Insect Repellent That Actually Works? Waging War on Florida’s Bugs 🕷️ | JEN TALKS FOREVER

Insect Repellent That Actually Works? Waging War on Florida’s Bugs 🕷️ | JEN TALKS FOREVER

Hi I’m Jen and I have decided to wage
war on all of the bugs in the state of Florida since we moved back to Florida
there’s one thing that has not been awesome and that is the insect
population who’ve decided to make me their 24-hour fast-food restaurant I’ve
literally been getting eaten alive I can’t even walk out to my car without
getting bit up a bunch of times in fact on the way down here I ended up getting
bit by a spider and my foot swelled up I ended up at Urgent Care kind of a bad
situation and it’s been really severe ever since we’ve been back for the past
few weeks I have mosquito bites everywhere I even have a couple on my
face so I’ve been doing some research because I cannot live like this I feel
like if you want someone to go slowly and say this is the way to do it make
them itchy all the time and let bugs attack them they will go nuts so I’ve
been doing some research and trying to find some solutions to my problem now
growing up I’ve always had this problem camping whatever in fact I would go out
to check the mail and get bit like 30 times so historically you know we’re
used to using off deep woods off and well it works okay
for your everyday life this is not a good solution it stinks it’s kind of
sticky like everyone knows you’re wearing bug spray I did wear deep woods
off to go to Trader Joe’s a few days ago and it was it was not great so I’ve been
looking around for other options and I found this small company called Sawyer
they make like insect repellant but they also do other products like water
filtration systems that sort of thing they’re based in Safety Harbor so local
company and I’m very proud and happy to support a local business from the Tampa
Bay area so I’ve decided to bring out the big guns up my game I’ve purchased
not one but two bottles of permethrin you can spray this on clothing shoes
like back packs tents anything it has insect
repelling properties and it lasts up to six washes or like 42 days which looks
promising so I’m gonna give this a try out someone like clothing maybe some of
the clothing items I wear the most frequently I’ve also bought something
called Picaridin lotion now this I liked the sound of so I’ve been reading
and apparently DEET while effective also destroys your stuff which isn’t cool so
if you spray it on clothing plastic like his sunglasses backpacks tents it can
actually ruin the material so again for everyday life maybe this isn’t the best
option because I don’t want to go over to someone’s house and link to story
their furniture or ruin their stuff you know this could maybe even ruin my car
upholstery who knows so Picaridin is another chemical I guess it’s like a
synthetic compound of like the chrysanthemum I’m not joking it was
developed in the 80s and it is safer for clothing and other materials so I like
the fact that it’s in a lotion and it doesn’t smell like bug spray so you can
wear this a little more discreetly and hopefully also protect yourself from
insects so I will put a little bit of this on just as a little bit of a
demonstration my arms are the thing that are most getting bit up so let’s let’s
give this stuff of world my husband use this to go fishing last night but he was
not really in an area with a lot of bugs so he said he didn’t really get to test
this out but I will be testing this out over the next few weeks and Oh believe
me I will report back if this stuff works I’ll let you know if it sucks I
will also let you know and from what I’m reading the reviews on Amazon are mostly
really good but the thing I was seeing is that like it’s like it works really
well on the areas you apply it to but if you miss a spot you’ll still get bitten
but I like this it comes in many different forms this picaridin it comes
in spray you get into the spray form you can get it
in a they have like really large sizes of the lotion yeah it doesn’t smell
terrible this isn’t super greasy and it doesn’t feel sticky like again another
thing I don’t like about off is that it sticks to everything which is not you
know great so I like the idea that this is like a less obvious form of insect
repellent that doesn’t smell doesn’t get sticky you know this isn’t super greasy
feeling it feels just like regular lotion hey maybe it’s moisturizing I
don’t know so I’m just gonna put a little this stuff on and I also got the
Sawyer sunblock it’s called stay put sunscreen and if
you’re going out in the Sun I guess you’re supposed to apply the sunscreen
first and what’s good about this is that I guess the compounds don’t break down
as much as other sunscreens do when you put on your insect repellent so
according to the website I was reading you’re supposed to put on the sunblock
first I believe and then put on your insect repellent okay now this is it
does say obviously don’t eat any of this stuff so we’re gonna give this a whirl
I’m gonna see if my arms stay bug free today I can literally get bit anywhere I
could probably even get I’ve definitely been getting bit somehow while I’m
sleeping which is sort of disturbing so I mean it’s it’s definitely been happy
alright so we’re just gonna put some of this on since my arms are exposed I can
also put this on my neck and maybe on areas of my face as well yeah it’s not
super greasy and this really doesn’t have that bug spray smell so so far I am
a fan anyways I am totally waging war on the insects so this is just phase one if
I have to go to Phase two I don’t even know what that is yet but I will be
reporting back to see if the stuff does work I do like this product so far I
like how it applies but literally on Amazon you could get a gal an entire
gallon of this you can get a half gallon you can get a quart and it comes with a
pump top so if I like stuff I’m definitely going to be
springing for a larger size that I can like maybe refill this bottle and also
have like a bigger size for home use anyways do you get bit by bugs if you
have any good solutions recommendations for keeping them away let me know these
are just starting to heal now so I’m really hoping I don’t get a lot of new
bug bites that would be great who knows anyways I just wanted to share
this with you and I will definitely have an updated video just letting you know
how it’s going with all of these products are they working for me and
what I think of them because clearly this is a big priority otherwise I’m
just gonna get eaten alive by bugs anyways I’m Jen if you enjoyed this
video feel free to hit that like button and subscribe to Jen Talks Forever for
more random videos just like this one I’ll see you next time

15 thoughts on “Insect Repellent That Actually Works? Waging War on Florida’s Bugs 🕷️ | JEN TALKS FOREVER”

  1. Good luck in your war LOL. I live in the NE bug capital. We've had luck with putting citronella plants around our property, Avon skin so soft, what you're trying and the bracelets.

  2. NOXZEMA skin care cream (yes that old fashioned stuff that has been around for ever) and Avon Skin So Soft Original – here in Arkansas we have a chigger problem that puts other states to shame and those who use Noxzema and Avon Skin So Soft are way ahead of the game – (plus Noxzema will not mess up the delicate skin on your face) – AND THE BIGGEST BONUS IS BOTH ARE INEXPENSIVE AND EAZY TO GET

  3. You gotta try the Diatomaceous Earth. I'm serious, it does work. I used to get eaten but now they leave me alone. It won't hurt you or the environment. Just looking at all of those chemicals makes me feel queasy. I know you can do what you want, I'm not saying you're wrong or any of that. I am saying that DE really does work and it's not poisonous to you or the environment. Good luck!

  4. UPDATE: Sprinkling food grade Diatomaceous Earth around the apartment has been a miracle worker!
    Hallelujah! We spread it around on the carpet, and let it sit for several days. As long as it's dry, it is effective. A couple days in and the insect bites completely stopped! We're going to vacuum that up, and sprinkle down more every couple weeks. It doesn't damage it or discolor anything from what we've found so far.

  5. OMG, getting EATEN ALIVE by mosquitoes happens to me every spring and summer! I just HATE those BUGS! That's why I like to have some OFF insect repellent on hand. I gotta use something or else I'll get mosquito bites everywhere on my body, especially on my arms and legs. Where can I find that Sawyer stuff?

  6. Hi there, is picaridin based formula sprays more effective and safer than deet based products ? Thanks guys.

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