaches and started calling house roaches Palmettos bugs.

  2. hissing cockroaches are very clean contrary to popular belief. if you ever watch one for a long period of time they do clean themselves quite often.

  3. I live in Virginia and I see these things all over my house. We just call them water bugs, but I have heard them called Palmetto bug , before.

  4. I live in DC. This is not the bug I've been seeing in the last 2 yrs. The big ass bug I've been seeing looks like a regular roach on steroids and it flies or glides! Thesw damn bugs are coming in from outside and they scare the hell outta me! Only good thing about them is they apparently have a short life span. They flip over very easily and can't flip back which is why many are found dead.

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