Insect Lore –  Ant Hill Habitat

Insect Lore – Ant Hill Habitat

The Insect Lore Anthill allows you to
view ants as they dig real underground sand tunnels and secret chambers. The
Anthill design features a double-sided viewing habitat, with a wide no tip base
for super stability. It includes a special easy dig sand and a safe escape proof
lid. The fascinating inside/outside cutaway design enables you to watch your
colony of ants forage for food, excavate sand and problem solve. In our fun
instruction guide we explain how to collect our own ants from the garden.
Just make sure that you collect them from the same colony. If the idea of
collecting your own ants doesn’t appeal to you we have also included a voucher
to purchase approximately 10 to 20 ants by post at a reduced rate of
£4.99 which includes postage. You can redeem this voucher on our website. The
live Anthill includes: a viewing habitat, sand and sand rod, a voucher for
approximately 10 to 20 ants and an instruction guide. The Anthill measures 15
centimetres high and we recommend adult supervision with this insect kit.

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